Book Reunion: Samhain, Loose Id, Liquid Silver Books

In their heyday, Samhain Publishing, Loose Id, and Liquid Silver Books were top e-book publishers, with high standards for their works. The titles they published went through rigorous editing, so readers knew they were getting a quality product. I asked my fellow authors where their books from these publishers are now, and I was thrilled with the response. Over 100 books by nearly two dozen authors! I’ve organized the titles by main genre and subgenres so you can easily browse them and pick up your next read. All books are tagged with their romantic pairing and key words. Warning: This post will cause your TBR pile to grow.

Paranormal Romance & Fantasy Romance (43)
     > Werewolves & Shifters (10)
     > Vampires (13)
     > Fairy Tales & Mythology (12)
Sci-Fi Romance (22)
Contemporary Romance (42)
     > Police, Firemen, & Military (9)
     > Celebs, Rockers, & Pop Stars (6)
     > Athletes & Sports (7)
     > Sex Club & BDSM (5)
     > General & Misc. (15)
Historical Romance (2)     

Paranormal Romance & Fantasy Romance

> Werewolves & Shifters

wildside_coverartWild Side by Laurel Richards

What if becoming a werewolf was as simple as joining a club? Lori has no idea what she has gotten herself into when she and her friend Tina try to join the Lycanthropic Society. She thinks she is applying for membership in an outdoor group, although she really just wants to get close to Dominick. He’s the sexy guy whose family runs the Society, and he seems to know things about her instinctively. Lori is even willing to go up against Angelique, her competition for Dominick’s affection. But can she handle a man whose love bite draws blood? And what does he mean his nipping her was her initiation?

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Werewolf Romance, Shifter Romance

Keywords: werewolf, shifters, paranormal, contemporary, romance, PNR

Romantic Pairing: m/f

18003805Roman’s Gold (Underground Heat 1) by Ann Gimpel

Shifters keep their friends close and their enemies closer in a shadowy world where the line between hunter and hunted thins, blurs, and finally shatters

Once respected members of society, shifters are running for their lives. In a futuristic world where resources are scarce, Kate uses her human form to work as a sex surrogate. Furious at what looks a lot like genocide for her people, she joins the shifter underground.

Devon’s been a cop for a long time. He has shifter blood, but not enough to change into anything, at least not until the police department insists on a series of infusions to make him better at tracking shifters so they can be imprisoned—or killed.

Devon’s latest assignment is Kate. From the moment he sees her, he can’t get her out of his mind. But she’s the enemy he’s sworn to eradicate. As he tracks her, the line between hunter and hunted explodes.

Against reason and wisdom, Kate and Devon defy the rules. If their passion doesn’t save them, it’ll doom them forever.

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Futuristic Paranormal Romance

Keywords: werewolves and shifters, action adventure romance

Romantic Pairing: M/F

18308114._sy475_Wolf Born (Underground Heat 2) by Ann Gimpel

Max leads a double life in a futuristic California that’s almost out of resources. Despite grave risks, he ran for state governor to protect his people. He’s also leader of the shifter underground. Threatened with genocide, many shifters have gone into hiding. Some blame Max and the underground for their plight, rather than the governmental edict that’s meant death for so many.

Audrey works for Max. Unlike most humans with low levels of shifter blood who bless their lucky stars they avoided the purge, she wants to be a shifter. If she could find a way to finesse it, she’d quit her job in a heartbeat and go to work helping the shifter underground. The only sticking point is Max. She’s been half in love with him forever.

Against a dog-eat-dog political backdrop where no one knows who their allies are, Max and Audrey spar with one another. Max fears she’s part of the group trying to kill him. Audrey has no idea about Max’s double identity and worries she won’t be able to walk away from their fiery attraction to help the underground.

After a second attempt on his life, Max faces critical choices. Will he follow his head or his heart?

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Futuristic Paranormal Romance

Keywords: werewolves and shifters, action adventure romance

Romantic Pairing: M/F

57967467._sy475_Kara’s Wolves (Wolf Masters 1) by Becca Jameson

They have always shared…everything. What if one small woman manages to break that bond?

Kara Shepherd is about to compete in her last gymnastics meet and graduate from college. A week before graduation, her roommates drag her out to a country bar to live a little before entering the real world. She has no idea the course of her future is about to take a sharp turn.

Justin Masters and his lifelong friend, Trevor Shields, share everything from their home to their women. At twenty-eight years old, neither has met their mate, nor are they in a hurry to find a woman who will end their long-standing arrangement with each other. Their dairy farm, a few miles outside of town, allows them the luxury of shifting to their wolf form any time they want in relative seclusion.

Justin’s world tips when Kara walks into the bar on a random Friday night. Immediately recognizing her scent as that of his mate, he is drawn to her by forces beyond his control. Nervous about sharing the news with Trevor, Justin is relieved to realize Kara is also his best friend’s mate. Now all they have to do is convince Kara she belongs with them and track down a stalker who seems hell-bent on taking Kara for himself.

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Romance, Paranormal, Erotic, Contemporary, Shifter

Keywords: werewolves, shifters, fated, mates, romance, gymnastics, ménage

Romantic Pairing: MFM

34644863._sy475_Rescue in the Smokies (Durham Wolves 1) by Becca Jameson

Welcome to the Durham Wolves series by best-selling author Becca Jameson. The Durham brothers own a farm in the Smoky Mountains where they raise Thoroughbred horses. After ten years of coexisting in the mountains with the local vampire, relations between the brothers and the bloodsucker begin to go south. The vampire wants the shifters off “his” mountain, and he will stop at nothing to convince them to leave. As the three brothers meet their mates, fear for their safety increases. Each book in the series follows one brother’s mating and subsequent encounters with the increasingly powerful vampire.

 Only one will win the right to call her “mate.”

Sergius Durham and his brothers are legendary trackers, and only the local sheriff knows why. They’re wolf shifters, attempting to live quietly on their horse farm. A difficult task when they’re summoned every time a hiker goes missing.

Serg knows there’s something different about his latest case the moment he touches her clothing. She’s his mate, and nothing will stop him from finding and claiming her—except maybe the nuisance of a vampire who lured her off the trail.

Juliana Polanski isn’t sure how she got so lost, but there’s no mistaking her instant attraction to her rescuer. There’s also no denying the passion that explodes between them when rain drives them into a cave for shelter—or at his home, in his bed, even after the crazy, improbable truth of his heritage comes out.

Serg knows the danger isn’t over. At any moment Julianna could be kidnapped right out of his arms—by the only creature the Durham brothers have never been able to track.

Previously published with Samhain
Genres & Subgenres: Romance, Paranormal, Shifter, Vampire

Keywords: romance, shifters, werewolves, paranormal, vampire, instalove, law enforcement

Romantic Pairing: m/f

40623200._sy475_Wolf Trinity by Becca Jameson

Emma is a wolf-shifter on the run from humans who killed her parents fifteen years ago. When she steps on an old trap in the Tennessee woods, she is truly screwed. Hungry and tired from weeks of running, she assumes she’s going to die.

Liam and Jaden are also wolf-shifters. They’re staying in a cabin in the wilderness for the summer, hoping to spend lazy months enhancing their own relationship and escaping women altogether. But Fate has other plans in the form of a trapped female wolf near their cabin. Not only is she injured and mysteriously alone, but they realize she’s their mate.

As Emma recovers from a broken leg, pheromones fill the tiny cabin, suffocating them all with the need to mate.

But Emma has an agenda: run for her life and keep these two male shifters from succumbing to the same fate she is destined for—death. And Liam and Jaden have their own problems. They are concerned about what will happen to their own relationship if they claim the gorgeous female occupying their bed. They can’t be certain she will accept their need to be with each other as well as her. More importantly, they fear she will flee at the first opportunity, leaving the two men with holes in their hearts.

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Romance, Paranormal, Shifter

Keywords: on the run, two mates, mystery
Romantic Pairing:  MMF

54840651._sy475_Bayou Dreams (Rougaroux Social Club 1) by Lynn Lorenz

Note: This book has been previously published. There are no changes from the last publication.

Sheriff Scott Dupree’s got more problems than he can handle. He’s alpha of his small werewolf pack and coming up for re-election as sheriff in a year. On top of this, his mother is casting love spells to find Scott a mate. It’s all Scott can do to keep the town and pack under control, let alone his urges to mate.

Ted Canedo is openly gay, a disgraced ex-cop from New Orleans. His patrol partner was killed on duty, and Ted took the blame for taking protection money from the store owner to save his partner’s wife and kids grief. No one knew Ted was in love with his partner, not even his partner. Having him die in Ted’s arms killed something inside Ted too.

