Sit In On an Alien Sex Ed Class

The Alien Sex Ed instructors—Xindra and her husband, Quinn—enter the room.

Xindra: “Everybody, if I could have your attention please? Thank you. Tonight, instead of our usual Sex Ed class, we’re giving a special lecture to you Earthlings on Cedecian and Semhym sexuality. We have members from both races here to offer a more personal take on their anatomy and sexual interactions.”

Quinn: “Why don’t we start with you, Lexy? Class, Lexy is not only Cedecian; he also works as a sex therapist, so he has a unique perspective. What can you tell us about your race, Lexy?”

Lexy: “Cedecians are a bigender race. What this means is I change gender every month, switching from male to female to male and so on throughout the year. As you can see, I’m currently in the male stage of my cycle. While it’s possible for me to force my body to shift to female right now, it requires concentration and can be uncomfortable.”

Allie Ritch: (raises hand) “Do you mean painful?”

Lexy: “No, not painful, exactly. Just difficult and…ill-fitting. It’s hard to describe. The closer I am to my next shift, the easier it is to make the change, but part of me knows I’m not supposed to be the other gender yet. Of course, forcing the change to make love can be exciting. I feel like a man experiencing sex as a woman or a woman experiencing sex as a man.”

Xindra: “When Cedecians are together as a romantic couple, they fall into complementary cycles, only forcing the shift if they want to enjoy homosexual activities. They’re not only a bigender, but a truly bisexual race.”

Lexy: “That can make it difficult when we pair up with alien partners. The other races are confined to a single gender, so if a Cedecian is in a closed, faithful relationship, he has to give up half the sex he’s attracted to.”

Allie Ritch: “Does this mean relationships between Cedecians and other alien races usually don’t work out?”

Lexy: (returns a warm smile) “They do if we find the right person. Love is the greatest safety net of all.”

Quinn: “Thank you for sharing with us, Lexy. Next, let’s talk to Glynn. Male Semhym sexuality can be problematic, both in terms of intercourse and fertility. Would you explain some of the difficulties?”

Glynn: “Men of my race have only a limited time in which we’re fertile. We hit a stage of decline in our mid forties and lose the ability to have children, although we can still have dry climaxes. We can’t ejaculate unless we find a female who is genetically compatible.”

Xindra: “Needless to say, Semhyms have a low birthrate and can have a high degree of sexual frustration. The latter can make the males come across as stern or unhappy.”

Glynn: (crosses his arms and scowls)

(Someone in the back snickers.)

Allie Ritch: “How do you know when you’ve found the right woman? How can you tell if you’re compatible?”

Glynn: (stops frowning) “If we feel a strong attraction for a woman, we sleep with her to see if we’re a match. Sometimes it takes more than one round of intercourse to be sure.”

Xindra: “If there aren’t any more questions, I think that about wraps it up. Goodnight, everyone. I hope you all learned something new.”

Allie Ritch: (aside) “I certainly did, but I admit I’m pouting. No offense to Xindra and Quinn, but I thought this lecture was going to be more hands-on. Did you get a good look at Lexy? I’d love to stroke those golden curls and rub my hands over his lean, hard body. Then again, I wouldn’t want to get between him and his true love.”


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