Ageless Characters

Have you ever frozen someone in time in your memory? I know I have. When I picture some of my friends from high school, I still see them exactly as they were the last time we met. Then I’ve caught up with them in present day, and the illusion is shattered. They’ve aged and changed just like I have, and there’s no going back.

That’s what I love about fiction. If you miss some old characters, you can always go back and peruse their book again. In a long series, you can follow them through youth, middle age, and then the lives of their children. And if you miss that first meeting, that first moment they fell in love? Well, you pluck book one off your keeper shelf and get reacquainted.

If only real life were like that. We could rewind and visit just the good parts. Of course, there’s one good thing about a plot that only plays out once. Nobody can spoil the ending.

What will happen in the next chapter of your life?

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