When the moon is full, and Scott’s momma works her magic, Ted’s erotic dreams and his work as a PI bring him to St. Jerome and sexy, straight Scott. Scott’s stunned to learn his wolf is gay and wants to mate with Ted.

Ted refuses to become involved with a straight man, much less a werewolf, terrified to risk his heart again if it means he has to watch Scott fight to the death for his right to claim Ted as his mate.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Paranormal, Shifter, Werewolf, Cajun, Cop and PI, GFY

Keywords: shifter, werewolves

Romantic Pairing: M/M

MatingSeasonMating Season (Children of Nanook 1) by Allie Ritch

It’s mating season on the arctic planet of Jensen, time for eligible men to winter with a potential spouse. In the past, Koll’s enormous size and gruff disposition have scared off available women. When Shila literally falls into his arms, he hopes maybe this year will be different. Shila belongs to a race of shifters who are able to transform into enormous frost bears. She loves Koll’s big body and sexy growl, and she understands the benefit of having a strong protector. With two male shifters stalking her, she needs Koll to keep her safe. But can he defeat the competition?

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi Romance, Shifter Romance

Keywords: another planet, shifters, SFR, PNR, mates

Romantic Pairing: m/f

InSeasonIn Season (Children of Nanook 2) by Allie Ritch

All Gilby wants is to find a female who will spend the mating season with him. Yes, he’s short. And yes, he talks too much and doesn’t often watch what he says. But he has a lot to offer.

Rejected by her fellow shifters because she can’t change into a frost bear, Miksa travels to the clawless people’s village to look for a mate. With his sexy scent and good humor, could Gilby be the male for her? Can he help her unlock the magic that will let her shift?

Love comes in all different shapes and sizes, and sometimes it even has claws.

And also in this volume is the bonus story “Breeding Season.” For the Children of Nanook—shifters who can take the form of the deadly frost bear—passions run high during breeding season. Desna has already chosen the mate of her heart, but can Karpok defeat the male who wants to take her from him?

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi Romance, Shifter Romance

Keywords: another planet, shifters, SFR, PNR, mates

Romantic Pairing: m/f

ar_tribalshift_ebookTribal Shift by Allie Ritch

Kalya has loved Rasik since they were children, and that love has followed them into adulthood. The only problem is he’s a caracal shifter, while she’s an omnimorph—a shifter capable of morphing into any animal on the planet of A’ata. Coveted and resented for centuries, her people stick to themselves and keep their abilities a secret. But when Kalya’s young cousin and Rasik’s brother run away together, she and Rasik are thrown together as they chase after them. Across the wilds of A’ata, they confront hostile shifter tribes, perilous terrain, and a passion that could reveal all their secrets. Can shifters from two different tribes become mates? Or will nature and their families keep them apart?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi Romance, Shifter Romance

Keywords: shifters, other planet, feline shifters, other shifters, SFR, PNR

Romantic Pairing: m/f

> Vampires

35887955._sy475_In the Dark (Children of Night 1) by PG Forte

When you live forever, a few mistakes are bound to happen.

Vampire Conrad Quintano has been around for centuries—long enough to know falling for a human is a terrible idea. Much less falling for adventure-seeking hippie Desert Rose and agreeing to raise her babies.

Raised in virtual isolation, Marc and Julie Fischer have never known their unique status in the world. But once they’re in San Francisco, the family reunion is nothing like they anticipated and they’re thrust into a world they’re completely unprepared for.

Previously published with Samhain

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, UF, Vampire Romance

Keywords: vampires, age gap romance, May/December, family saga, suspense, family secrets, love triangle, urban fantasy

Romantic Pairing: m/f

35863433._sy475_Old Sins, Long Shadows (Children of Night 2) by PG Forte

Living forever is hard. Loving forever? Impossible.

Of all the mistakes Conrad Quintano has made, driving Damian away is the one that haunts him the most. He hates the fact that he’s hurt the man he loves more than anything. For the sake of the twins, though, Conrad and Damian parent as a united front, a challenge that grows more and more difficult with each passing year. And with Conrad in his weakened state after his kidnapping, it grows more difficult than ever to be around the one man he can’t have.

But an old enemy’s mission to create a dangerous new breed of vampire threatens the twins’ lives, and it’s now more important than ever that the estranged lovers put the past behind them, or everything they hold dear might be ripped apart.

Previously published with Samhain

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, UF, Vampire Romance

Keywords: vampires, age gap romance, m/m, second chance at love, friends to lovers, family saga, suspense, family secrets, urban fantasy

Romantic Pairing: m/m, m/f

35850276._sy475_Now Comes the Night (Children of Night 3) by PG Forte

You can choose your lover…if only you could choose your family.

Twins Julie and Marc Fischer have always been taught one fact: You can’t choose your family. After six months of living in San Francisco, the challenges each face are an intricate web of complications neither was prepared for.

Marc is torn between staying with Conrad and Damian or embracing his destiny—and the feral vampires that come with it. Julie is torn between the man she loves, and the life she is supposed to live.

Previously published with Samhain

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, UF, Vampire Romance

Keywords: vampires, age gap romance, m/m, second chance at love, friends to lovers, family saga, suspense, family secrets, love triangle, urban fantasy

Romantic Pairing: m/m, m/f

35716592._sy475_Ashes of the Day (Children of Night 4) by PG Forte

Everybody has secrets…but some have the ability to destroy them all.

Damian and Conrad’s road has been a rocky one, and Damian is struggling to trust in the relationship he and Conrad now share — what seems like a perfect love. After all, it’s fallen apart before, why couldn’t it do the same again?

Secrecy and conflict within the nest continues to grow, and Georgia’s hold on the deadly secret she carries begins to erode. What she hides threatens their entire species…

Previously published with Samhain

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, UF, Vampire Romance

Keywords: vampires, age gap romance, m/m, second chance at love, friends to lovers, family saga, suspense, family secrets, urban fantasy

Romantic Pairing: m/m, m/f

35833666._sy475_Fallen Embers (Children of Night 5) by PG Forte

No secret can stay hidden forever, even though the truth might drive them all mad.

The twins’ unusual abilities are growing stronger, and Marc makes the mistake of trying to protect Julie from what he’s learned about their true nature, unsure of whom he can trust with the knowledge.

Meanwhile, Conrad’s relationship with Georgia is about to change yet again. They’ve both been keeping dangerous secrets. Secrets with the power to destroy. But with Julie’s life threatened, the Fischer-Quintano vampires will learn that no lie is hidden forever.

Previously published with Samhain

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, UF, Vampire Romance

Keywords: vampires, age gap romance, m/m, second chance at love, friends to lovers, family saga, suspense, family secrets, urban fantasy

Romantic Pairing: m/f, m/m

35863450._sy475_To Curse the Darkness (Children of Night 6) by PG Forte

She just might be the key to save them all…if she can figure out how to do it.

Julie has always suspected there was more to her twin brother and her. So when Conrad finally reveals the truth, she’s not that surprised. She’d already figured most of it out, anyway. Armand, however, is another story. His shock at learning the twins’ secret drives him away in order to gather his thoughts, leaving Julie behind when she needs him most.

When Armand returns, struggling with his own feelings of guilt, inadequacy and betrayal, he finds the Fischer-Quintano house in chaos. Headstrong Julie is determined to go ahead with her plans to save Georgia — losing her would devastate Conrad. But the knowledge she seeks and the ritual she must brave to get it could cause her to lose her mind. If not her life.

Previously published with Samhain

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, PNR, UF, Vampire Romance

Keywords: vampires, age gap romance, m/m, second chance at love, friends to lovers, family saga, suspense, family secrets, urban fantasy

Romantic Pairing: m/f, m/m

immortalsinscoverImmortal Sins by Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid

Olen Clark is a nighttime security guard at the Houston Museum of Natural History, tormented by a dark past and painfully alone. His beauty and secrets attract the notice of an ancient vampire, Lysander of Sparta–known to Olen as Ander, who enters Olen’s world under a shroud of mystery and captures the spiritually wounded Olen’s imagination. Starry-eyed, with visions of pop culture vampire love filling his head, Olen takes the ultimate risk for love only to discover unlife is nothing like he imagined.

Rather than becoming Ander’s lover, he’s reborn into a cruel vampiric family with sibling rivalry and dangerous lusts beyond his worst fears. With his love for Ander unchanged but his maker keeping him at arm’s length, can Olen make peace with his new brothers and sisters and discover a way to win back the master vampire who still holds his heart? And how far is Olen willing to go to make Ander his and his alone?

