Tara Lain shares her fave character

I’m thrilled to have author Tara Lain here today to talk about her favorite character. I was introduced to Tara’s work when I published my first novella through Loose Id several years ago. Then, as now, I mostly read m/f PNR and SFR, so when Tara managed to hook me with her m/m and menage contemporary romances, I recognized that she really had something special going for her as a storyteller. Since then, she has put out several bestsellers and continues to make a name for herself. So take it away, Tara!


The Characters that Breathe

Hi all. I’m so delighted to be here with Allie today — one of my favorite people! So, since we’re talking about faves, I thought I’d say something about my favorite characters. Readers always ask authors “which characters do you like best?” It’s a tough question, because our characters are like PackorthePanther[The]LGkids. You love them all the best. They all have their own unique problems and world view that you’ve shared and you love them for it. But, if you drill down, there are those that stand out just a teeny bit. I recently created one of those. Lindsey Vanessen in my new release, Wolf in Gucci Loafers. Lindsey is a mass of contradictions. He’s a very effeminate, gay man, and at the same time is a champion athlete. He loves bubble baths and beautiful clothes, but he’s a vicious fighter with rapier, gun, or hand-to-hand, and he’s an aggressive top in bed. Of course, he’s also half human and half werewolf! I introduced Lindsey in my book earlier this year, The Pack or the Panther, and everyone loved him so much — including me — that he had to have his own story. A friend of mine who is also a passionate fan of my books told me yesterday, “I think you have a hero to rival Roan (Roan Black in the Genetic Attraction series).” He then said, “I wish all your characters were real — especially Lindsey. I’d like to k now him and have him as a friend.” I can’t think of a higher compliment.

What are some of the book characters you wish were real?

Here’s a snippet of my delicious Lindsey in action —

Excerpt: WOLF IN GUCCI LOAFERS by Tara Lain — MM paranormal

Available Dreamspinner Press   AMAZON   ARe

Socialite Lindsey Vanessen wants someone WolfinGucciLoafersLGto love who will love him back—an impossibility for a gay, half-human, half-werewolf. Too aggressive for humans, too gay for wolves, and needing to protect the pack from human discovery, Lindsey tries to content himself with life as a successful businessman. But when someone starts kidnapping members of wealthy families, Lindsey meets tough cop Seth Zakowsy—the hunky embodiment of everything Lindsey wants but can’t have.

 Seth has never been attracted to flamboyant men. What would the guys in the department think of Lindsey? But intrigue turns to lust when he discovers Lindsey’s biting, snarling passion more than matches his dominant side. It might mean a chance at love for a cop in black leather and a wolf in Gucci loafers.

Lindsey came up beside him. “So, let me look at you.” The guy stood back and regarded Seth up and down like a piece of prime beef. “Yes, well, lovely, but maybe a little casual for the occasion. I know it sounds like an athletic event, but really it’s more”—he waved a hand gracefully—“shall we say, social?” He walked around Seth, making a “hmmm” sound.

“Look, I don’t care about the social niceties. I just want to catch a f***ing kidnapper.”

“Ah yes, yes, but we catch more flies with—Armani.” He laughed. “Come with me.”

It wasn’t a trial to follow that butt.

Lindsey threw open a door, and Seth walked in behind him. “Holy shit.”

Lindsey turned and placed a hand on his chest. “Yes, dear, I know. Decadent. It may be the sign of a devolving civilization, but this is my closet.”

This was a room his family home could fit in twice. “Department stores don’t have this many clothes.”

“Dear, dear. We never shop at department stores.” He waved a hand down his body. “Obviously, nothing that fits me is going to fit you.” He touched the epaulet on the leather jacket. “Those shoulders. Oh my.” He sighed. “Anyway, I happen to have a blazer that was delivered to me in the wrong size. My guess is that it’s divine plan, because I think it will fit you perfectly.” He walked to the racks of clothing and pulled out  a deep-green blazer.

Seth touched the material. Butter. Shit, not his style. He shook his head. “I don’t need this. Thanks, though.”

Lindsey hooked the jacket on a display hanger and crossed his arms. “Listen, dear. You asked me to take you to this event. I’m also very interested in you capturing these horrible people. After all, their victims are my friends. So do this my way.” He pointed at the coat. “That jacket cost half your annual salary. No one is going to smell cop when I get through with you. They’ll talk to you because you’re a friend of mine and that’s all they need to know. Understand?”

Seth frowned. “What do I say when they ask what I do?”

“You work for the government in a classified capacity. End of story. You could tell them, but—”

“I’d have to kill them.” He cracked half a grin. “That’s pretty ingenious.”

“But of course.”


You can find Tara HERE:

Website:              http://www.taralain.com

Blog:                      http://www.taralain.com/blog

Goodreads:        http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4541791.Tara_Lain

Twitter:               http://twitter.com/taralain

FB Page:               http://www.facebook.com/taralain


Tara Lain writes the Beautiful Boys of Romance in LGBT erotic romance novels that star her unique, charismatic heroes. Her first novel was published in January of 2011 and she’s now somewhere around book 22. Her best-selling novels have garnered awards for Best Series, Best Contemporary Romance, Best Ménage, Best LGBT Romance, Best Erotic Romance, Best Gay Characters, and Tara has been named Best Writer of the Year in the LRC Awards. In her other job, Tara owns an advertising and public relations firm. She often does workshops on both author promotion and writing craft.  She lives with her soul-mate husband and her soul-mate dog in Laguna Beach, California, a pretty seaside town where she sets a lot of her books.  Passionate about diversity, justice, and new experiences, Tara says on her tombstone it will say “Yes”!

2 responses to “Tara Lain shares her fave character

  1. Lovely snippet Tara . Congrats on the new release!

  2. Thank you, Jianne! It was so fun seeing you at RT. : )

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