Character Profiles: Genetic Celebrity by Tara Lain

Tommy Riley loves cooking and the simple life. But his passion for Angie “Booky” Edelson is anything but simple. Beautiful, ambitious, hard-driving and 10 years older than Tommy, Booky represents all the things Tommy has tried to leave behind. Besides, she only seems to love him for his food! Then Tommy’s boss brings home Shay Shaleen, a pierced, tattooed, androgynous street kid for Booky to turn into a top male model. Tommy sizzles for the beautiful guy but Shay gets caught up in the flattery of a famous fashion designer. Why does Tommy have to fall for two people who can’t love him back? Is there a recipe for blending with these genetic celebrities?


Today, multipublished author Tara Lain tells us about the characters of her new book, Genetic Celebrity, which is Book 4 in her Genetic Attraction Series. Genetic Celebrity is a MMF Menage with Food, and these characters certainly sound good enough to eat. Check out their profiles and scroll down to read an excerpt from Genetic Celebrity.



QUOTE: “I realized that I love and admire qualities in
the two of you like ambition, survival, flamboyance. But I blame my dad and the
rest of my family for those same things…I guess in my family those things are
threatening, but in you they stimulate and excite me. Anyway, most importantly,
I realized that while they may not love me the way that I want, they do still
love me in their way. And I figure I have enough love for all of us.”

DESCRIPTION FROM BOOK:  And Tommy. God, there was a guy with no self-consciousness. Bet he didn’t even know how cute he was.

She studied his feet and slowly raised her gaze to his freckled face. Her hand shook his as she looked over her shoulder. “So Angela, you talk all the time about his cooking and never mention he’s pretty as a picture?”

It would be nice to tower over her, flex his big alpha-male muscles and watch her swoon. Too bad it wasn’t gonna happen in this life. Five feet eight and his cooking were all he had, so he’d better use them.


QUOTE:  “You know, I kind of think I want something I’ve  never had. Something not written down in Mama’s book of marriage.”

DESCRIPTION FROM BOOK: Her gleaming black hair fell to her shoulders
like a curtain of ebony, and the liquid brown eyes peered out from under
straight bangs. Bold features, they called them. A long straight nose and full
lips. She was slim but curvy with generous breasts and a round butt. Yeah, if
you saw her, you never forgot her. And the in-your-face appearance matched a
personality just as big.


QUOTE:  Tommy took a deep breath. “So Shay, after we’ve finished with all the wonderful things Booky has lined up for us, we can do anything you want. What will it be, darling?”

Shay snuggled into Tommy. “I’d like to go home.”

Tommy smiled all the way to his soul.



Holy shit, he was beautiful. You could barely see it under all the studs and hoops and that scrofulous cap, but the kid was a stunner. His eyes were big but turned up at the corners like they were crowded by his impossibly high cheekbones. And those eyes were blue, baby. Like Paul-Newman-to-die-for blue. …….

Slowly his hand came up to the cap and pulled it off. Pale, almost white-blond hair fell around his face. Who would have guessed? The kid’s brows and lashes were light brown. On one side of his head, his hair was long, nearly to his shoulder. The other side was shaved, leaving a light stubble of platinum against his head. But the hair was real. You could tell looking at the roots. This kid had this hair, every woman’s dream, stuffed under a black cap.

NOTE: Here’s a link to a YouTube video of Andrej POejic, who was the inspiration for Tara’s character, Shay Shaleen:!


Excerpt R: Genetic Celebrity by Tara Lain; MMF Menage with Food!

Warm. Mmmmm. Shay snuggled into the heat. Wait. Heat? Why? He opened his eyes. Very carefully he moved his butt. Crap. He knew a fully spronged dick when he felt it. A nude dick! Where was he? California. Supposedly a-f**king-lone.

“Ah, mon cher, are you finally awake?”

“What the f**k!” He leaped to the side of the mattress and off the bed to full standing before his brain even registered he was moving. He groped for the light, knocked over something like the radio, and finally found the switch. He blinked against the flare of light and the sight of Louis de Chauvigny propped on his elbow in the center of the bed, bare-assed naked and fully erect. His smile looked like one of those crazy clowns that scare kids.

