Character Profiles: Rhuul’s Flame by Nulli Para Ora

Rhuul's Flame CoverOf all the species of the twelve realms, Rhuul is unique. The product of two races who despise each other, he is reviled by his family and unwelcome in his homeland.

Exiled, he finds himself in a new realm with beings he’s never seen before. They’re not important; only his destiny is. Driven to prove his worth, he seeks to rule a realm of his own. Nothing will stand in his way, and no one will change his focus. Or so he thinks.

When a mysterious woman calls out for help through his dreams, he searches her out. When they meet, she’s unlike anyone he’s ever encountered. Can they set aside their beliefs to work together? Can love bloom when their ideals are exact opposites?


Nulli Para Ora is here with profiles of the characters from her book, Rhuul’s Flame, from her Realms of Possibility series. Nulli is the author of Dragon Moon, Waves of Change, and the ARe bestseller, Initiate, among other works. Thanks for sharing Rhuul and Avalea with us, Nulli.





  • Half Eidon, half Celestan
  • 6’5″
  • Rhuul has large, leathery wings, bronze skin, eyes like a dying fire, and an athletic build. He’s bald, with smooth, even complexion, and slightly elongated canines.


“Talloc, I’m curious about something. Have you ever seen the point of a sword as it protruded from your belly?” Rhuul watched the Bruna out of the corners of his eyes, sizing him up.

“Uh, no.”

“You’re about to.”




  • Half Omala, half elemental
  • 6′
  • Avalea’s hair is made of green flames, her eyes are also tiny orbs of flickering green flames, and her skin is light brown. She possesses powers related to life, growth, and healing from her Omala half, and fire from her elemental half.


“I know what you’ve shown me. You’re quick to anger, you kill without any thought, you can’t control your impulses, and you don’t know how to own up to your behavior. Now put me down, or I’ll set those wings of yours on fire.”


Excerpt from Rhuul’s Flame:

“So, uh, just yell if you need anything. I’ll be across the hall.” She turned to leave and was surprised when she felt the warmth of his hand as his fingers circled her wrist.

He pulled her close, holding her gaze with eyes that shone with something she couldn’t place. “Thank you. Where I come from, kindness is rare.”

Okay, that’s not what I was expecting. As she watched his face, there appeared to be a mixture of emotions happening all at once. He seemed to move between frustration, sadness, and happiness. His mouth flexed into something that was part smile, part grimace. “Where do you come from?”

His features hardened in a flash, and he took a step back. “Karn.”

“Isn’t that where the Eidon live? How did you end up there?” Rhuul certainly didn’t look like any Eidon she’d ever seen. He had wings for one thing, his skin wasn’t purple and scaly, and he didn’t have horns. The only feature that remotely resembled the Eidon was his bald head.

“Yes, that’s right. I lived there because that was my father’s realm.” He spoke the word “father” through his teeth, as if it coated his tongue in filth.

“Your father is Eidon? But you—”

“I know. I’ve been reminded my entire life I’m not truly Eidon.” He released her wrist, moved to the tub, and pulled the rope. He peered over the edge of the leaves, watching the water rush in.

“I wasn’t trying to offend you. It’s just that I’ve never seen an Eidon like you.”

“That’s because my mother was Celestan.”

“Celestan…” Suddenly his appearance began to make sense, but his existence was quite the enigma. “I never knew such a union was allowed.”

“It isn’t.” His nostrils flared as he unbuckled his belt and dropped it on the floor. He undid the ties at his neck, sighing before pulling off his vest.

From her vantage point, she could see the planes and lines of his muscular chest and abs. His back was just as developed, with brawny shoulders supporting his large wings. His leather pants sat low, giving her a view of the top of his firm backside. Her hands ached to touch him, to run her fingers up his spine, over his shoulders, down his chest, and to his waist, where she’d gladly yank his trousers down. Gods, take it easy! He’s a murderer, remember? “Your parents must be truly in love.”

“I wouldn’t know.” He hadn’t turned away from the tub. His fingers moved seductively, pulling apart the ties at his hip.

She pictured those fingers pulling at her clothes with urgency, searching her, kneading her flesh. Waves of liquid desire pooled deep inside her, making her light-headed. When he started pushing his pants down, she turned her back to him and held her breath for a few moments. “Um, what do you mean?”

“I never met my mother. My grandfather had her killed not long after I was born.” His voice was empty, sobering her.

“Why would he do that? Your father must have—”

“My father stood there and let it happen. A mating between an Eidon and Celestan is not only forbidden, it’s unthinkable. I’m a taint to his bloodline.”

She was about to turn to face him, but her mother called to her from down the hall. “I’ll be right there!” She took a deep breath and walked toward the door, pausing at the threshold before she stepped into the hall. “You’re not a taint.”

She closed the door behind her. She attempted to imagine what life must have been like for him, living in a world of scorn. Is that why he kills without thought?



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13 responses to “Character Profiles: Rhuul’s Flame by Nulli Para Ora

  1. Ohh, wounded hero! Gotta love that! And he’s got wings? I’m so there!

  2. *applause* great work, Nulli! Looking forward to reading this

  3. Your characters sound fascinating, Nulli! I must read this one!

  4. I love Rhuul and Lea. Such an interesting world Nulli has created with sexy characters and hot chemistry. Who knew flames and wings could exist together? This is definitely one for your to read pile.

  5. I love how completely original and creative your characters are, Nulli. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. I must say, the wings are intriguing…congrats Nulli!

  7. Just started “waves” the other day but think I need to put it on the back burner and read this one NOW……

  8. Sounds intriguing! And I do so love a tortured hero!

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