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Interview at Cynthia Sax’s

Today I’m answering interview questions at Taste of Cyn with author Cynthia Sax and talking about my urban vampire romance, Drinking Partners: http://tasteofcyn.com/2015/01/16/interview-with-allie-ritch/. Come find out why Lucas is so “deliciously lickable” ;-).


Interview with Tara Quan

I’m over at author Tara Quan’s blog today answering some fantastic questions about my urban vampire romance, Drinking Partners. Check out the interview at http://www.taraquan.com/blog/ar.

Interview at Jessica E. Subject’s

See how I answer author Jessica E. Subject’s interview questions at Mark of the Stars, and learn more about my books and writing process: http://www.markofthestars.com/wp/?p=13349