Hooked on One-Liners – Part 1

One-liners hook your attention, pique your interest, and lure you into reading more. Some of the catchy ones stay with you long after you’ve read them. (Jianne Carlo’s “…sure as a hen dips snuff, I do the dirty with my hat on…” from Notorious in Nice comes to mind.)

This month, I’ve gathered together lines from a fabulous group of authors who write everything from SFR to m/m contemporary romance and just about everything in between. Some will make you smile, while others will make you lick your lips. I’ve also included a couple of lines from my erotic sci-fi ménage romance, Husbandry, to celebrate its upcoming release on March 26.



If the bulge in his blue jeans was anything to go by, the suspense was getting to him too.

 — Husbandry by Allie Ritch

The man who brought her in, walked her around the bed, as if presenting her to the various people watching.

The Rebound by Emilia Mancini

“Do be romantic and tie me to the posts and cut off my clothes.”

Earthly Desires by Leta Blake and Keira Andrews

She wanted to touch him, to dig her nails into his back, to suck at his lips, to bury her face against his throat, but she could only hang there, helpless and restrained, and take whatever was given her.

Dark Paradise (Paradise series, Book 1) by Cassidy Hunter

“This is what you didn’t specify—clothing, position, restraints.” Devil checked his watch. “Forty-five seconds have elapsed—I can keep you here as long as I want until I come in your mouth, latex covered as specified.”

Devil, Hades Squad Book #3 by Jianne Carlo

“Tonight I will show you all the different uses for whipped-cream filling, and I promise, you will be quite satisfied when I’m done.”

Sweet Cravings by Eva Lefoy

Fae cum didn’t taste of pixie sticks; that was for sure.

Close Quarter by Anna Zabo

“Goal: five orgasms. Strategy: make you beg for each and every one.”

Demon, Hades Squad Book #4 by Jianne Carlo

“The first time she’d done something spur-of-the-moment, and she’d ended up being fingerf**ked by an extraterrestrial.”

Satin Sheets in Space by Jessica E. Subject

Cassie was flooded with tenderness for Kyla, who would not be cheated of her orgasm, and for Jordan, who was so intent on satisfying both of them.

His and Hers and Hers by Nona Raines

“And here I thought you’d say you’d take me in because then you’d have 24-7 access to my slave labor and hot body.”

Somewhere I Belong by Wendi Zwaduk

He reached down between their bodies and squeezed Rion’s cock. “If I’m so unclean, why do I make you hard?”

Ascending Hearts by Keira Andrews & Leta Blake

“Circumspection? Isn’t that what happens to the men in Baleg village?”

Initiate by Nulli Para Ora

Her smile came like sunrise, golden and warming.

Keir by Pippa Jay

“I hope you don’t expect me to pop out babies like that… I have a uterus, not a clown car.

Dragon Moon, Book 1 by Nulli Para Ora

“I don’t want your friendship—that involves emotions. Now, there is an arrangement I might go for—the kind that involves a certain type of buddy.”

Alpha Me Not, White Wolf #3 by Jianne Carlo

Sex I was good at, but dating?

Just Perfect by Rowan McBride

“Love,” he gasped. “Sweetheart, I don’t do love. I do women, preferably in groups of three or four.”

Sweet Hell by Rosanna Leo

43 responses to “Hooked on One-Liners – Part 1

  1. Jessica Subject

    These are all great one liners! 🙂

  2. Thank you to all the authors who participated in this post. I hope everyone enjoys reading these lines as much as I did.

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  4. How fun is this?? Thanks for having me, Allie…me, and my pal Dionysus!

  5. These are so fun! Thanks for this great posy, Allie. : )

  6. Still laughing at Nulli’s! Rosanna, that was my favorite line from Sweet Hell!

  7. LOL, love Nulli’s one liner from Dragon Moon! Great idea Allie, so many more books for the ever endless TBR list.

  8. Thanks for hosting me, Allie!

  9. Thanks, Allie, for having me! These are all great. 🙂

  10. I’m so glad you joined in, Pippa and Anna.

  11. How fun was this?? Thanks for including me, Allie! And great job, everyone! Loved this lines!

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  13. Wow! Who knew one line of a story could be so compelling? These were awesome! Thanks so much for including me, Allie!

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  15. Allie, these were short but sweet. I’m happy to link here, and I’m looking forward to the next batch.

  16. These were great! I look forward to seeing next week’s batch of one liners..

  17. I’m rather disappointed that Fae cum doesn’t taste of pixie sticks. XD

  18. Those are some awesome lines! I am now incredibly curious about all the different uses of whipped cream filling…

  19. Fantastic post Allie – I love the clown car one-liner !

  20. This is awesome. I’m so glad I got to be a part of this. Thanks Allie!

    • You’re welcome, Wendi. Very glad to have you here. Now about your line: slave labor plus hot body equals love slave, right? Are we talking twenty-four-hour love slave?

  21. Awesome one-liners Allie! Count me in next time!

  22. They were all great Allie, but I am still having a giggle at Nulli’s clown car analogy!

  23. I’m thrilled everyone had such a good time with these lines. Thank you again to all the contributing authors. Be sure to come read the second batch, which will be live this Saturday, March 23.

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