CW: extreme gore, violence, assault, pseudo incest (no one’s actually related except in a vampire way)

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Gay Romance, Horror, Vampires

Keywords: gore, assault

Romantic Pairing: m/m

DrinkingPartners_EbookDrinking Partners (Vampire Territory 1) by Allie Ritch

Being the master vampire for the Mid-Atlantic Territory is a tough job. Between the Human Rebellion trying to kill him with poisonous suicide donors and snobby born vampires bucking his authority, Lucas Thane has his hands full. What he needs is a regular drinking partner to feed from and a bigger power block. He finds both in the form of Alexandra Gage, the master of the territory south of his.

Alex could use a little help herself, but she has no intention of letting Lucas take over. Turned into a vampire against her will, she has had enough control taken from her. She’ll never let Lucas usurp her right to rule, but will she let him steal her heart? Passion ignites between them, and it’s amazing what vampire bodies can do.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance

Keywords: vampire, alternate history, PNR, action, campy horror

Romantic Pairing: m/f

JustMyType_EbookJust My Type (Vampire Territory 2) by Allie Ritch

There’s trouble in vampire territory, and Melody is right in the middle of it. A new arrival from Eastern Europe named Taspar Tong is out to take over her masters’ domains using the army he has at his command. Mel is a personal assistant, not a soldier, and big male vampires scare her.

That includes Eryx, the dark-haired warrior who is always watching her and baiting her with his remarks. If only he didn’t look so sexy. Mel figures Wess Gage—their human captive—is a far safer love interest, although Wess is part of the Human Rebellion bent on exterminating all vampires. Can he really see past his prejudice, or will he turn on her?

There are two dangerous men in Mel’s life. She just has to decide which of them is her type—the one who makes her feel human again, or the vampire who makes her blood boil?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance

Keywords: vampire, PNR, action

Romantic Pairing: m/f

AfterHours_EbookAfter Hours (Vampire Territory 3) by Allie Ritch

Built like an Amazon, Jaide has made a living as a soldier since she was turned into a vampire over a century ago. Now she has earned her place as a guard in the house of two master vampires, Alex Gage and Lucas Thane. Jaide is confident in herself as a fighter. She’s less sure of herself when it comes to a certain muscular, blue-eyed guard. Brasen sees the woman behind the warrior and is determined to make Jaide his own. He bombards her with flowers and candlelight and romance with the same single-minded devotion he uses in battle. Unfortunately, when Taspar Tong—a nasty born vampire with an army at his disposal—wages war against their territory, Brasen doesn’t have much time for courtship. He has to prove to Jaide that they’re as good together out in the field as they are in bed, but that’s not easy with a woman who can arouse him with just the scent of her hair. Lives are on the line, and they’ll have to save the loving for after hours.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance

Keywords: vampire, PNR, action, female warrior

Romantic Pairing: m/f

SuckerPunch_EbookSucker Punch (Vampire Territory 4) by Allie Ritch

Wess Gage started the CRU, or Cooperative Response Unit, as a way to bring humans and vampires together to hunt evil bloodsuckers like Taspar Tong. He has the backing of his sister and brother-in-law—both master vampires—and he grows to like the vampires who serve them. That includes Natalia, a vampiress with a head for science who agrees to help the CRU develop new weaponry.

What Wess doesn’t know is that Natalia is on the hunt for a traitor. Someone is leaking information to both Taspar Tong and the Human Rebellion—a group determined to exterminate all vampires. Wess and his friends are former Rebels, and his father is one of their greatest enemies. Could one of them be the culprit she’s after?

As attraction flares and turns into something more serious, Natalia risks her heart and draws Wess deeper into the vampire world. They’ll need each other in order to survive, especially when violence rocks their world and the traitor is finally revealed.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance

Keywords: vampire, PNR, action, scientist, woman in STEM

Romantic Pairing: m/f

AnotherRound_EbookAnother Round (Vampire Territory 5) by Allie Ritch

Betrayed by their lover, Maribeth and Zander struggle to find balance in a relationship that’s just the two of them. As the only human in the household, Maribeth tries to take a more active role in helping the vampires, while Zander is focused on revenge. It isn’t until warm, easygoing Graham catches their attention that their passion is rekindled, and they come together to seduce the big vampire.

Unfortunately, their traitorous ex isn’t done with them. Drew has joined their greatest enemy—an Eastern bloodsucker who is determined to take over power and enslave the area’s humans. He uses his knowledge of both the Human Rebellion and the master vampires’ household to play games and pit everyone against one another. After Drew orchestrates the assassination of one of their own, Zander isn’t the only one gunning for him.

Can revenge heal betrayal? Or will an unlikely romance give Zander, Maribeth, and Graham the strength they need to take on an adversary who knows their secrets?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance

Keywords: vampire, PNR, polyamorous romance, ménage à trois, LBGTQ, bisexual

Romantic Pairing: m/f/m

LastCall_EbookLast Call (Vampire Territory 6) by Allie Ritch

Victor Rafe is built for war, not love. He has sworn to fight for Alex and Lucas—the master vampires he serves—but this battle is personal. Taspar Tong murdered his human family long ago, and now the Eastern vampire is plotting to take over Lucas’s territory. All Victor can think about is revenge…until a certain vampiress distracts him.

Cierra refuses to play the fool for any man, even for the sexy warrior who makes her long for his kiss. She wants Taspar dead as much as anyone, but she won’t sit back and watch vengeance destroy Victor. The stubborn vampire is willing to fight for everything else. Why won’t he fight for her?

Get caught up in the exciting finale to Allie Ritch’s paranormal romance series and find out who is left standing when the battle ends.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance

Keywords: vampire, PNR, action, vengeance

Romantic Pairing: m/f

> Ghosts, Psychics, Zombies, & Other Supernaturals

27b4ea_e73077afcae34dd4afbd3355d323aaa5mv2Undying Love (Secrets of Roseville 1) by Betty Bolte

She lost everything but only his love can save her…

How does one recover after tragic loss demolishes your heart and soul? Meredith Reed grapples with that question every day, especially after she inherits Twin Oaks. The historic plantation is meant for a large family but hers no longer exists. She has some ideas for its future: tear it down; bulldoze it; burn it. Regardless of her incensed family and the handsome, irate estate lawyer’s objections. And despite the influence of the Lady in Blue haunting the place…

Max Chandler anticipates buying his dream home with the raise from his expected promotion after passage of the historic property preservation legislation he championed. Twin Oaks is just the sort of place he dreams of. Big and roomy, with lingering echoes of laughter and love from past generations within its very walls. Perfect. Except, perhaps, for the Civil War era ghosts in residence. They’ll have to go. When Twin Oaks is threatened with a bulldozer, he has to fight, ignoring his growing attraction to Meredith. Her intentions go against everything he’s worked for. He has no choice but to do all in his power to stop her.

Will Meredith’s grief destroy her heart and home or will she listen to what the Lady in Blue is trying to teach her?

Previously published as Traces with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance; Fantasy Romance

Keywords: ghost story, paranormal romance, supernatural romance, haunting, spirit, lawyer romance, architect romance, second chance

Romantic Pairing: m/f

27b4ea_212248bdc8804748b1dff27df45d0101mv2Haunted Melody (Secrets of Roseville 2) by Betty Bolte

Her love puts a song in his heart…

Paulette O’Connell is determined to find a way to provide for her unborn but not unwanted child. Abandoned by the child’s father, she has few skills and nowhere to call home. Except for Twin Oaks now owned by her estranged sister. She implores her sister to take her in which she reluctantly does. While exploring the mysterious attic of the antebellum plantation, Paulette accidentally summons her grandfather’s annoying ghost. But he won’t rest in peace again until she figures out why she called out to him in the first place. At their Halloween party he makes a sudden unwanted appearance, putting her and her sister’s plans for Twin Oaks in serious jeopardy.

Zak Markel is desperate to find the final element to create the elusive and alchemical Elixir of Life, the Hail Mary attempt to save his brother’s eyesight. Instead, he discovers the woman of his dreams in the smart and beautiful Paulette, distracting him from his focus at the worst possible time. When his brother’s sight is mysteriously saved, suspicions and questions abound but everyone is overjoyed. As much as Zak longs to convince Paulette to give him a chance, she is determined to deny him, to stand on her own, even before the father of her unborn child returns to interfere and claim his paternal rights.

Can Zak convince Paulette to open her mind and follow her heart to true happiness before it’s too late?

