Writer’s Block

Everyone has heard of it, and every author has probably experienced it at least once: the dreaded writer’s block. I have been very fortunate in my writing career not to hit too many mental blocks during the creative process, though my Muse has certainly gotten constipated from time to time. With my books, I can usually bully my way forward to get that first draft done and then come back and fix up the rough patches later.

Where I more often suffer writer’s block is in the side tasks of being an author. Like so many authors, I hate, hate, hate writing a synopsis. Blurbs are a bit easier for me, but sometimes those drive me crazy, too. Taglines? Yikes!

I think the worst part is that writer’s block is emotionally draining. The longer you sit there stumped and staring at your blank computer screen, the more tired you become. And as your energy level goes down, so does your creativity, which means you’re even less likely to break through the block. Usually this is the point when I go do something else. Physical exercise is especially useful for clearing my mind, not to mention good for my health. Sometimes that works to finally shake things loose.

But what do I do when I draw a complete blank as far as blog topics? Well, I write a blog about writer’s block 🙂

4 responses to “Writer’s Block

  1. Great post! When I hit a wall I usually clean or take the dogs for a walk. Or I write a fight scene to battle my way out of it.

  2. I’ve always thought my muse was simply contrary and never talks until it’s next to impossible for me to make notes…

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