Character Profiles: Surrender Love by Kayelle Allen

KA_SurrenderLove_coverlgNot rebound, payback, loneliness, or great sex, and far beyond love. This is surrender.

Izzorah — A little feral, a little innocent, all male. Fleeing a world that denies him basic rights, forced into a society blind to his needs, Rah lives for his music. When a freak accident throws him into the care of the most powerful man in the empire, the attention he receives is beyond anything he’d ever dreamed. But is the attraction he feels toward his rescuer gratitude, lust, or a deeper, abiding call to yield all that he is?

Luc — the prestige of his power, wealth, and influence directs an empire scattered across the stars. His word shapes the foundations of business and his financial prowess is of mythic proportions. Yet beneath the myths beats the heart of a man who craves what he has never given and is certain he will always be denied — steadfast, faithful love.


Luc Saint-Cyr

Description:  Luc is 6’5″, muscular and athletic. While he generally wears a suit, and is at home in a tuxedo, he’s comfortable in his skin no matter what he wears. Has an air of gravitas — formality and bearing — that can intimidate. He uses it to his advantage. Luc has dark skin, and what appears to solid black eyes (he wears contacts to hide his real eyes).

Quote:  In the opening of the book, Luc has injured himself and his android butler offers to heal him. Luc is immortal, so his recovery will be quick even without intervention. But Luc is suffering from a broken heart that hurts far worse than his physical injury. He responds, “No. Don’t heal me. I want it to hurt. I need it.”

Izzorah Ceeow

Description: Izzorah (Rah) is 5’11” tall. He’s a drummer, so he has quick reflexes and he’s used to working hard. But he has a weak heart, and becomes tired easily. He doesn’t let it stop him, but it does slow him down at the worst possible moments. One of the feline Kin, Izzorah has catlike eyes and ears, furskin that makes him feel like a soft plush cuddle-toy all over, fangs, and retractable claws hidden beneath human-looking nails. One unusual aspect of a Kin is that they can smell emotion. Izzorah is a master at it.

It’s appropriate that Izzorah, who heals Luc’s broken heart, refers to him in the soft, sighing Felis language of the Kin as “T’hahr” (my heart) or “Kahmay t’hahr” (hero of my heart).

Quoted dialogue (internal): What if I was destined to come here and love him? My presence soothed his heart; I could feel the change in him. He sighed. Luc, are you my destiny? If you are, come and rescue me.


Excerpt Surrender Love Purr in the Car

Scene set up: Luc and Izzorah are in Luc’s hoversine, and Izzorah is exhausted. He’d been up all night, but insisted on helping a sick child he’d discovered. After he and Luc take care of the situation, they are returning home. Luc tries to get Rah to rest.

“You’re tired.” Luc kissed him on the tip of his nose. “Shut your eyes for a while.”

“I’ve hardly seen you.”

“Rah.” Luc tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. “You’re exhausted. I can see it in your face. Rest until we get home.”

“Yes, Luc. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t argue when you’re trying to help me.”

Luc flashed a human-bright smile full of perfect teeth, and the leathery scent of pride filled the hoversine cabin. “That’s right. I want what’s best for you.” He placed a kiss on the tip of Izzorah’s nose. “Now shut your eyes.”

Izzorah closed them. When he’d said, “yes, Luc,” the man’s pride had flared in a burst of rich scent. He smells wonderful when he’s happy. I’m going to say those words as often as I can.

“You know,” Izzorah began, eyes obediently closed, “you’re exhausted too. What did Wulf say to you? Did you fight with him too? I can sense –” He bit his lips, pausing as he felt Luc’s arms and chest stiffen.

Worry cascaded in an almost-burned butterscotch scent before Luc tamped it down to nothing. “It’s all right, love. Ask whatever you want to know.” Luc kissed Izzorah’s brow. “Wulf and I had never argued before today. I don’t want us to end up the same way. Strangers to each other.”

Izzorah opened his eyes and tilted back his head, but Luc’s face was unreadable. “So, you want me to argue with you?”

The man chuckled, loosening up. “Yes, if you think I’m not listening or I upset you. I didn’t know until today why Wulf was so unhappy with me. He says I didn’t listen to him, but I honestly don’t think he tried to talk to me. He always gave in.” Luc shook his head. “I don’t want you to ever give up on talking to me or making me listen.” Luc pulled him close. “When you left I was terrified of losing you the way I did Wulf.” Pressing his cheek against the top of Izzorah’s head, Luc let out a shuddering breath. “I want you to be my lover, Izzorah. Not my toy, never my slave. If I don’t listen, force me. Bite me, if you have to. Make me hear you.” He pulled back and tilted Izzorah’s face up to his. “Make me pay attention.”