Previously published as Remnants with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance; Fantasy Romance

Keywords: ghost story, paranormal, supernatural, romance, haunting, spirit, scientist, Halloween, witch

Romantic Pairing: m/f

57052270._sx318_Truth or Dare (Games We Play 1) by PG Forte

Gwyn has her hands full these days trying to help save the family business—a quirky hotel on the Jersey Shore. She has no time for romance. But when the two men with whom she once spent a drunken ménage weekend show up with a sexy proposition, how can she resist? Berke and Cam might have broken her heart once, but Gwyn is older now and wiser. She’s not looking for forever. She just wants a good time. And, after all, it is Valentine’s Day.

For Berke and Cam, the weekend isn’t just about fun, or adding some spice to their marriage; it’s about winning back the woman who got away, and convincing her to give a committed three-way relationship a shot. They each have skills that could help make the hotel a success—and they’re not above bartering to get what they want. But first they have to get past the walls Gwyn’s built to keep them out. But while Cam’s biggest concern is making sure Gwyn doesn’t break Berke’s heart a second time, Berke is worried about what Cam will think if he learns about Berke’s part in screwing things up the last time around.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance, Ménage

Keywords: ghosts, family saga, Celtic legends, family secrets, ménage, second chance, friends to lovers, holiday romance, Valentine’s Day, Jersey Shore,

Romantic Pairing: m/m/f

57052286._sx318_Never Have I Ever (Games We Play 2) by PG Forte

Kristy loves Luke but if anything was clear to her back when they were kids it was that gawky, awkward, tomboys didn’t stand a chance with the king of the schoolyard. She watched her older brothers set their caps for Luke’s glamorous cousins and get shot down. So she did what she had to in order to salvage her friendship with Luke. She hid her true feelings and her need for him to take control.

Luke wants Kristy in the worst way — actually, in all the worst ways: tied up, held down, beaten, bitten, whipped. But he knows he has no chance of ever having her. They’d been childhood friends and sweethearts, until she friend-zoned him in the fifth grade. He knows he can either keep her as a friend, or take her to bed and lose her forever. His biggest mistake—so far—was in hiring her to work alongside him in the bar he and his cousins inherited from their grandmother. He knows Kristy needs the money and the job, but Luke’s self-control can’t take the constant contact with the girl he wants to dominate–both in and out of the bedroom. Something has to give—and soon!

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance, BDSM

Keywords: ghosts, boggarts, Celtic legends, family saga, family secrets, bondage, BDSM, second chance, friends to lovers, holiday romance, Mardi Gras, Jersey Shore

Romantic Pairing: m/f

57052303._sx318_Two Truths and a Lie (Games We Play 3) by PG Forte

All work and no play has been the story of Brenda Donovan’s life these past few months. Her concern about the future of her family’s inn has her tied up in knots–and not in a good way. Between searching for a buyer for the business, and keeping secrets from her cousins, she’s had no time to pursue an actual relationship. But pretending to date sexy Max Murphy, the hotel scout who’s there to assess the property? That’s totally doable. Especially when games, role-playing, and light bondage are included in the package. Falling in love was never supposed to be part of their deal; but now her heart’s in play and all bets are off.

Max has no problem with hiding his true identity from Brenda’s cousins. If that’s the way she wants to play it, he’s all in. But are Luke and Gwyn the only ones he’s deceiving?

It’s game, set, and match this time around. And when all the scores have been tallied, and everyone’s secrets are finally revealed, will the cousins lose the Wild Geese Inn?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance

Keywords: ghosts, family saga, Celtic legends, mistaken identity, family secrets, ménage, second chance, friends to lovers, holiday romance, St. Patrick’s Day, Jersey Shore

Romantic Pairing: m/f

40801682._sy475_Edge of Heaven by PG Forte

Welcome to the afterlife, where men are men and the angels are fallen.

It was a reckless act of passion that ended Edge’s life and left him in Limbo — literally. Now, he’s stuck here. While most of the other angels-in-training move quickly up the celestial ladder, Edge knows it can never be that simple for him. He’s dealing with issues that are a lot more complicated than a simple lack of closure. While Edge doesn’t know for sure what it will take to get him into Heaven, there is one thing he’s certain won’t help — his latest assignment guiding angel-baby Matteo Matinucci while the newbie find his wings. But twenty-something Mattie — sexy, beautiful, recently departed, and openly gay — could turn out to be the answer to all of Edge’s prayers, as well as the fulfillment of all his fantasies, even the hot, sweaty, secret ones he’s never confided to anyone. And by helping to send Mattie to Heaven, Edge just might end up saving both their souls.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Fantasy Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Angel Romance, LGBTQ

Keywords: angels/demons, LGBTQ, afterlife, heaven, PNR

Romantic Pairing: M/M

coverPride & Justice by Clancy Nacht

A percentage of the earth’s population has transformed into surprisingly functional zombies who returned to work the next morning as if they weren’t undead monstrosities. Justice Kinkead, officer in an elite zombie fighting force, gets called out when good zombies go bad, putting down the brain cravers and safeguarding the new economy. After several of his partners succumb to unfortunate deaths, Justice figures he’ll go it alone…until he’s assigned a mysterious and sexy new partner, Merlin Pride, who seems to know more about the zombies’ origins than he’s letting on.

Merlin also seems to sense that Justice needs a good f*cking, but it’s complicated: Justice still lives with his undead ex-boyfriend. Can Justice make peace with his past? And if he does, should he take a chance on a man who may have something to do with destroying civilization as they knew it?

Crack, parody, camp counselor levels of camp, dad jokes, and enemies to lovers

**now includes bonus zombie short story “Dead End Job”

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Gay Romance, Zombies, Enemies to Lovers, Urban Magic, Humor

Keywords: queer, magic, zombies, apocalypse, humor

Romantic Pairing: m/m

Unmasked_coverartUnmasked by Allie Ritch

Kira has a unique psychic ability. She can control sexual desire. After being hurt by men in the past, she has decided to use her talent to interrogate them for information. She works freelance and does well in this lucrative business until she finally meets her match. Dixon Hazard is a political activist in possession of files that could damage several high-ranking officials. She works to uncover the location of those files, but she’s shocked to discover she’s not in control of the lust between them. Dixon sees beneath the mask Kira wears and uses the attraction between them to gain the upper hand. Is he just using her, or will he fulfill the dreams of romance she thought she’d abandoned?

Previously published with Cobblestone Press and Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Psychic Romance, Erotic Romance

Keywords: PNR, interrogation, psychic, light bondage

Romantic Pairing: m/f

> Fairy Tales & Mythology

med_aguardiansheartA Guardian’s Heart (Guardians of Light 1) by Renee Wildes

Strength can be drawn from pain…if the heart can heal faster than it bleeds.

Dara Khan Androcles was trained from childhood to be a healer. But as a demon-possessed invader threatens Safehold, and she defends a wounded warrior on the battlefield, her hidden inner dragon thirsts for blood.

When she lifts the warrior’s blond, blood-encrusted hair away from his ear, she discovers he is more than King Hengist’s outlander ally. He is an immortal. The elven heir to the throne of Cymry.

Loren ta Cedric senses something different about flame-haired, falcon-eyed woman who saves him. A healer, wreathed in raw, dark power, who wields knives with deadly skill. A mortal who prays to the Lady, not the human gods. Now he owes this thoroughly distracting female a Life-Debt. Which, in the heat of their flight to Loren’s homeland to raise an army, somehow becomes Life-Mate.

Dragon-human and elf, peasant and prince, logic says they have no future. Yet the power of their unlikely bond could be the only thing that saves their world from a demon poised to tear it apart.

Warning: This new twist on Cinderella contains a grouchy dragon, a sentient war mare with the dry wit of a certain English Dame, and a fiery heroine who strikes serious sparks with a mercenary elf.

Previously published as Duality with Samhain

Genres & Subgenres: Fantasy Romance, High Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Twisted Fairytales, Sword & Sorcery

Keywords: dragons, elves, mage, magic, Cinderella, high fantasy, sword & sorcery, fairytales

Romantic Pairing: m/f

medguardianofhopeA Guardian’s Hope (Guardians of Light 2) by Renee Wildes

An assassin num. An elven paladin. A ruthless queen who will destroy all they hold dear.

As a child, invaders butchered Maleta’s parents and left her ravaged body for dead. Now, reborn as a finely-honed weapon for the Gray Goddess, Maleta has shed the burden of emotions for one goal—regain her homeland for her brother.

Cianan ta Daneal’s mission to the fractured land of Shamar is twofold: to overthrow a despotic queen, and to save a life. For months, he’s been haunted by recurring visions of a beautiful swordswoman slaughtered by a skeleton army. He never expected to lay eyes on that woman and recognize her as his Lifemate—or that she’d turn and run like hell.

Uniting Shamar’s diverse peoples in revolt is easy compared to the delicate task of wooing a woman who flinches from his touch.

