Let’s Play Password

Computers are supposed to make our lives easier. I’d definitely say they make things faster, but there are times when today’s technology will make your head spin.

Does anyone remember the game Password? One contestant would have a list of words, and they’d have to give their partner hints. The partner would then guess until they said the right words. I’ve played this game often with my computer.

I’ve got passwords for multiple e-mail accounts, Goodreads, ARe Café, Manic Reader, The Romance Reviews, and two Google Groups. That’s in addition to two forums, YouTube, Smashwords, The Romance Studio, Amazon, and my website; not to mention my banking, my credit card, and my insurance, which all insist on doing business online. And we’re told by Internet security not to choose the same password, so all of those are unique.

All right, so I go to update one of these sites, and the login screen pops up to ask for my Username and Password. It’s time to play! Is it this one? No. How about this? No, that password is for another site. Etc.

I don’t know how the hackers and thieves of the world can guess my password when I can’t even guess it half the time :-).

Have you played password lately?

2 responses to “Let’s Play Password

  1. I don’t remember the game, but I have played the computer version often, especially when I’m in a hurry and jumjping between my four *four?!* gmail accounts. I try to have some logic to the passwords I choose to go with each account. Accounts (like Goodreads, although I don’t have one there yet) will have a few character names, or an author’s name backward. But playing password can get very frustrating, particularly at midnight.


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