Here’s a poser for you readers out there: which do you like better, e-books or print books?

Pros: E-books are generally cheaper, download at time of purchase so you can read them right away, and don’t require shipping and handling. You can also read a lot of great authors in this format that you won’t find in your library or local bookstore.

Print books are easier on the eyes, give you something physical to hold and enjoy, and can’t be lost with an accidental delete or, gasp, a virus you picked up with your music downloads.

Cons: E-books do mean more computer time for people who already sit in front of the screen a lot of hours, and that can be hard on the eyes. You can’t take them to the beach quite as easily either, although the various readers are solving that problem.

Print books can lose pages or get that yucky yellow coloration with time and wear, generally cost more, and require shipping or handling or the cost of gas to drive to the store in person. You can also misplace them or discover your pet has used them as a toy.

So what do you think? E-books, print, or a combination of both?

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