Vulcans and Zombies

I don’t get to the movie theater too often, but lately there have been a lot more sci-fi and paranormal releases that have caught my eye. I recently went to see two of them.

I was really skeptical when they made the first new Star Trek film. I was used to William Shatner as Kirk, and I didn’t want them messing around with the sci-fi icon. After seeing the movie, though, I was totally sold. I love this whole alternate history in the future thing they’ve got going on, especially since they throw in nods to the original. Star Trek Into Darkness, the second in this new version, was great fun from start to finish. Some reviewers bashed it for its hodgepodge of elements from the original Star Trek, but I loved the way those details were worked in. There was only one thing that really bugged me: a line of dialogue that just didn’t ring true. I didn’t buy Kirk admitting, “I’m scared.” It didn’t jive with his macho daredevil image. What’s more, this Trekkie expected the alternate version of Kirk to know he’d die alone like the original.

Since I’m a paranormal fan as well as a sci-fi fan, you know I had to see the summer zombie movie too. I thought World War Z was a blast. The movie was obviously meant to be unpredictable, not following the usual expectations, and it succeeded. It felt like a suspenseful combination of the typical zombie theme and the movie Outbreak or Contagion. Brad Pitt travels across the world looking for patient zero and ultimately the cure to the zombie virus. The pacing was well done. My only nitpick was Pitt’s character’s wife calling him on the phone for emotional reassurance when she knew he was in the middle of a mob of zombies who were attracted to noise. I didn’t like her coming across as such a needy person. On the flip side, why was Pitt’s character stupid enough to leave his ringer on in zombie territory? Just a thought.

I only caught part of the trailer for Elysium and am already intrigued by the title, if nothing else. I’ll definitely consider going to see that one.

Have you seen any good movies lately?

2 responses to “Vulcans and Zombies

  1. I can’t wait to see Elysium. Another I’m excited for is Ender’s Game. That book was a founding SF book for me as a child.

    I have a limited movie budget so had to decide between Star Trek and Man of Steel. I chose Man of Steel and don’t regret it. It was a fantastic remake of the super hero’s story. Now I’m patiently waiting for Star Trek to come to On Demand so I can finally geek out on it. I didn’t go see World War Z because I don’t like Brad Pitt. I’ve just never found him as a good actor. (Him and Tom Cruise.) I might ignore that to see it though, because I’ve heard such good things.

    Thanks for the reviews!

    • I’m telling you, this seems like the year for sci-fi. I like even the worst sci-fi movie better than films about gangs and drug addicts and the rest of the violent stuff that seems popular these days. I enjoy the imagination and innovation of science fiction, if nothing else.

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