Slowly, Maleta dares to hope that her country, what’s left of her family, and her shattered heart are safe in Cianan’s steady hands. But when the cold blade of fate strikes true, can she trust his love is strong enough to pull her back from the Abyss?

Warning: This new twist on Sleeping Beauty contains an assassin nun who knows no fear. Okay, just one fear, but it’s a biggie. And an Elven paladin with the Devil’s own negotiating skills. To coax her heart out of hiding, he’s gonna need every one of them.

Previously published as Hedda’s Sword with Samhain

Genres & Subgenres: Fantasy Romance, High Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Twisted Fairytales, Sword & Sorcery

Keywords: elves, assassin nuns, mage, magic, Sleeping Beauty, high fantasy, sword & sorcery, fairytales

Romantic Pairing: m/f

medaguardianrevealedA Guardian Revealed (Guardians of Light 3) by Renee Wildes

Ruled by the moon. Lured by desire. Destined for a miracle…or bitter betrayal.

Years ago, the pull of the full moon and a powerful curiosity drew Finora into a human fisherman’s bed—a man who stole her selkie skin and took its location to his grave. For seven years, trapped on land, she has searched fruitlessly. Hope fading with every passing year.

Tasked with finding and returning dragons to his mountain homeland in the east, Trystan follows a slim lead westward across an unfamiliar sea. When pirates attack his ship, leaving him with injuries too severe for his werewolf to heal, he comes face to face with the most unexpected of rescuers—Finora, her two, half-human children, and the biggest damned dog he’s ever seen.

Tristan and Finora’s attraction is instant, undeniable, and hopeless. Finora is pulled to the sea, Tristan is tied to the land. But Finora can help him complete his mission, and share one night of searing, heartbreaking passion. And memories only the deepest of betrayals could shatter…

Warning: Contains Celtic legends, seven-year curses, dragons with bad attitudes, imperiled children, a grumpy sea goddess, and wave upon wave of soul-searing pleasure.

Previously published as Lycan Tides with Samhain

Genres & Subgenres: Fantasy Romanc, High Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Keywords: selkies, werewolves, dragons, mage, magic, high fantasy, sword & sorcery, legends, curses

Romantic Pairing: m/f

medaguardiansdreamA Guardian’s Dream (Guardians of Light 4) by Renee Wildes

Without his forbidden touch, her light will disappear forever.

Plagued with nightmares of a goblin child tormented by monsters—and with her usual cures having no effect—dream faerie Pryseis journeys to the Shadowlands to heal the child in person even though doing so risks the wrath of the faerie council. And, if she’s away from home too long, her very existence.

Caught and imprisoned by an ungrateful goblin sorcerer, she’s now trapped underground, chained, her despair growing as her time ticks down yet warmed by the memory of a man she has only touched in dreams.

Benilo ta Myran drained his spirit healing powers during the war, but he has no choice. The beautiful faerie in his dreams is in trouble, and not even his worried king and queen can stop him from trying to save her before the darkness snuffs out her light.

Finally they are together—chained side-by-side in a goblin dungeon. Their only hope for escape is to break the law to merge their powers in a ritual so intensely erotic it binds them for life. However short and nightmarish that life might be…

Warning: Beware beautiful faeries and hot elves appearing in your dreams. They may lead you astray…and steal your heart.

Previously published as Dust of Dreams with Samhain

Genres & Subgenres: Fantasy Romance, High Fantasy

Keywords: faeries, elves, mage, magic, high fantasy, sword & sorcery, dreams

Romantic Pairing: m/f

medaguardiansdestinyA Guardian’s Destiny (Guardians of Light 5) by Renee Wildes

Not even a Prince of Thieves can prevent love from stealing his heart…

On what should have been Verdeen’s proudest day, she is blocked from advanced warrior training because no war mare chooses to bond with her. Burning with humiliation, she accepts a lesser assignment to the Isle of Ice, serving as bodyguard to human riever, Daq Aryk.

Verdeen’s never paid much attention to men, so focused was she on her training. But she quickly realizes hieing off into a distant wilderness with Aryk is a bad idea. He makes her lose all focus and perspective.

Aryk faces a difficult task: molding six warring clans into a peaceful whole. He’s got nothing against women warriors, but Verdeen is young and inexperienced, her beauty a potentially fatal distraction. She’s a shield-maiden, not a bedmate. But the way she melts at his every touch erodes all his good intentions…and sense.

One kiss unleashes the kind of feverish desire that should occur only once in a lifetime—with a mate. But as their quest takes ever more dangerous twists and turns, their bond could be the one thing that unites a nation. Or make Aryk’s worst nightmare a blood-soaked reality.

Warning: Contains fire and ice, never-gratuitous sex and violence, sword play and self-play, spying and lying, noble intentions and betrayal. In other words, a rollicking good roll in the proverbial hay.

Previously published as Riever’s Heart with Samhain

Genres & Subgenres: Fantasy Romance, High Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

Keywords: elves, warrior, high fantasy, sword & sorcery

Romantic Pairing: m/f

medaguardianbetrayedA Guardian Betrayed (Guardians of Light 6) by Renee Wildes

Worst case of mistaken identity EVER.

As a teacher, Maili is adept at juggling multiple tasks, but this is ridiculous. Erotic dreams make her sleep anything but restful. Her father wants to marry her off to a neighboring chieftain’s son. Her grandmother’s whispered blasphemy about doubting the gods has the local volcano threatening to split wide open.

As she prays in the temple for mercy on her grandmother, Maili expects the mountain to smoke and rumble. She doesn’t expect Afu himself to pop through a dark fissure and squash her flat.

The last thing Dax remembers is vowing to prevent his queen’s assassination. He wakes up in an island paradise, where the primitive natives worship the statue of a troll named Afu. And they expect him—their fyre god incarnate—to stop their cranky volcano from blowing up.

As an incentive, they’ve given him a maiden sacrifice/bride, a dark-eyed beauty who’s just as determined to seduce him as he is to return home in one piece.

While she’s less than thrilled to be traded like a chicken, one thing is certain. Dax is the man in her dreams…and she’s hell bent on making them come true. Or her people may die.

Warning: Contains erotic dreams, volcanic-hot love scenes, one edgy F/F interrogation scene and some self-loving. Also treason, black sorcery and an evil witch doctor who shrinks heads.

Previously published as God of Fyre Mountain with Samhain

Genres & Subgenres: Fantasy Romance, High Fantasy

Keywords: trolls, faeries, elves, mage, magic, high fantasy

Romantic Pairing: m/f

medaguardianredeemedA Guardian Redeemed (Guardians of Light 7) by Renee Wildes

He was bred for war. Her magic is only for peace. Together they must fight for love.

Weapons stolen, comrades dead, ship burned and sunk, Valkyn is rotting in Lord Zurvan’s grim dungeon, wondering if he will ever again see his sons. Rescue comes from an unexpected source—the human witch Zurvan sent to patch him up between beatings.

Mari can’t bring herself to let Valkyn die, never mind that the fearsome northern riever is the scourge of her homeland. Yet in him she finds an ally who could help restore the rightful boy king to the throne. And a man who reminds her body there’s life after widowhood.

Their first kiss unleashes pent-up passion she thought was long buried, clouding all the reasons they shouldn’t get involved. But the blood on Valkyn’s hands is anathema to Mari’s magic. If she dares open herself to him fully, he could destroy her.

Valkyn knows his heart has already surrendered to hers. When this quest is over, the real quest will be convincing her that polar opposites not only attract, they belong together— forever.

Warning: Contains a witch who abhors violence teaming up with a war-hardened riever who has never known peace. Complicated by a savage warlord, a boy king in hiding, an embittered selkie prince who’s lost his skin, and hot love scenes that show a lot of it.

Previously published as Moonwitched with Samhain

Genres & Subgenres: Fantasy Romance, High Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Sword & Sorcery

Keywords: dragons, elves, witches, selkies, magic, high fantasy, sword & sorcery

Romantic Pairing: m/f

hellodarknessfinal-fjm_low_res_500x750Hello Darkness by Ann Gimpel

Earth magics collide, forcing Moira Shaughnessy to take a chance on a man who hurt her so badly she never forgave him.

A ranger for the U.S. Park Service, Moira is in serious trouble. Fleeing from Ryan, her cheating husband, who’s also a Native American shaman, she stumbles into the arms of a man she never thought she’d see again. He hurt her once by choosing his magic over her. Would she be a fool to take a chance on him now?

