Character Profiles: False Pretenses by Cara Bristol

Freelance journalist Emma Dupree needs a sensational story to boost her career and free her from the corporate hell of her day job. She finds her blockbuster in the Rod and Cane Society, an organization that encourages men to spank their spouses and goes undercover to expose the kinky perversions. Fearing she could be scooped by a rival reporter, she keeps a tight lid on her story, not even telling her new boyfriend.

Dan Tanner knows all about keeping secrets. He’s a member of the kinky perv organization Emma is striving to expose. This real estate agent has a major spanking fetish and would like nothing more than to get his hands on Emma’s ass, but fears rejection from his sexy new lady who insists she’s 100 percent pure vanilla.

They’re both operating under False Pretenses. Who will be the first to lose their cover and when Emma loses hers, will she let Dan discipline her for it?


Spanking hot author Cara Bristol is here to share profiles on the hero and heroine of False Pretenses, Book 2 in her Rod and Cane Society series. Keep your derrieres in your seats, everybody. This should be good.


Emma Dupree

Quote:  “I’ve always thought of myself as an independent woman in charge of my destiny.”

Description from Book: Silken hair the color of honey flipped up on her shoulders, freckles dusted her nose, and her pink mouth looked sweeter than cotton candy. Some might have called her cute rather than pretty, but to Dan, she was 100 percent wow. She flashed a dismissive glance in his direction, and Dan drank in stormy gray eyes framed by dark glasses.

Dan Tanner

Quote: “The truth is, Emma…I like to spank my sexual partners.”

Description from Book: He wasn’t overly tall, perhaps a hair under six feet, but he towered over her, and while Emma normally dated shorter men closer to her height, she found, to her amazement, that she enjoyed looking up at Dan. Summer, her mother, would be horrified to contemplate her daughter relishing such an archaic thought, but that wouldn’t be the first secret Emma had kept from her.

She enjoyed the flex of muscles in Dan’s strong forearms as he carried Jinx as if he was no bigger than a kitten. His blond hair, a shade darker than her own, was thick and mussed, and she itched to smooth it into place—then mess it up again.

And what a sexy voice he had.


False Pretenses Excerpt

“What did you say?” Dan dropped his folded arms to his sides.

“I said yes, I’d like you to spank me,” Emma repeated, spelling it out with perfect clarity. Through interviews and discussions with spanked wives, Emma had learned that ambiguity had no place when it came to discipline. One needed to be very precise in expressing one’s needs and limits.

But while her voice sounded strong, her stomach churned like the heavy-duty cycle on her washing machine. Nerves, she decided, even though her pussy flooded with enough moisture to soak her panties. The prospect of a spanking did not excite her. Absolutely not.

She would participate for her story. Period. During the silent drive home, she’d mulled over their earlier conversation about spanking. She couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have Dan strike her ass with his strong hands. The idea didn’t turn her off as much as she had expected it would, and realizing that, she decided she would be remiss if she didn’t experience a spanking for the Rod and Cane column. Even though she’d done the research, her knowledge was all on paper—she didn’t know. She could only surmise from what other women had told her. She had secondhand facts.

Hadn’t she gotten down and dirty and climbed into garbage Dumpsters? Spent a night on the street with the homeless lady she’d written about? Stomped grapes for her column on winemaking? How could she in good conscience write about domestic discipline without ever having been spanked?

Personal experience would build credibility, enrich her story, make it more visceral for the reader, and who better to do it with than a superhot guy she liked and trusted? Dan wouldn’t hurt her. Well, no more than what a spanking would entail.

She wet her dry lips. “That is, if you’re okay with it,” she said with faux calm, as if the invitation had been her idea and not his.










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(Note: photos provided by Cara Bristol, who had the rights/permission to use them.)

5 responses to “Character Profiles: False Pretenses by Cara Bristol

  1. Thanks Allie for having me. The post looks great!

  2. Emma and Dan were great together! What a fun post. Makes them feel like real people.

  3. Elizabeth Knightbridge

    Great character profiles and of course hot graphics…..erotic spanking…who would have thought it would be so delicious! Great work as always.

    Elizabeth Knightbridge

  4. Thanks, Sue & Elizabeth!

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