National Dance Day

Happy National Dance Day, everybody! Today, July 28th, is National Dance Day this year. If you’re a So You Think You Can Dance fan like me, you’ve heard all about it. This is a day to get up and dance wherever you are, whether you participate in the organized dances or just bust a move in your own home.

Dancing is fantastic exercise—a real full-body workout—and it’s a great deal of fun. The Dizzy Feet Foundation has two dance routines, a Zumba and a Master Hip-Hop, you can learn this year. The videos for these can be found at

If you don’t want to do these choreographed dances, then at least wiggle a little. Get up and do the wobble, the funky chicken, the bunny hop, whatever. Just choose some music you like and have a blast!

2 responses to “National Dance Day

  1. I have some very strange music I like to move to. It started out as a brief fascination with an artist I haven’t heard in years: Voltaire. Now I can’t seem to do any house cleaning or hula hooping without him! (It’s not quite dancing, but despite having a Master’s in music education, I still have two left feet!)

    • Are we talking about the same Voltaire who does songs like, “Zombie Prostitute”? LOL. I have ecclectic taste in music, which includes the occasional dose of strange. One day it might be Korn or Siouxsie and the Banshees. Another, I might go for Big & Rich or Bob Marley. Whatever moves you, right?

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