Holiday at the Poll – The Results

Hope everyone had a happy holiday. My Christmas this year was especially good. I enjoyed getting together with family, neighbors, and friends, and I do enjoy a fun present. This year, I got a brand new Kindle, which I’ve already taken out for a spin. I’ve got the unread e-books that I’d saved on my computer transferred over, but I have yet to pick up my home WiFi signal. Apparently I can only pick up all my neighbors’ signals, and for some reason, they won’t share their passwords, lol. I’m also having a blast with my new pedometer. I’ve always wanted one, and it’s the perfect gift after all the naughty food I’ve eaten. Call me crazy, but I’m having a lot of fun with that little meter. I had no idea how many steps I take every day just moving through my normal routine. I hit over 10,000 steps Christmas day, and I didn’t even put it on until lunchtime. My family is now threatening to take my pedometer away because apparently my pacing around the house is driving them crazy :-).

Thank you to everyone who was a good sport and participated in my holiday polls. Without further ado, here are the results of the 25 days at the poll:

  1. “Tryptophan or trip to Jamaica?” got a 50/50 split, so apparently turkey lovers and travelers are evenly matched.
  2. When asked to choose between honey glaze or honey do-list, poll participants gave the do-list two-thirds of the votes.
  3. Woo-hoo! Two-thirds of us are naughty instead of nice.
  4. Okay, 100% of voters chose the, eh-hem, Yule log over the chestnuts. One of my favorite lines from a song is, “What good is the nut without the tree?”
  5. Everyone voted “she sips schnapps” instead of “goes a wassailing.”
  6. Everybody chose dough balls over snowballs.
  7. Interesting. We’ve got a 50/50 split between hot toddy and hot body. I believe one can spur you to get your hands on the other, lol.
  8. Another 50/50 split for “with or without stockings?”
  9. Here’s a shocker. No one chose exposure to the elements over indecent exposure. Fear of frostbite or that naughty streak coming out?
  10. I was surprised to see a 50/50 vote on “bundled up or unwrapped?”
  11. “Toboggan or you sleigh me?” got 50/50.
  12. “Winter wonderland or steamy fantasyland?” also got 50/50. Maybe a steamy fantasy set in a winter wonderland?
  13. “Shopping on Bing or listening to Bing Crosby?” — 50/50
  14. “Mistletoe or other toe-curling fun?” — 50/50
  15. Taffeta got 100% of the votes over taffy, not sure why.
  16. Two-thirds of voters enjoy the anticipation more than the reveal.
  17. 75% favor a gum drop over a snow drop.
  18. This one is my favorite. Two-thirds of poll participants claim to be nuttier than a fruitcake rather than fruiter than a nutcake.
  19. Two-thirds of voters chose “mugging for the camera” over a holiday mug.
  20. Oh, yes. Two-thirds chose to “just put a bow on it” versus “with bells on.” What are we putting a bow on, hmm?
  21. Voters liked licorice and licking a candy cane equally.
  22. Two-thirds of voters preferred Jingle Bell Rock to Silent Night.
  23. “Peppermint bark or a bite of something else?” got a 50/50 split.
  24. Half voted for “evergreen” and half for “ever ready.”
  25. And lastly, two-thirds of voters preferred Charlie Brown to Clark W. Griswold.

I love it! This season has been so much thanks to my friends, family, my fellow authors, and blog visitors like you. Here’s wishing everyone a very happy New Year!

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