Shay looked for a weapon, saw his discarded tennis shoe, grabbed it, and brandished it toward Louis. “What the f**k are you doing here?” He waved the shoe. “No, I don’t want to know why you’re here. I just want you to get out of here before I do something that will get me arrested…again.”

Louis looked about as concerned as a whore at a political convention. “Ah, my dear, control the drama. I am here because I paid for the room, the plane flight, and in fact, for you. I knew if I could just get you to a comfortable place away from negative influences, you would see all that I am offering.” He reached down and stroked his cock that was maintaining its stiffness against all odds. The bastard probably got off on a little violence.

“I was hired by DeMarco.”

He smiled. “Oh yes. I also own DeMarco. We keep it very quiet because our brands are so very different and I don’t want to compromise de Chauvigny with such a rock-and-roll aesthetic.”

Sh*t. Why did he keep getting bought? “I don’t care. Get the f**k out of my room.” His hand tightened on the shoe.

Louis sighed. “Oh, come on, Shaleen. This isn’t your room. It’s mine. You’re a beginning model. I have done a lot for you, and you have much more to gain. You’ve been a prostitute, for God’s sake. What possible difference can it make to you? And I want you. I would not have gone to all this trouble for many men.” He patted the bed. “Come on, let’s f**k.”

For a split second what the man said made sense.

Then Shay shook his head. F**k. Not in this life. Not anymore. He angled toward the door so he could get the most force with the fewest obstacles. His arm came back. He heard a sound from the door. Louis’s mouth opened to yell. He threw the shoe straight at the f**king designer’s head as Booky’s voice rang through the room. “What the f**k is going on here?”

Louis ducked, and the shoe missed him by an eyelash. Tommy caught it. “Good throw.”

Crap. Crap. Shay looked at the naked Louis and up at the two people on earth he wanted to like him. No, he wanted them to love him. What did they think?

He knew what they had to think. This looked so f**king bad.

With her hands on her hips, Booky looked like Wonder Woman. “What exactly are you doing here?” She flicked her fingers. “Like that?”

Louis lay back on the mussed bed. He looked relaxed, but that boner was long gone. “Did Shay not explain he was coming to California to see me? We were just playing a little game before intercourse. I so love a threat with my f**king.”

Shay couldn’t catch his breath. “No. Not true. No.”

“Well, of course it’s true. How else would I be here at this hour”—he waved a hand down his long naked body—“like this, as you say.”

Shay shook his head until it rattled. No. No. This couldn’t happen. How many times had some crappy God given him a particle of hope and pulled it away like a rug under a running dog? Yeah, dog. That was what he was in this world.

He looked at Booky, who glanced back and forth from him to Louis. Shay could see what she saw. A robe on the chair. Who would she believe? F**k, who would anyone believe?

He leaned his head back and screamed.


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  1. Gives new meaning to, “Kiss the Cook,” eh? Thanks so much for sharing your characters with us, Tara. Genetic Celebrity sounds like another sizzling hot installment to the series.

  2. Oo! Sweet, spicy, and delicious! This is a must-buy! Tara, this sounds wonderful!

  3. Thank you so much for having me, Allie! Always a treat. Hi Emily, thank you so much for coming by! : )

  4. I’m torn between looking at the sexy models and the strawberry on the cover. I do love strawberries, 🙂

  5. Great character descriptions, Tara. You’ve got me feeling the love already with these three.

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  6. Loving all three of these characters. You always manage to write characters that catch my interest. 🙂

  7. Wow! What an amazing post. I lived the character sneak peaks, video, and excerpt. I am heading back to YouTube !

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  8. With any other menage writer’s stories I’d likely end up hating the gal in the middle, but you always make her so cool that I don’t mind. Great to finally see Andrej in action, too…mind-bogglingly beautiful, ouch!


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  10. Thanks, Tara. It’s all you today, my friend. Your characters are just too scrumptious.

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  14. The character descriptions only make me want to read the book all that much more. This has been very fun and informative week.
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