Shifty Characters

Followers of my blog know I love a good one-liner. Since my shifter romance, Tribal Shift, released the same month as Halloween, I thought I’d pay special tribute to those characters who unleash their wild side. Whether they’re chatty cat shifters, murmuring mermen, or howling werewolves, shifters have something to say. Please welcome all the fantastic authors who have joined in this post to share these great shifter one-liners. Thanks, everybody!


Her body warmed at the thought of Galen’s tenderness as he taught her to shift and embrace her future as Skinwalker Chieftess of their tribe.

– Lexia Torrance from A Skinwalker’s Legacy by Shae Wynters


 “I saw you run through the tall grass on four legs, and I’ve never seen a more beautiful caracal.”

– Rasik in Tribal Shift by Allie Ritch


“I’m still a normal guy, Mace, just a bit hairier at times.”

– Hal Sparks from Some Kind of Trouble by Christy Gissendaner


The bond allowed only one form at a time. Since they were in Kheladin’s body, he still had the upper hand; the dragon didn’t think Lachlan was strong enough to force a shift without his help. There’d been a time when he could have but not now.

– Kheladin (the dragon part of a dragon shifter combo of Lachlan and him) from To Love a Highland Dragon by Ann Gimpel


“If you had marked her, I would have killed you.”

“You would have tried.”

– Gao (werewolf) and David from Dragon Moon by Nulli Para Ora


“I mean it. Swear to me. You said you’d protect me. If you care for me at all, if you love me even a little, please. Swear you’ll keep me from him, even if you have to kill me to do it.”

– Ashland from Werewolf Fight League: Ashland (Coming out Nov 19 from Loose Id) by Lynn Lorenz


“The Lycans are the future of Skinwalkers.”

– Prince Damien from A Skinwalker’s Legacy by Shae Wynters


Kneeling beside the skeletal remains of his wife and child, Ash dusted his hands in the soil around the bones and rubbed the precious dirt over his face and chest in renewed mourning.

– Ashkewheteasu (the ancient Native American shape-shifting shaman) in The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo by Rose Anderson


If Jenna MacLeod cried seven tears into the sea with Alex nearby, it was a binding contract of love or obsession — lasting love if he could win her heart, obsession and eventual suicide if he couldn’t.

– Alexander MacCodrum the Selkie from Enchanted Skye by Rose Anderson


“They fell in love and in spite of the tension from both Skinwalker and Sith races, they consummated their union and I then came along.”

– Galen Cortes from A Skinwalker’s Legacy by Shae Wynters


“You’re not too old for me to grab by the scruff of the neck, you know.”

Taj in Tribal Shift by Allie Ritch


“Ready to meet my folks?”

– Duke Stevens from Second Moon by Theodora Lane


“Answer me or I will f#@! you until next hibernation!”

– Joseph (bear shifter) from “Still the One” in Beneath a Spring Moon anthology by Nulli Para Ora


“You want to mate with me?”

– Shila (Child of Nanook, a frost bear shifter) from Mating Season by Allie Ritch


“We can’t do that; it’s depraved!”

“Everything I want to do to you is depraved.”

– Tarial (dragon shifter) and Lohin from Dragon Revealed by Nulli Para Ora


“Your mother should have taught you not to be a peeping tomcat.”

– Kalya (omnimorph) in Tribal Shift by Allie Ritch


“You want me to hunt you, my little tigress.”

– Nate (lion shifter) from “The Ties That Bind” in the Harvest Moon anthology by Nulli Para Ora


“Never pull a lion’s tail, little cat.”

– Asad (lion shifter) in Tribal Shift by Allie Ritch


“Don’t think I can’t smell you, little owl. I smell every last, precious drop.”

– Soren Snow (bear shifter and famous percussionist) from Predator’s Serenade, Gemini Island Shifters book 2, by Rosanna Leo


His scent was incredible! He smelled of the forest and mountains, of man and musk and rainbows bouncing off the snow. She breathed him in until her chest felt tight and still couldn’t get enough.

– Miksa (Child of Nanook, a frost bear shifter) from In Season by Allie Ritch

21 responses to “Shifty Characters

  1. Thanks so much for allowing me to play, Allie! So happy to be in the room with all these, ahem, big hairy men!

  2. Thanks for hosting all of us, Allie! Great to be here.

    • I’m intrigued by the idea of a dragon and man sharing a body, not always without conflict. Sort of like dissociative idenity disorder, shifter style.

      • Hi Allie,
        The difference is this: In DID, the personalities are unaware of one another. Lachlan and Kheladin are aware, sometimes painfully so, of their differences of opinion. Sometimes, they’re in Kheladin’s dragon body, sometimes in Lachlan’s. Regardless, they talk with one another and hammer out solutions.

  3. So many awesome books! Thanks for having us, Allie!

  4. Great stuff here. Thanks for hosting us, Allie!

  5. Ooooh…I’ve read a lot of these books. I guess it looks like I have a major love for shifty boys :).

  6. I love these nifty shifty shifters that you have found – wonderful books from some of my favorite authors!

    Lions, dragons & bears OH MY! 🙂

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