Space Time

The science fiction of today is often the reality of tomorrow. I find most of the physics, quantum physics, etc. of time and space way over my head, but I recently enjoyed an awesome documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman: Through the Worm Hole, Season 1, Episode 3 “Is Time Travel Possible?”
A couple of really interesting tidbits out of this show include that time passes differently depending on how close or far away you get from the gravitational pull of planet Earth. That’s why they have to keep resetting the clocks on the GPS satellites. Also, Earth keeps expanding and contracting throughout the day so that we’re actually going up and down about a foot, depending on where we are on the planet. That just blows my mind.
 If you want to check out this documentary, I found a couple links on YouTube: and
The show is aptly named because it does make you wonder. If a human being moves through areas (farther or closer to a gravitational force) where time speeds up or slows down, then he/she could really travel through time, into the future or the past. Makes you wonder if H. G. Wells was on to something, eh?

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