Hero Preferences – The Results

I asked visitors to take a poll regarding their preferences on romance fiction heroes. And the verdict is…

The majority of voters chose to have both tight buns and muscular guns on their hero, but when forced to choose between the two, picked a firm derriere.

Brown eyes were the top choice, with blue and green tying for second. Only 17.14% preferred a more exotic color.

Oh, I love this one! A whopping 90.32% of voters chose brains over brawn. Looks like cute-but-stupid can take a hike.

Soldiers got more votes than cowboys, but not by a whole lot. Hmm. What about a cowboy soldier? From stable hand to marine?

European accent won out over Southern drawl, but again, not by much.

57.14% of visitors were wild for shifters vs. 42.86% who were suckers for vampires. I’d say both categories of supernaturals are going strong.

Almost two-thirds of the votes went to dependable over spontaneous. Although surprises are nice, we want a hero we can depend on.

Boxers and briefs tied with 36.67% of the votes, while going commando garnered 26.67%.

54.84% preferred short hair over long, which is interesting considering the trend toward long-haired heroes in recent years. Of course, this could tie in with the preference for soldiers. Want to run your fingers over that buzz cut?

Wow. This result really blew me away. Despite all the hoopla about the tragic figure of Erik, the Phantom of the Opera, Christine’s childhood friend, Raoul, took 62.5% of the votes. Good guy wins over the bad boy. It probably didn’t hurt that Raoul was a Viscount. He could definitely offer more than some leaky underground passages and a life in the shadows.

Thank you, everybody who voted. There was a great turnout, which made this a lot of fun.

13 responses to “Hero Preferences – The Results

  1. Love how everyone wants a soldier over a cowboy!

  2. That was a fun poll! The question of brains v. brawn was a hard choice. Who wants a stupid guy? But if you’re talking about a romance hero, of course you want him buff! So how do you choose?

    • I know, but that’s a classic either/or. My favorite examples are when an author pairs together a brainy heroine with more of a jock or action-figure type guy or vice versa – that way you get to see both brains and brawn.

  3. This was a great idea. Here’s a question to add next time: tall or short? I say this because there seem to be so many tall guys in romance, but I love short guys!

    • Oh, that’s a good one, Emily. Personally, I do like tall, but not too tall. The heroes do seem to be getting taller all the time. Many of them are hitting close to seven feet in some books! When you’re a woman who’s well below six feet, that sounds like a staggering height.

  4. That was a really fun poll to participate in, thanks for sharing it. Some of the answers did surprise ultra-conservative me, I never would have thought some women prefered thier man going comando. Yikes. 🙂

  5. I wonder if those who wanted men with an exotic eye color write paranormal. Just an idea. I love it! This was a lot of fun. Great idea, Allie!

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