Word Play

As a writer, I work with words all the time. The amazing thing about language is that you can not only work with words; you can play with them too.

For instance, there are puns and double entendres. All I have to do is list words like stiff, hard, hot, etc., and I’m sure your mind can go in all sorts of interesting directions. In my polyamorous romance novel, Husbandry, one of the heroes, Chad, loves to play with words. In one scene, he even paraphrases one of Shakespeare’s lines  when he tells Fila, “Genetics ‘prick’d’ us out for your womanly pleasure.” Likewise, the hero of my current WIP makes a terrible pun about being “horny” to the shifter heroine, though I won’t spoil it by telling you what kind of shifter she is.

Tongue twisters are another form of word play. My personal favorites are Fuzzy Wuzzy, How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck?, and She Sells Seashells.

And how about those palindromes? The one I always remember is “Do geese see god?” although I recently came across “Repel a leper” and “Yo, banana boy!”

Then there are word games like crosswords and word scrambles. I heard one from a family member a few months ago that he’d picked up from the radio. You had to fill in the blanks of a sentence using the same exact letters in the same order, divided by a space as needed. The challenge was,

“The ____ doctor was ____ to operate because he had _____.”

The answer was…wait for it…

“The notable doctor was not able to operate because he had no table.”

Do you have any good word play you’d like to share?

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