The Purrfect Read


“I’m Rasik of Tribe Gahiji. My people turn into caracals and make up a large tribe of shifters on the Middle Continent of planet A’ata. I’m an excellent hunter and use my skills to help my brother, Taj, who is leader of our tribe. We are allies with Tribe Fahari — a mixed group of shifters that includes my beautiful, stubborn Kalya. I’ve known Kalya since childhood and have come to love her with an adult male’s passion. She can’t resist mating with me forever.

I’d like to welcome my fellow cats…at least those of you who haven’t come to make trouble in Allie’s domain. Why don’t you introduce yourself and tell us your story?”

(Tribal Shift by Allie Ritch)

“Hello. I’m Alain. Alain Bellarose. I was last a human in the 16th century in France where a powerful witch saw me dying and gave me the gift of change. I became a witch’s familiar in the form of a black cat, and since that time I have served the witch’s community by magnifying their powers. I’m Aloysius, the greatest familiar in the world! But now — ah, a huge blast of power has transformed me back to a human and I have met Luke, the beautiful and mysterious. In his arms, I know how wonderful it can be to live as a man. But Luke doesn’t know my secret. And without Aloysius, the witches are vulnerable to attack. As a human I have no power. As a cat, I can’t know love. I must choose. Witch or man? Cat or human? Power or love.”

(Cataclysmic Shift by Tara Lain)


Rasik: “A difficult choice, Alain. Sometimes we need power to protect those we love.”

“Power is everything. I am Mashaka. With my fellow leopard shifters, I will build Tribe Nemera into the strongest tribe ever seen. No one will stand in my way.”

(Tribal Shift by Allie Ritch)

Rasik: (ignores the larger cat and turns to the twins)

“My name is Evan and I’m a painter. I’m also a tiger. How is that possible? (Grins.) I’m a tiger shifter. At will, I can change my shape and allow the animal within to take over. I’ve got a twin brother, Ian. We do just about everything together. He’s a surveillance tech and good with gadgets. Me? I have a hard time using my smart phone. It’s all good. We balance each other out.

There are some things even twins have a hard time sharing—women. Or rather, one woman in particular. I’m a tiger and I’ve got a voracious sexual appetite, but there is one woman I want to claim. Her name is Kaia. I’ve loved her since the moment I met her. Thankfully, Ian does, too. I did mention we do everything together? To be complete, we need to mate with the same woman at the same time. Tall order, don’t you think? But I’m convinced Kaia can handle not only the both of us, but our tigers, too.

Tigers get what they want.”

(Dual Threat by Wendi Zwaduk)

“Did someone mention women? My name is Asad, and I enjoy my pride of female lion shifters, especially when they come into season. Children are to be protected. I will hunt down anyone who harms our young ones to the ends of A’ata. Mashaka, I am coming for you and your leopards.”

(Tribal Shift by Allie Ritch)


Rasik: “Perhaps having so many strong male shifters in one place isn’t the best idea. I suggest we go back to our own territories. Those who wish to learn more about us can visit us there.”


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10 responses to “The Purrfect Read

  1. This is a very enticing post. I’d love to find out more about these beautiful shifters. I guess I better buy the book. I really enjoyed this.

  2. Shifters can be very sexy. Love all the snippets. I’m intrigued. Thanks for doing this. Great idea!

  3. Reblogged this on Wendi Zwaduk ~ Romance to Make Your Heart Race and commented:
    Allie Ritch’s sexy shifters. Check ’em out. Dual Threat, by yours truly, is featured!

  4. Thank you soooo much for including my Aloysius in the mix. He’s lovin’ his kitty shifter companions. : )

  5. What a cool, creative concept for a blog. Enjoyed hearing about all the cat shifter characters/stories.

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