Authors: Behind the Scenes

For this post, I thought I’d briefly share some of the things readers may not know about romance authors.

For starters, romance writers are some of the best researchers. We’re so used to looking up thousands of strange bits of information that we’ve gotten adept at uncovering unique resources. What’s more, we network among each other. If we don’t know something, chances are one of our fellow authors does.

Writers have a diverse background. Painters, dancers, opera singers, psychiatrists, nurses, accountants, etc. Name just about any job you can think of, and we writers have probably done it. Since we romance authors span the globe, we also have a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

And lastly, authors have a great sense of humor. Whether quirky, risqué, or silly, our wisecracks come fast and furious behind the scenes. I can always count on my fellow writers to make me smile.

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