Dancing Cyborgs

I know this is hardly up to the minute, but it definitely ties in with the whole sci-fi theme. Do you realize science fiction has actually made it into the medium of dance? Not only did professional ballroom dancers do themselves up in head-to-toe silver for a sci-fi spin on ballroom competition on Dancing with the Stars last season (found the clip on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS78E_2UaTo), but Tabitha and Napolean also put sci-fi romance into season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance. Did you catch that? In season 6, they choreographed a hip-hop number to “Black and Gold” for Ariana and Peter. The two basically played two cyborgs who just discover their libido and get their groove on. You’ve got to love it!
The next season of So You Think You Can Dance should be coming up soon (I think maybe I heard it advertised), and I can’t wait to see whether more genres cross into the medium of dance.

2 responses to “Dancing Cyborgs

  1. So glad you had this link. I really loved the dance. I’m addicted to Dancing with the Stars.

    I think you are right, So You Think You Can Dance was advertised. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch when it would be starting. I think this month some time.

  2. you should check out some great articles on Danceinforma which has info on the upcoming season of SYTYCD


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