What I Like About Goodreads

As an author, I was slow to join Goodreads, but I’m glad I did. It’s a good way to get reader feedback, usually more quickly than your standard review sites. I like to know what readers like and dislike about my books so I can keep working to get better at my craft. Reading reviews on other works also helps me find books I’d like to read. There’s nothing like a TBR list to give you something to look forward to.

The feedback goes both ways, too. I try to be careful with my reviews of others’ works since I know how hard writing is. I don’t want to insult people or hurt their feelings, so I try to avoid leaving bad reviews. When I just can’t leave a good rating, I at least explain why I formed my opinion and attempt to mention something positive. What’s most exciting are the rave reviews I can give when I discover a new book I love.

Feedback is only one part of the connection Goodreads offers people. I can share announcements and connect with readers and other authors alike. I don’t know what the site holds in store for us in the future, but right now it’s a wonderful forum for book lovers.

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