Celebrate Success

We’ve probably all heard this advice before. Celebrate your successes and concentrate on the positive. This is true for life in general, but I most often hear it in connection with writing. It can be difficult to follow this advice, though. Negative things like a bad review or failure to hit a word-count goal can easily drag us down. Here are a few ways I’ve used to combat negativity and focus on the good stuff:

(1)   If I struggle with a book, I remind myself that some of the most difficult works to create have turned out the best in the end. I still love to write, so it’s worth the trouble. 

(2)   When faced with something like a bad review, I try to keep it in perspective and not blow it out of proportion. If only one in ten people don’t like my book, then nine in ten did.

(3)   Successes, on the other hand, should be played up. I try to get as excited about a new contract, book release, or good review now as I did when I first started writing. Successes should never be taken for granted, and no success is too small to feel good about.

What do you do to stay positive?

2 responses to “Celebrate Success

  1. Terrific post, Allie! I suffer from terminal optimism and have to reel myself back to reality several times a day. 🙂

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