WRT – Wintertime Redefined Texts

ID-100298740 Make A List For Christmas by Apolonia www.freedigitalphotos.net

Now that we’re into December, I wanted to do a post that was winter/holiday themed. Since this time of year means good company and good times to me, I invited my fellow authors to join me in a little word play. Modern Family fans may remember the episode where Phil is talking about how he’s the cool dad who knows all the text shorthand, including—he says—“WTF: Why the Face?” Besides cracking me up, that line gave me the idea of taking other common text and e-mail abbreviations and turning them into phrases in keeping with wintertime. So join the fun and read on to see what these creative writers and I came up with.



BC — Bring Cheer — Sharon Callender


BEG — Bring(ing) Eggnog & Gingerbread — Amy Quinton


BRB — Better Remember Batteries! — Jessica Cale & Christy Gissendaner


BRB — Bulbs & Red Baubles — Amy Quinton


BRB — Blue & Red Bulbs — Amy Quinton


BRB — Booze, Recover, (more) Booze — Tara Quan


BTW — Bring The Wassail — Laurel Richards


BTW — Bows, Tinsel, and Wreaths — Jessica E. Subject


BTW — Bring the Wine — Tara Quan, Tami Lund, & Naomi Bellina


BTW — Bite this, winter! — Naomi Bellina


BTW — Baking, toasty warm — Naomi Bellina


BTW — Bells, Tinsel, Wreaths — Sharon Callender


BTW — Blue tinseled wonderland — Naomi Bellina


BTW — Bravo! Tree’s white — Naomi Bellina


BTW — Bringing toddy, warm — Naomi Bellina


CM — Christmas Music — Amy Quinton


CRAP — Christmas Reindeers Are Prancing! — Layne Macadam


CSL — Carols Sung Loudly — Amy Quinton


CSL — Carols Sung with Love — Amy Quinton


CSL — Cookies Shared with Love — Amy Quinton


CU — Christmas Undies (because who doesn’t have a pair 🙂 ) — Amy Quinton


CUL8R — Christmas Unites Little 8 Reindeer — Nona Raines


EMSG — E-books Make Super Gifts — Allie Ritch


FTW — Festive Tinsel Wonders — Rachell Nichole


GTM — Get the Menorah — Allie Ritch


HTG — Hang the Garland! — Allie Quinn


IMHO — Inspirational Mistletoe Hung Overhead — DawnMarie Richards


LMFAO — Lights Mean a Festive Atmosphere Outside — Amy Quinton


LMFAO — Lights May Fit Any Occasion — Allie Ritch


LMFAO — Leaving Mistletoe For All, Outside — Tara Quan


LOL — Love Outside Lights — Amy Quinton


LOL — Little Ones’ Laughter — Robin Danner


LOL — Lots of Lists — Tara Quan


LOL — Lights, Ornaments, & Leftovers — Amy Quinton


LOL — Lots of Lights — Naomi Bellina


LOL — Liquor On Left — Tami Lund


MK — Mistletoe Kisses — Sharon Callender


NM — Noel Madness — Allie Ritch


NP — North Pole — Allie Ritch


OMG — Ornaments, Mistletoe, & Gifts — Amy Quinton


OMG — Only Merry Goodness — Caitlyn Willows


OMG — Ordering More Gifts — DawnMarie Richards


OMG — Occasional Mistletoe Grope — Tami Lund


RME — Reindeer Must Eat — Allie Ritch


ROFL — Rudolph Outshines Fog Lights ;p — Amy Quinton


ROFL — Red Ornaments & Festive Lights — Amy Quinton


ROFL — Rudolph Off For Lunch — Tami Lund


ROTFL — Rolling on the frosted lawn — Annette Mardis


SD — Snowflakes Descend — Allie Ritch


SMH — Santa May Happen — TD Hassett


SMH — Santa’s Midnight Helper — Amy Quinton


SMH — Snow, Mistletoe, & Holly — Amy Quinton


SMH — Santa May Hear — Tami Lund


TBC — Triumphantly Baking Cookies — DawnMarie Richards


TOJ — Time of Joy — Allie Ritch


WTF — Where’s the fudge? — Jessica E. Subject


WTF — Winter Time Fun — DawnMarie Richards


WTF — Wrap the f***er! (sorry, couldn’t resist) — Tami Lund


YOLO — Yuletide Ornaments Lighten the Occasion — Amy Quinton


YT — Yuletide Treats — Allie Ritch


TWSS — That’s What Santa Said — DawnMarie Richards





I know I’m certainly in the spirit now. Happy holidays, everyone!


Photo is “Make A List For Christmas” by Apolonia (ID-100298740) www.freedigitalphotos.net

9 responses to “WRT – Wintertime Redefined Texts

  1. So much fun! Thank you, Allie.

    I was curious … were there any repeats?

    Merry, Merry!

    • Thanks for joining in the fun, DawnMarie. You came up with some good ones. There were only a couple of repeats (great minds think alike), and you’ll see multiple names following those. For some reason, we authors seem to be obsessed with batteries and booze, LOL.

  2. Lots of clever ones! Thanks for including my CRAP, Allie LOL!

  3. Lol. These are hilarious. And yes, I’m one of the many with batteries and booze on my mind 😛 Thanks for setting this up, Allie!

    • You’re welcome, Tara. Thanks for joining in. You came up with some great ones. Maybe for those leaving off the booze for a while, BRB – Books, Read, (more) Books.

    • I was LOL (laughing over liquor) as I realized nearly every abbreviation you came up with had some sort of alcohol in it! WTG (What to give?) Tara!

  4. This was awesome Allie & I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing it on twiiter so I could find it & come here! :-_

    And to all of you extremely creative writers Happy Holidays!

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