Character Profiles from Mating Season

MatingSeasonKOLL: “I am strong and skilled in battle, and I know how to defend what’s mine.”

DESCRIPTION: “He stared back at her with eyes like black ice, except the heat behind his gaze should have melted his irises. His hair was nearly the same hue, hanging in messy waves to the top of his wide shoulders. Even his skin was dark. It looked like dusky honey spread over his rugged features, tempting her to take a lick.”


SHILA: “I want you to make me climax as many times as you can.”

DESCRIPTION: “Her hair was so white it was nearly transparent as it drifted down to curl just beneath her cheekbones. Those cheeks were rosy from the cold—a pretty contrast to skin almost as pale as the snowflakes. His first impression was that she was an albino. Then he saw her eyes. They weren’t colorless or gray or even the pale blue of a clear winter sky. Instead, they were rich brown, full of depth and life.”


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