Tim hasn’t seen Moira in ten years. When her name shows up on his patient roster in the rural clinic where he’s a doctor, he can’t believe his luck. Deeply held secrets forced him from her side, but he’s never forgotten her. Never stopped loving her. This time, he’s determined to make different choices, even if it costs him his birthright as the next Arch Druid.

Pursuing very different motives, Tim and Ryan follow Moira deep into the backcountry, catching her in a crossfire between Celtic and Native American magic. A freak blizzard compounds her problems, taxing her survival skills to the max. Against the specter of almost-certain death, Moira has some hard choices to make.

Previously published as Destiny’s Shadow with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance

Keywords: backcountry romance, shaman, Native American mythology, second chance romance

Romantic Pairing: M/F

alpineattractionfinal-fjm_low_res_500x750Alpine Attraction by Ann Gimpel

Tina made a pact with the devil seven years ago. It’s time to pay the piper—or die.

Independent to the nth degree, Tina meets everything in her life head-on—except love. When an almost-forgotten pact with the devil returns to haunt her, Tina throws a trip to the Andes together to face her nemesis. Better to die on her feet than wait for him to make good on his threats.

Craig never understood why Tina walked out of his life years before. He’s never loved anyone like he loved her. His mountain guide service takes up all his time, but he’s never forgotten her. When his back’s been up against the wall, he’s invited her to fill in as expedition doctor, but beyond that, he’s kept his distance. Having his heart stomped on once was quite enough.

Caught between misgivings and need, Tina signs on as team doctor for one of Craig’s climbing trips to the Andes. Though he was the love of her life, she pushed him away years before to keep him safe. Even if he doesn’t love her anymore, there’s still no one she’d rather have by her side in the mountains. And if she’s going to die, she wants to make things right between them.

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance

Keywords: Action adventure romance, South American mountain mythology, second chance romance

Romantic Pairing: M/F

shadows_in_time_500x7500Shadows in Time by Ann Gimpel

A disgruntled heiress and a sexy Scottish laird are drawn together by a determined ghost whose love—and magic—reach beyond the grave.

Siobhan Macquire looked for the right man all her life—someone who’d love her, not her money. Heiress to a whiskey fortune, she attracted a string of men out to drain her for everything they could get. Her last boyfriend was no exception. Despondent about being used—again—she goes for a walk in the Highlands to think things through, determined to alter her pick-a-loser pattern.

She wanders alone for hours with the weather steadily growing worse—except there don’t seem to be any nearby villages anymore. Soaking wet and scared, she’s relieved when someone calls out to her, and a stunning man emerges from the mist. Except when she looks closer, there’s a whole lot wrong. His kilt is way too long, and he talks with an archaic accent.

Is it possible she’s not only lost in the countryside, but also in time?

Previously published as A Time for Everything with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Time Travel Romance

Keywords: time travel romance, Scottish Highlands

Romantic Pairing: M/F

41017275._sx318_Oak by PG Forte

Twice each year, Aine Murphy ventures into the woods to hold ceremonies to honor the Oak King and the Holly King, never dreaming these Lords of the Forest could be anything more than myth. When the legends spring to life in front of her, how can she help but fall for the sexy demi-gods she’s loved all her life?

From midwinter to midsummer, Fionn O’Dair rules the Greenworld as the Oak King—a role he feels is beyond his abilities, and one that dooms him to a loveless future, forever craving the one man he can never allow himself to have. How can he resist what Aine offers—the sweet devotion that soothes his aching soul, and the slim chance to live a “normal” life as her husband, if only for half a year?

Holly King Kieran Mac Cuilenn never desired a human lover–until now. Seeing Fionn and Aine together fills him with longing for the love he threw away and awakens feelings he thought he’d buried with the last Oak King. Is there enough magic in the solstice to correct the mistakes he made years ago? Or is he doomed to be forever left out in the cold?

Previously published as The Oak King with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Celtic Fantasy, Ménage

Keywords: Celtic, ménage, friends to lovers, slow burn, holiday romance, solstice, mythology

Romantic Pairing: m/m/f

41017192._sx318_Iron by PG Forte

Nineteenth century Ireland. Blacksmith Gavin O’Malley is a bitter man, with a heart as hard as the iron he forges. He wants his life back–the one that was stolen from him the day his wife died in childbirth, taking their firstborn son with her.

When Aislinn Deirbhile, an immortal, shape-shifting fae, arrives on his doorstep, he knows he’s in luck. For Aislinn can give Gavin everything he’s been missing: A devoted-seeming wife in the image of his beloved Mairead, and children who are sure to outlive their father. Now, all he has to do is find a way to keep her–without losing his immortal soul in the process.

But Aislinn has an agenda of her own. On the run from a vengeful fae lord who’s vowed to either make her his or end her existence, she knows the iron that allows Gavin to take her captive will also keep her pursuers at bay. In order to put herself permanently beyond her enemy’s reach, however, Aislinn will need something more. She’ll need to win Gavin’s heart and convince him to willingly part with a piece of the very soul he’s trying to save.

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Celtic Fantasy

Keywords: Celtic, enemies to lovers, holiday romance, solstice, mythology, Christmas, faeries

Romantic Pairing: m/f

Sci-Fi Romance

stellaraffair_ebook_coverartStellar Affair by Laurel Richards

As two groups of human colonists fight over territory, Ardra is caught in the middle. She is captured by Roimiran soldiers who are convinced she has been programmed with Tetch military intelligence. They turn her over to Jackson Deimos, a telepath trained in interrogation. He’s very good at slipping in and out of other people’s memories, but he isn’t prepared for Ardra. Although it’s his duty to break her and find out what information she’s carrying, he finds it impossible not to fall for the beautiful captive. Jack begins to question his loyalties, while Ardra confronts the fact that the life she remembers might be a lie. Will their attraction save them or tear them apart?

Previously published as A Stellar Affair with Samhain Publishing

Genres & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance, Space Opera

Keywords: psychic, SFR, false memories, telepath

Romantic Pairing: m/f

arunforhermoneyfinal-fjm_low_res_500x750A Run For Her Money (Alphas in the Wild 3) by Ann Gimpel

Sara’s day begins like any other. A routine extraction in tandem with a local Search and Rescue team. Routine crashes to a halt when she ends up trapped in a hut, high atop Muir Pass in the Sierras. Four days later, running out of food for herself and her dog, she makes a bold dash for safety.

Jared’s walking the Muir Trail when all hell breaks loose. After hunkering beneath a boulder pile for days, he dares a difficult cross-country route, hoping it’ll put him into position to approach a backcountry ranger station. Surely one of the rangers will know what happened, because he sure as hell doesn’t.

Jared locates the cabin, but it’s locked tight. He’s getting ready to leave the next morning when a helicopter lands, with Sara at the helm. There’s no time to trade war stories. It takes a leap of faith, but they throw in their lot together. Can they face the impossible and come out the other side unscathed?

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Action Adventure Romance, Science Fiction Romance

Romantic Pairing: M/F

totcw-2021-500Wulf, Tales of the Chosen, plus other books by Kayelle Allen

With his career threatened and his life at risk, Wulf must seek help from the one man he swore he would never trust again, Luc Saint-Cyr, a.k.a. the Harbinger. An enigmatic man whose legendary power makes him the most feared person in the empire.

For the Harbinger, saving Wulf is a simple matter of asserting his will. Luc’s ties to the Thieves’ Guild grant him access anywhere. He can protect Wulf without difficulty.

Until Luc brings Wulf home for safekeeping, and discovers the real reason for the threats. Protecting Wulf has not only put his and Wulf’s lives at risk, it’s also risked the life of Luc’s teenaged son.

This is beyond protection, now. To the Harbinger, this is personal…

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books and Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Romance, MM Romance, Sci-Fi Romance

Keywords: older man-younger man, age gap, billionaire, immortals

Romantic Pairing: MM

40233773._sx318_Vexing Voss (Coletti Warlords 3) by Gail Koger

For Voss, a Coletti Warlord, conquering the universe is a piece of cake. After all, he’s a master of psychic seduction; no one can resist him when he sets his mind to it.

Zoey Jones is determined to find her mother’s killer. Surrendering to a fierce Coletti warrior is the last thing on her mind. When Voss is determined to make Zoey his mate, she unleashes her own brand of whoop-ass to discourage his pursuit. When her clever disguises, skunk perfume, stun gun, and smoke bombs fail to stop the ruthless warlord, she’s forced to negotiate her surrender: she would mate with him if he would help her find her mother’s killer.

