2017 in Review

I don’t know about other authors, but I’ve found 2017 to be an unpredictable year. Despite the curveballs I’ve been thrown, though, I’ve still accomplished a lot to be proud of this year: I upped my social media exposure, participated in The Romance Reviews Party, got my Bookbub profile sorted out, re-released my psychic romance Unmasked, competed in the Scorching Book Reviews Sex Scene Championship, and dealt with the fallout of one vendor closure and one publisher closure.

I’m also happy to share that I’m in a good position for 2018. The most exciting news is the release of my Vampire Territory series in print next year. Although these books were already edited and proofread as e-books, I just finished editing them all again for release in trade paperback. Be on the lookout for them on January 15, 2018. With the e-book rights reverting to me sooner than expected, you’ll also see seven e-book releases next year.

For those interested in trying out my Alien Sex Ed or Children of Nanook series, the box sets still offer a great bargain, or you can get my Sexy Shorts (Romance Short Story Collection) for only $0.99. The collection has complete stories—not cliffhangers or excerpts—and includes stories set in the same world as my sci-fi and shifter series, as well as a couple of standalones.

Looking back on this year, I was curious about my overall sales stats. Since I released eleven works in 2016, I understandably had more sales overall last year than in 2017. However, I wanted to know how the individual titles have fared. The chart below shows what I found, based on gross earnings from 2016 to 2017. The units of measurement are percentages increased/ decreased over/under last year’s earnings and are only based on the sales data I’ve collected as of this writing. I certainly hope to sell more before we reach New Year’s. The numbers are also based on royalties owed, not collected, which all authors know makes a big difference.



So what does this mean? At least for my books, Sci-Fi Romance was the most popular genre of 2017 and went up about 64% from the previous year. Shifter Romance and Vampire Romance (down 82%) took the hardest hits, which is consistent with what I’ve heard from other authors, who say Paranormal Romance is no longer popular. Of course, trends change all the time, so who knows which genre or subgenre could take off next? My book with LGBTQ elements, Alien Sex 107: Huv & Lexy, went up by 24%. Box Sets and Anthologies decreased by about 45%.

What has 2017 been like for you, and what are you looking forward to in 2018?

Happy New Year, everyone.

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