Excerpts from the Alien Sex Ed Application Forms

When they applied for a spot in Xindra and Quinn’s Alien Sex Ed class, the students had to fill out several forms and questionnaires. I got a signed release from some of the students, granting me permission to share a few of their answers.

Q: What is your view of sex?

Krux: “Proper lovemaking is an art form. An experienced lover has control, finesse, and timing. The young usually lack these skills and can be irresponsible with the act. That’s why my race uses mentors. Young men are trained in self-control from an early age, and older males sexually initiate the young females once they reach maturity. Women need a steady hand to guide them.”

Katra’Ruma: “Sex isn’t a big deal unless there’s a problem. Finding the right match—physically and emotionally—is paramount. Male egos are so easily bruised.”

Whitt: “What’s my view of sex? I’m for it! Seriously, why would I have a problem with anything that feels that good? Sex is fun.”

Spri: “Making love to someone creates a mental and emotional bond. At the very least, there should be mutual respect and caring as well as lust. Those who treat the act too lightly are missing out on the true depth of connection and pleasure that’s possible.”

Hmm, I think I see where there might be a conflict of perspectives here. Good thing there’s a class to bring them together and teach them about their differences.

Q: What do you like best about living in Trilanta? Anything you don’t like about the city?

Varion: “This city is fantastic. There’s so much to do here at all hours of the day and night. It’s never boring. If there’s a negative, I’d have to say it’s that the people here, unlike my mother planet, tend to have a certain perception of you based on the way you look. We Multans are constantly shifting our eye and skin and hair color, so we don’t think anything of it. Here, people sometimes have preconceptions about who you are or what you’re like just from your outward appearance. I haven’t run into much of that, but…yeah, occasionally.”

Benni: “This place is full of clubs and arcades and restaurants and shops. I’ve got lots of energy, so this city is great for me. This is also home of the Trilanta Amusement Park and Fairgrounds, where I work. I’m getting to do my dream job, trick riding my equinoid, Mumble-Peg, to entertain the tourists. Not many females, let alone a petite Flexian woman like me, can handle a six-legged equinoid. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”

Zeo: “My family runs a private security and investigation business. Trilanta offers plenty of work for us. My people have a good community here, but we sometimes miss the natural wilderness of Nimania.”

Pixie: “The city offers me more opportunities as an artist. I only recently graduated and moved out on my own. It can be scary in the city, especially after dark, but I’m glad to get some distance from my parents. I’m still trying to figure out who I am—on my own, as an adult. My dad retired from code enforcement, and he and my mom can be really overprotective.”

Q: What do you look for in a romantic relationship?

Varion: “I like women who are comfortable with themselves and their bodies. I’m not looking for anything too serious, just someone to share a good time with.”

Benni: “Nobody clingy. This is going to sound shallow, but I get bored with most men pretty quickly. I like sex, and I like to have fun, though I don’t enjoy either without respect and some kind of connection with whatever guy I’m with. Dating is one thing. I guess I haven’t met anyone who makes me want a ‘relationship.’”

Zeo: “I will recognize my mate when I meet her. Until then, I enjoy sexual play with females, but no mounting.”

Pixie: “Oh dear. I’ve…well, I’ve never actually been in a romantic relationship before. I’m not very good with men. I know I’m shy and kind of a scaredy-cat, so guys never seem to notice me. I’d like to meet someone nice, though. Someone who’s kind and listens and makes me feel good when I’m around him.”

Trilanta is definitely full of diversity, and there’s a variety of personalities in the student body. But attraction can draw people together in unexpected ways.


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