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Interview with Radek and Dalera from Switching Positions

(Spoiler Alert)

Incoming signal…downloading…receipt confirmed.

SwitchingPositionsEstelle: “Welcome back everyone. I’m Estelle Walters, correspondent for Cosmos Today, and I’m here on Pandora II with Dalera Adorea and Radek Tyler. Or is it Mr. Adorea now?”

Radek: “No, it’s still Tyler. We’re not married yet, and we’ve both decided to hyphenate our surnames once we are.”

Dalera: “We just haven’t agreed on who gets first billing, but we’ll work it out. We still have time.”

Estelle: “When is the wedding? Are you holding it here or on Radek’s planet?”

Dalera: “We’d prefer to keep that private for now. Neither of us expected to be in the public eye, and we want to enjoy the ceremony with our friends and families without interruption.”

Estelle: “How are your families responding to your relationship?”

Radek: “My mother was a little concerned at first. She worried that she wouldn’t have anything in common with a woman from such a different culture, but then she got to meet Dalera. Although some of the cultural differences can be a little jarring, we’re all very similar when you get down to what matters.”

Dalera: “My father was wary, but he’s gotten to know Radek better, and he’s glad I’m so happy. I think my parents worried I’d never settle down. Now he and Radek’s mother are arguing over who gets to plan this wedding.”

Estelle: “What about children? Do you plan on having any, and if so, what culture will they be raised in?”

Dalera: “Children? It’s too soon to be thinking about that.”

Radek: “Way, way too soon.”

Estelle: “What about your work? Radek, I understand you recently got offered a promotion back on your home world? How have you handled that, and what does that mean for the two of you?”

Radek: “We both had to do some finagling, but we finally sold our respective superiors on the idea of a rotating schedule. As a multicultural couple, we offer a unique perspective and understanding, so we’re the perfect liaisons between the two planets. We’ll be spending half the year on Pandora II and the other half on my home world. Of course, it’s more expensive to maintain two residences, so we’ll need every bit of that promotion salary.”

Estelle: “You refer to yourself as a multicultural couple. What are some of the difficulties you face because of that?”

Dalera: “I’d say miscommunication is the biggest threat. There are so many things we take for granted: standards and mores and even thoughtless habits that we don’t even realize aren’t universal. We’ve learned to be more thoughtful and to talk things out when need be.”

Radek: “We’re both fairly open-minded, so we usually bump along fairly smoothly. However, we occasionally run into outsiders who aren’t as understanding.”

Estelle: “Explain that.”

Dalera: “Most people are wonderful. Here on Pandora II, a few pedestrians might give us a second glance because Radek is larger and carries himself more assertively than the local men, but that’s just natural curiosity. There have been a few instances, though, when we’ve had to deal with ignorance or stereotypes, and that can be trying.”

Radek: “Some people here regard off-world men as too promiscuous and pushy, while a few of my own peers are under the impression that Pandoran women are bitchy and condescending. I’m happy to say these misconceptions are not widespread, but they are still out there.”

Estelle: “How do you deal with that kind of prejudice?”

Dalera: “Mostly we ignore it. What do we care what some stranger thinks?”

Radek: “The best method seems to be teaching by example. You can’t browbeat someone into a different way of thinking, but you can influence them simply by showing them a real-life example that runs contrary to their preconceptions.”

Dalera: “It’s hard to regard either of us as loose when we’re so obviously in a loving, committed relationship, and assertiveness — even outright aggression — is often considered an asset in the business world, especially when you have the savvy to back it up.”

Estelle: “Well, it sounds like you have things well in hand. Dalera, Radek, thank you so much for joining us for this edition of Cosmos Today. This is Estelle Walters, signing off.”

End Transmission


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