Welcome to the home site for author Allie Ritch. Allie writes sizzling sci-fi romance and paranormal romance. Here you’ll find book trailers, blog posts, and more. Click on the covers or series titles below to learn more or click on the Books & Trailers tab above.

Children of Nanook Series


Alien Sex Ed Series


Vampire Territory Series


Single Titles and Short Stories

Switching Positions


23 responses to “Home

  1. Allie,
    You are an amazing writer. Have enjoyed reading “To Love Again”
    Good Luck with the CONTEST!

  2. Just read Switching Positions. Think I would like living there. I look forward to reading your new books upon release.

    • What woman wouldn’t want to visit Pandora II for a while? For that matter, a lot of guys would probably love it, too. Thanks, Ruth. Glad you enjoyed the book. Definitely stay tuned for upcoming releases.

  3. I love the idea for your Alien Sex Ed series. I can’t wait to read Alien Sex 101. This sounds so intriguing to me. Great idea by the way.

  4. Congrats on having a story in the AllRomanceEbooks anthology. Cover is awesome.

  5. I saw your Alien Sex 101 cover and have to say: it’s absolutely awesome! I hesitate to use that word because I find it over-used, but there’s no better word. Awesome!

  6. Looks like you’ve been busy. Your covers look great.

  7. Congratulations of the latest release! Your cover really draws me in–looks like a book i want to read!

  8. Allie, I just love your book trailers. Very creative and fun to watch.

  9. Like the cover of your new book, Husbandry. Trailer makes it a must read.


  11. Jacqueline J. Williams

    I love your “Children of Nanook” books. When will you give us another?

    • Thanks, Jacqueline! I’m so thrilled you like the series. Right now, I just have Mating Season, In Season, and the short story Breeding Season. I don’t have another in the works at this time, but you never know when inspiration will strike. If you enjoy books with strong female shifters and their sexy mates, you might want to check out Tribal Shift. I wrote that novel as a standalone, not part of this series, but it has a lot of the same elements.

      • Jacqueline J. Williams

        Thanks for taking the time to answer My question. I really appreciate that. Also thanks for recommending the other book.
        Please keep me posted if by chance you do write another of the “Children of Nanook ” books ok.

  12. I was happy to hear from you, Jacqueline. I’ll definitely announce if and when I have another Children of Nanook book. I’m flattered that you enjoy the series so much and really appreciate it.

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