Jessica E. Subject shares her favorite lines from It Took a Zombie Apocalypse


It started with a kiss.

Then the zombies came. Now, Missy must work with the neighbor her parents hate if she wants to survive. But zombies aren’t the only threat to her life, or her heart.

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Favorite Lines from It Took a Zombie Apocalypse by Jessica E. Subject

With every book I write, there are some lines that stick with me even after I’ve written several others. Here are some of my favorite lines from It Took a Zombie Apocalypse (without too many spoilers)…

1. This is Missy responding to her father’s objection of her actions:

The religion card. What a surprise. “Jesus wouldn’t approve of half the shit that goes on in this town, especially how you treated that family next door.” She spun around and faced her father with her hands on her hips. “And you certainly haven’t been struck down yet.”

2. RJ is at the kissing booth and is trying to get more than just a peck on the cheek from Missy:

With a laugh, Missy playfully pushed on his chest. “You’re trouble, RJ. And you’re looking to get me into trouble with you.”

3. RJ just received a text message from his father telling him there is a zombie virus spreading through town:

He dropped his phone and stared at it on the floor, expecting it to explode. Zombies didn’t exist. He was in some kind of dream. Had to be. Missy actually had come home for the summer. And kissed him. Now, zombies.

4. And Missy’s reaction to Dr. Dhawan’s text:

“We should call him just to be sure. Or contact somebody. Maybe he meant something else. You know how stupid autocorrect can be.”

5. The first zombie sighting:

Neighbors walked down the middle of the street, their bodies twitching. And no one stopped to talk to one another. They just kept marching along to some unknown destination.

6. Stuck in a bunker, Missy is lost in her thoughts:

The undead were never part of her fantasies involving RJ. Neither was being holed up in an underground bunker where they would likely starve to death.

7. RJ does something that catches Missy by surprise. This is her reaction:

“I just don’t understand it. They were always so cruel to you, and yet even when they’re dead, you still try to do right by them.”

8. After leaving the safety of the bunker, they run into zombies. Missy screams, and RJ rushes to help her. This quote leads to one of my favorite parts in the story, but I don’t want to spoil anything.

“What is it?”

Missy turned to RJ, still in shock. The woman gnashed her false teeth at them, leaning closer until her head was inside.

9. Missy proves she’s not just a helpless victim:

She wrenched one of the bows from her shoulder, positioned an arrow on the string, and drew back. Aiming the arrow at the bushes, she tilted her head toward him. “Hurry up and get that stuff down there. I’ll cover you.”

10. And for the last line, the virus doesn’t just affect humans:

Just as he reached for the last box, snarling came from the area they’d heard the bushes rustle. A cat lunged out and raced toward them. Not just any cat, but a giant white house cat with its fur knotted with blood and half of its face missing.


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Jessica E. Subject is the author of science fiction romance, mostly alien romances, ranging from sweet to super hot. Sometimes she dabbles in paranormal and contemporary as well, bringing to life a wide variety of characters. In her stories, you could not only meet a sexy alien or two, but also clones and androids. You may be transported to a dystopian world where rebels are fighting to live and love, or to another planet for a romantic rendezvous.

When Jessica is not reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to go to fitness class and walk her Great Pyrenees/Retriever her family adopted from the local animal shelter.

Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children. And she loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at





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