To Zoey’s surprise, Voss agrees, and the hunt is on. Their quest to bring the villain to justice leads to unlikely alliances in an interplanetary war, and more surprisingly, to love.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Science Fiction Romance

Keywords: science fiction, romance, action, comedy

Romantic Pairing: M/F

40233781._sx318_Reality Bites (Coletti Warlords 4) by Gail Koger

Bree never thought her dimwit act, military grade mace, cattle prod, or dumping a ton of stinky manure on Jaylan’s head would encourage his pursuit.  Who knew a Coletti warlord would think being zapped with a cattle prod as foreplay? Or a determined opponent only heightened his enjoyment of the chase?

The chase comes to an abrupt halt when the Tai-Kok attack Tucson, forcing Bree to team up with the Coletti warlord to stop them. Suddenly plucked from Earth by a crazed Tai-Kok commander, Jaylan and Bree find themselves stranded on a hostile alien world and being tracked by a deadly Askole assassin. It’s really not the time for the two of them to fall in love.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Science Fiction/romance

Keywords: Science fiction, romance, action, comedy

Romantic Pairing: M/F

40200948._sx318_Just Desserts (Coletti Warlords 5) by Gail Koger

Kaylee knew being a Coletti Warlord’s mate wasn’t going to be easy. Not only was Talree downright scary, he had a bossy streak a mile long and collected enemies like most men collected lovers. But while Kaylee’s life might not be perfect, Talree truly loved her. Flash forward nine months to a very pregnant, insanely hormonal and cranky as hell Kaylee. If the pregnancy wasn’t enough to drive her crazy, Talree’s enemies were tap dancing on her last nerve. The Shani Queen Mother, a psychotic alien with a bone to grind against Talree, decided she wanted the planet Tartum – a barren piece of crap loaded with Ditrum crystals, and part of the Coletti Empire. Her master plan? Kidnap Kaylee and hold her for ransom. If the Overlord refused to give the Queen Mother Tartum, she would feed Kaylee and her son to the Tai-Kok. She thinks Kaylee will beg for mercy. Boy, is the alien bitch in for a surprise. She’s about to meet a woman suffering from hormone overload and a serious lack of chocolate. The only one begging for mercy will be the Queen Mother.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Science Fiction Romance

Keywords: science fiction, romance, sci-fi romance, space opera, babies, aliens, comedy, adventure

Romantic Pairing: M/F

40233780._sx318_Wulf and the Bounty Hunter (Coletti Warlords 6) by Gail Koger

Wulf knows Yakira is his soul mate. The only person he needs to convince is her, but with intergalactic terrorists on Yakira’s trail, there’s little time for romance. What’s a hot-blooded Coletti warlord to do? Yakira feels safe and cherished with Wulf, but he is a Coletti; the ultimate predator with a taste for blood, a passion for battle and the need to control everything in his life. The big question is; how does she make Wulf understand she’s a powerful psychic with kick-ass bionic limbs and quite capable of taking care of herself?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Science Fiction Romance

Keywords: science fiction, romance, space opera, aliens, cute alien critters, comedy, adventure

Romantic Pairing: M/F

40233779._sx318_Game on Askole (Coletti Warlords 7) by Gail Koger

Tihar travels to Earth to find and claim a Jones’ female. He knows they are fearless, psychic warriors and talented in bed sport. Ten minutes after meeting Sarah, Tihar knows the feisty, little human is the one he has been searching for. Now he must convince Sarah, she’s meant to be his. The first-time Sarah sees Tihar, she’s a bit freaked out. The Askole warrior has tentacles, snakelike features and black armored-plated skin. Even weirder she finds him strangely attractive. Tihar’s torso is sculpted perfection and his black scales are kind of sexy. Who knew challenging Tihar to combat would start the Askole mating dance. He thinks Earth girls are easy and he’s about to learn messing with a Jones female is never a good idea. As the two grow closer, their romance comes to a screeching halt when Askole rebels attack Tihar’s home world. He tells Sarah she is his heart’s destiny and he will love her to the end of time. He abruptly severs their mental bond and disappears. Reeling from shock, Sarah won’t let a galactic war stop her from hunting him down. Can the two of them find their way back into each other’s arms?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Science Fiction Romance

Keywords: science fiction, romance, space opera, aliens, cute alien babies, comedy, adventure

Romantic Pairing: M/F

40233778._sx318_Crossing Quinn (Coletti Warlords 8) by Gail Koger

Quinn Jones is a formidable Coletti warlord. His mission is to capture Xenia and bring her back to Tanith to be mated with a warrior the Overlord has chosen. Problem is, Quinn finds himself falling for the beautiful Farin. Her unusual “psychic powers, combat training and berserker abilities” make her the perfect mate for him. How does he convince Xenia and the Overlord that she’s meant to be his? Xenia and her parents are relic hunters who just discovered the fabled home world of the Nabateans. She isn’t about to leave the greatest find of the century to hook up with some Coletti. Not happening. Ever. No matter how many threats the Overlord makes or that he’s sending his best hunter to apprehend her. Okay, she’ll admit she’s drawn to the handsome warlord and she loves the way Quinn’s heavily muscled body fills out his black battle suit, but the egotistical jerk is about to get his ass handed to him. When the galaxy is threatened with annihilation, Xenia and Quinn join forces to stop the murderous Tai-Kok. Fate has brought them together and nothing will stand in the way of their victory or their love.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Science Fiction Romance

Keywords: science fiction, romance, space opera, aliens, galactic war, family, comedy, adventure

Romantic Pairing: M/F

242e99_229388d9b6494e6e88aa613efba433damv2_d_1600_2400_s_2The Edge of Time by Jenna Ives

Kyrie was mysteriously abandoned as a child when her people the Ouri fled the planet Sirene.  She’s grown up among the planet’s ‘other’ race to become Mistress of Justice alongside Sirene’s dictatorial ruler Galen, but now Kyrie’s unique biology dictates she must now find an Ourian to mate with or die.

Proteus returns to Sirene to rescue the child accidentally left behind, but through a trick of time, he finds a woman he is forbidden to mate with, even to save her life. And when Galen forces Proteus to sexually service Kyrie, Proteus uses every trick at his disposal – short of mating – all while plotting his and Kyrie’s escape.

Galen and Proteus are desperate to save Kyrie’s life for very different reasons – but they both know the fate of their planet depends on her survival.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Erotic Sci-Fi Romance

Keywords: science fiction romance, erotic science fiction romance

Romantic Pairing: m/f

42739352._sx318_Finders Keepers by PG Forte

Sometimes finding what you want is the easy part.

Caleb is a bionic soldier with little-to-no memory of his past. Aldo’s an undercover cop who’s searching for the man who got away. Then there’s Sally, an ER physician who used to be married to Aldo’s late partner, Davis. Sally’s just looking for a reason to keep on getting up every day.

This holiday season, chance will bring them together and give them an opportunity to help one another find what they each want most. But every gift comes with a price. And keeping what they’ve found once they’ve found it? Yeah, that’s gonna be the hard part.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Erotic Romance, Futuristic Romance, Sci-Fi Romance, Ménage

Keywords: dystopian, post-apocalyptic, futuristic, cyborg, robo-cop, second chance, friends to lovers, holiday romance, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, snowed in, alt worlds,

Romantic Pairing: m/m/f

oghsmallOne Good Hand (The One Good 1) by Rowan McBride

As a professional gambler, Ace Donovan has seen it all. The gutter, the penthouse: they’ve both been home at one point or another. Right now he’s on top, he’s a winner, and sharks from all over the world are lining up to take him down.

Life is…good.

Then, Ace wins Spade in a high stakes poker game. The enigmatic man calls him “master” and refuses to be set free. He slips past carefully constructed walls, becoming more perfect, more erotic, with each passing second. Ace knows he’s in over his head. Cards can give and cards can take.

And one good hand is about to change his life forever.


Author’s Note: This is the second edition of “One Good Hand.” The first edition was published in 2007 by Loose Id Publishing. Although I’ve added several tweaks to the story, it is not substantially different from the first edition, and I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this title if you’ve bought it before. Unless you’re the sort to like tweaks. Then knock yourself out. 😉

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: M/M Sci-fi Erotic Romance, Sci-Fi, Erotic Romance, Romance, MLM

Keywords: poker, master/servant, hurt/comfort, romance, erotic romance, sci-fi, science-fiction, aliens, size difference, muscle growth

Romantic Pairing:  m/m

ogycoverOne Good Year (The One Good 2) by Rowan McBride

Ten months ago, Spade was won in yet another high-stakes poker game. But Ace Donovan was different from his previous masters–kind, generous, possessed of a playfulness that only Spade could see. His new master was also broken, slowly crumbling under the pressures of undeserved guilt and pain. As Senai–a genetically engineered servant–Spade had the ability to sweep the anguish from his soul, to fulfill his every desire, and to set Ace’s spirit free.

