Author vs. Character

One morning quite a few years back, I caught some DJ chatter on the radio when they were playing a game called Porn Star or My Little Pony? You may have heard of it, especially considering how many links you’ll find to this game on the Internet. The whole point was that it’s very hard to tell the difference between the names of some porn stars and the names of some of the My Little Pony characters. (I loved My Little Pony as a child, by the way, so no offense to the company). For instance, Sweetie Pie, Misty Rain, Lucky Star, Honey Rose, and Sunshine Blue are porn stars. Heart Throb, Cupcake, Paradise, Surprise, Lickety-Split, and Sweet Stuff are all ponies.

Well, this got me thinking. In no way do I mean to compare my fellow authors to porn stars or toy horses (except for those who’d enjoy the comparison, of course), but I realized it’s really hard to tell an author name,  especially a pen name, apart from a character name. See if you can figure out which one is the author and which one is his or her character.

For instance, there’s Levi Kaszeri and Astrid Amara. Which one is the author and which one the character?

The answer: Astrid Amara wrote about Levi Kaszeri in her work, A Policy of Lies.

India Masters and Raav Asirian? Personally, I think this one is a bit tougher if you’re not already familiar with the author’s work.

Answer: India Masters wrote about Raav Asirian in Across the Stars.

Still feel like playing? Let’s go for it.

Bonnie Dee/Andreas Fortias?

Answer: Bonnie Dee is the author of Cage Match, featuring character Andreas Fortias.

Griffin Hawke / Belinda McBride?

Answer: Griffin Hawke is a character in Belinda McBride’s An Uncommon Whore.

Kayelle Allen / Senth Antonello? Now this one is really easy if you’ve paid attention to my blog comments or know the book title.

Answer: Kayelle Allen wrote Antonello Brothers I: At the Mercy of Her Pleasure featuring the character (you guessed it) Senth Antonello.

How about Brazen Malone and Piper Evyns? Hmm, tough one.

Answer: Brazen Malone is a character in Piper Evyns’s Brazen’s Army.

Brenday Lyons / Mirienne Johus?

Answer: Author Brenday Lyons wrote about Mirienne Johus in Close Enough to Human. She also had a character named Aleeks Daahn in that one.

Let’s look at Zoya Scott and Fiona Jayde. Which one is the author there?

Answer: Fiona Jayde gave us Zoya Scott in Cold Victory.

Okay, this is getting good. Let me tease you with some more. Trina Edwards and Cynnara Tregarth?

Answer: Cupid Shoots, She Scores was written by the fabulously named author, Cynnara Tregarth, and contained the character of Trina Edwards.

Lacy Savage / Rhyanne Hamilton?

Answer: Lacy Savage wrote about Rhyanne Hamilton in Dawn of the Alpha. I love that title, by the way.

Suz deMello / Hestia White? Again, if you aren’t familiar with this author’s work, it could go either way.

Answer: Hestia White is a character in Suz deMello’s Immortal Hunters.

Kari Kirkland / Amber Skyze?

Answer: Amber Skyze is another memorable author name. Kari Kirkland is a character in Adrift.

Roxy Harte / Lucy Bowman?

Answer: Lucy Bowman is a character in Roxy Harte’s Painted Lady.

How are you doing? Still going strong here? What about Honey Jans and Charity Langford?

Answer: Honey Jans wrote about Charity Langford in her work, Blue Moon Magic 2: Twice in A Blue Moon.

Dayton Kringle / Qwillia Rain. Again, I’m testing to see if you’ve been paying attention. This author has previously been included in one of my trivia questions.

Answer: Dayton Kringle is a character in Diablo Blanco Club: Santa’s Elf, by none other than Qwillia Rain.

Okay, I love this one. Liz Blackwell and Racy Li — which one is the author and which one is the character?

Answer: Racy Li (love that name, too) wrote about her character, Liz Blackwell, in Ninja.

Red Garnier / Stella McKenna?

Answer: If you’ve ever heard of Red Garnier the author, you couldn’t possibly forget. Stella McKenna is a character in Villain.

Last one. Lucas Trumble and Sienna Black?

Answer: Lucas Trumble is a character in Sienna Black’s Wild Frontier.

There are hundreds of other great author/pen names out there. Many sound positively edible or drinkable like Nica Berry, Sapphire Blue, or Violet Glaze. Others are playful or sensual, like Ali Katz, Desiree Erotique, or Kitty DuCane. Try saying “Lizzie Lynn Lee” three times fast or whispering “Selena Illyria.” Personally, I wish I’d thought of Gemini Judson as a character name.

Writers are a diverse, fun, often strange, always creative group of people. Isn’t it wonderful when the entertainment starts on the cover with some sexy artwork and a memorable name?

4 responses to “Author vs. Character

  1. Love playing the game. It was great fun. Great blog!

  2. It was fun finding Senth’s name along with mine. I didn’t do too well with this test but I did find some new authors to try!

  3. So glad you liked it, Kayelle. I had a lot of fun writing this blog, and I had to really pay attention on those authors I’m not as familiar with. Some of those writers’ names are very hard to tell apart from good character names.

  4. Ruth, thanks for playing. Fun was the name of the game.

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