Links for Writers

Anyone who’s been writing for any length of time already knows this: writing, and especially getting published, can be a lot of hard work. If writing is truly what you want to do, though, then don’t give up.

To help the aspiring writers out there, I thought I’d take time to include some of the links I’ve found very helpful. (Please note that I am in no way affiliated with these sites or responsible for the accuracy of their information). A word of advice: if you do decided to submit, always check the publisher or agent website for up-to-date guideline information, although even this can change at the drop of a hat.

(1) – Karen Fox has a wonderful list of romance sales on her website, which provides information not only on which author is being published at which house, but also reveals the agents who represented the authors for those deals. 

(2) – The Association of Author’s Representatives is a useful resource if you’re looking for an agent.

(3) – At this site, you can research authors, editors, agents, etc.

(4) – Preditors & Editors is an excellent resource. Not only can you find warnings about shady houses and agents, but you can also find recommendations for the really good ones.

Conventions and the author acknowledgments in the front of books are also a good way to learn more about agents and editors.

Hope this helps.

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