After a pause, Izzorah smiled, showing fangs without worry over Luc taking offense. “Yes, Luc. I promise not to let you get away with ignoring me.” He laid back his ears. “What made you think I’d let you do that, anyway?”

Luc chuckled. “I love you.” He curled his fingers in Izzorah’s hair. “Try to rest, kosset. You need it.”

With a sigh, Izzorah nodded and leaned against him once more. The heat of Luc’s body, the warmth of the blanket, and the smooth ride of the vehicle lulled him into a pleasant doze. He was faintly aware of Luc toying with his hair, tugging one ear between fingers and thumb. When Luc pulled out his mobile, Izzorah opened his eyes. The man thumbed through screens, and Izzorah tried to pay attention, but his lashes grew too heavy. Closing his eyes again, he leaned harder against Luc and wrapped one arm behind his waist.

Luc kissed his brow. “Am I disturbing you?”

He hummed a negative response and ran his other hand up along the front of Luc’s shirt, releasing one clawtip to play with a button. Desire flared its butter-warm scent. Luc turned toward him, dropping the mobile into an inside pocket.

Face hidden against Luc’s chest, Izzorah smiled. One claw and Luc’s attention spiked. I had an effect on Luc Saint-Cyr. Me. Izzorah Ceeow. He purred.

“God, that’s sexy.” Luc dragged his long fingers along Izzorah’s jaw. “Do it again. Purr.”

Izzorah obeyed.

The warm butter and brown sugar scent of Luc’s increasing desire filled the cabin. The man swore under his breath. “Purr while we’re kissing.”

He cocked both ears back, curled his free arm up around Luc’s neck, and drew him down, opening his mouth as Luc swept his tongue inside. Izzorah adjusted his breathing and purred.

Luc moaned, deepening the kiss, leaning into him as if he couldn’t get close enough. He tunneled both hands into Izzorah’s hair and held on to him as they kissed. Luc made love to him with his mouth, sliding his lips against Izzorah’s, warm tongue deep inside.

Izzorah melted into the kiss, the raw heat of his hunger for Luc consuming him. When Luc drew back, Izzorah pulled him close again, refusing to let him go. The sound of pleasure the man made sent shivers through Izzorah. His mouth felt hot, swollen from Luc’s plundering kisses, yet he couldn’t release him. Not yet.

Luc untangled himself from Izzorah’s arms and moved back a bit. “Wait till I get you home, love. Tonight, I want to make love to you in every way you can imagine.”

Izzorah dragged the claws of one hand down Luc’s chest. “I need you.”

“I’ll give you everything tonight, love. I promise.” Luc bent to give him a quick kiss. “Let me take you home.”


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Kayelle Allen is a multi-published, EPIC Award winning author. She writes Contemporary Romance, Gay Romance, Erotic Science Fiction Romance, Mainstream Fantasy, BDSM, and non-fiction. She likes to attend Science Fiction conventions, and has been a speaker at DragonCon, Outlantacon, and Gaylaxicon. Kayelle is the founder of the author-mentoring group Marketing for Romance Writers, and manages the successful Romance Lives Forever blog. She is a US Navy Veteran, and founded the graphics and eBook conversion company The Author’s Secret. Kayelle is married to her personal hero, and makes her home in the southeast.
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  1. Thanks for hosting me, Allie! Here’s a goodie for your readers. 🙂
    The Tarthian Empire Companion Book, First Edition is 23 pages of images and info about Tarth and all the other places in Luc and Rah’s story world. When you click it, this will either offer you a download, or open in a new window, depending on your settings. To read it, you need Adobe Reader, available free.

  2. These guys are sooo cool. : )

  3. I love Allie’s character profiles. These two guys are both so distinctive -so different from one another – but their connection is definitely believable.

  4. This book looks exciting! Yay for alien names, places, and language. 🙂

  5. Thank you, Lisabet. I’m honored you think so. Coming from you, that’s a huge compliment.
    Thanks Emily! I created an entire language for the Kin. I even have a pdf lexicon readers can download from my website.

  6. Even though I’m not normally a sci-fi person, I really enjoy this series!

  7. Thank you. I’m so glad you like it. ^_^ The guys are involved in a new adventure right now, and I’m writing it as fast as I can.

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