He had not known doing these things would grant him the human’s love, or create an answering emotion within him.

There is no greater pleasure than Ace in his arms, and Spade will hold on for as long as he is wanted. Even when the orders given to him hurt, even when they make him lonely, even when it becomes clear that his master no longer needs a servant. He’s Senai. What he has now should be enough. Yet it’s not. He wants more.

One good hand brought them together. Could one good year entwine their souls?


Author’s Note: This is the second edition of “One Good Year.” The first edition was published in 2012 by Loose Id Publishing. Although I’ve added several tweaks to the story, it is not substantially different from the first edition, and I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this title if you’ve bought before. Unless you’re the sort to like tweaks. Then knock yourself out. 😉

PS: This is NOT a standalone story. This is book two of the One Good series, and “One Good Hand” should be read before “One Good Year.”

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: M/M Sci-Fi Erotic Romance, Sci-Fi, Erotic Romance, Romance, MLM

Keywords: poker, master/servant, hurt/comfort, romance, erotic romance, sci-fi, science-fiction, aliens, size difference, muscle growth

Romantic Pairing: m/m

SwitchingPositionsSwitching Positions by Allie Ritch

As a member of the dominant sex on Pandora II, Dalera is expected to marry a nice local boy and settle down. Instead, she finds herself falling for Radek Tyler, an off-world man who knows how to take charge. An interplanetary diplomat, Radek tries to adapt to Pandoran culture, but he’s far from submissive. He takes over in the bedroom and brings Dalera’s erotic fantasies to life, and he forces her to confront her preconceptions about how men and women should act. Can they have a future together? Or are they just from two different worlds?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance, Futuristic Romance

Keywords: SFR, gender roles, interplanetary, businesswoman

Romantic Pairing: m/f

AlienSex101_coverartAlien Sex 101: Xindra and Quinn by Allie Ritch

Everything you wanted to know about alien sex but were afraid to ask.

Join newlyweds Quinn and Xindra as they start their Alien Sex Ed class to teach others about interracial relations on their planet. New Earthling Quinn encounters some startling surprises from his bride on their wedding night, like the fact that losing his virginity to an Allurian woman is painful. Now he and Xindra are determined to educate others so they don’t face the same problems, but this isn’t your ordinary anatomy lesson. This class is hands-on and more than a little steamy.

Previously published as part one of Alien Sex 101 with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance, Alien Romance, Space Opera

Keywords: alien, SFR, erotic romance, sex ed

Romantic Pairing: m/f

AlienSex102_coverartAlien Sex 102: Mera and Trett by Allie Ritch

Mera is the first to benefit when her friends, Xindra and Quinn, start an Alien Sex Ed class. As an Oquaran, Mera is so sensitive she comes almost instantly and can’t stand all the thrusting the other races do. When she meets and falls for Sex Ed student Trett, she discovers a whole new world of pleasure. As an Ibration, Trett doesn’t thrust during sex. His penis vibrates.

The budding romance between Trett and Mera is only the start. Xindra and Quinn notice more than one of their students checking each other out.

Previously published as part two of Alien Sex 101 with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance, Alien Romance, Space Opera

Keywords: alien, SFR, erotic romance, sex ed

Romantic Pairing: m/f

AlienSex103 _coverartAlien Sex 103: Katra and Krux by Allie Ritch

Alien Sex Ed continues, and the students are heating things up.

As a Duosien, Katra’Ruma needs a perfectly controlled lover to hit her two T-spots and trigger her orgasm. Unfortunately, the only man she’s found who can do that is an overbearing, egotistical, irritating Brachoi male named Krux. Sure his four arms come in handy and are as arousing as his lickable cherry-toned skin, but the man drives her crazy. Out of bed, they do nothing but snipe at each other—or is that foreplay?

Previously published as part one of Alien Sex 102 with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance, Alien Romance, Space Opera

Keywords: alien, SFR, erotic romance, sex ed, extra appendages

Romantic Pairing: m/f

AlienSex104_coverartAlien Sex 104: Whitt and Spri by Allie Ritch

The students continue to hook up in this latest installment of Allie Ritch’s Alien Sex Ed series.

Used to casual sex, playboy Whitt discovers he’s in over his head when he falls for Spri, a Litting woman who considers lovemaking a sacred rite as binding as marriage. He should be running the other way. Instead, he finds himself seeing just how far he can push things before taking the final plunge.

Previously published as part two of Alien Sex 102 with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance, Alien Romance, Space Opera

Keywords: alien, SFR, erotic romance, sex ed

Romantic Pairing: m/f

AlienSex105_coverartAlien Sex 105: Benni and Varion by Allie Ritch

Corporate spy by day and party boy by night, Varion thinks he has it all when he hooks up with fellow Alien Sex Ed student Benni. As a Flexian, Benni is a natural contortionist, able to get into sexual positions he’s always fantasized about. She also loves the way his race can shift their features and skin tone to look like other people.

It’s all passion and good times until Varion starts to wonder if Benni only wants him because he can look like different men. And when Benni discovers Varion’s corporate espionage may destroy her job, she questions his motives in pursuing her. Is their relationship real or a game that’s turned all too serious?

Previously published as part one of Alien Sex 103 with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance, Alien Romance, Space Opera

Keywords: alien, SFR, erotic romance, sex ed, shapeshifting alien, corporate espionage, contortionist

Romantic Pairing: m/f

AlienSex106_coverartAlien Sex 106: Pixie and Zeo by Allie Ritch

A shy young virgin, Pixie is shocked when Zeo, the fierce Nimanian student in her Alien Sex Ed class, takes an interest in her. Step by step, Zeo helps awaken her sexuality and teaches her the joys of being a woman. He wants to mate with her in the tradition of his people, but Nimanian sex can be fierce. Can Zeo be gentle enough for the woman he loves? Does Pixie have enough strength to match him?

Find out what happens when an alpha male finds the one female in the universe he wants as his mate.

Previously published as part two of Alien Sex 103 with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance, Alien Romance, Space Opera

Keywords: alien, SFR, erotic romance, sex ed, alpha male

Romantic Pairing: m/f

AlienSex107_coverartAlien Sex 107: Huv and Lexy by Allie Ritch

What happens after class? Catch up with Huv from Alien Sex 101 and learn how he meets the right woman…who also happens to be the right man.

Huv has always liked the ladies, but he’s getting to the age when he’s ready for more than one-night stands. After meeting Lexy, he finds it very easy to fall for her in her female form, but that’s only half the equation. Lexy is Cedecian. Every month, she changes genders. Huv suffers a sexual identity crisis as he struggles to accept that the woman he loves may also be the man he loves. For an Allurian who is used to being strictly straight, that’s an adjustment Huv isn’t sure he can make.

Previously published as part one of Alien Sex 104 with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance, Alien Romance, Space Opera

Keywords: alien, SFR, erotic romance, sex ed, LGBTQ, bisexual, gender shift, sexual identity crisis

Romantic Pairing: m/f, m/m

AlienSex108_coverartAlien Sex 108: Glynn and Deina by Allie Ritch

Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to Allie Ritch’s Alien Sex Ed series!

Deina has been dating Glynn for months, ever since she met him at an Alien Sex Ed class. She expects him to pop the question. Instead he asks her to have his baby…or at least try. As a Semhym, Glynn must find a woman with just the right chemistry to help him spill his seed before he hits his race’s version of male menopause. He thinks Deina may be the one, but he wants to be sure. In order to win her over, he’ll have to gamble for the highest stakes of all: sex, love, and the rest of their lives.

Also enjoy the two bonus stories included in this volume. In “Alien Sex Therapy,” Cedecians morph from male to female and back again. That makes their race truly bisexual, but Cai has never made love as a woman. Maybe a hot new relationship with Maddox, the four-armed Brachoi in the apartment across from her, is the perfect sex therapy. And in “Alien Sex Life,” Valene is madly in love with her fierce Nimanian, Apax, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a little nervous about her impending marriage. Nimanian custom dictates that they have sex for the first time in view of their wedding guests, and she can’t decide whether that’s terrifying or kinky. Can these lovers negotiate a life together, or are their worlds too different?

Previously published as part two of Alien Sex 104 with Liquid Silver Books, and short story published in other volumes

Genres & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance, Alien Romance, Space Opera

Keywords: alien, SFR, erotic romance, sex ed

Romantic Pairing: m/f

Contemporary Romance

> Police, Firemen, & Military

damagedebookDamaged by Jeanne St. James

Two scarred souls: one physically, one mentally. Both on the mend, hiding from their pasts…

Mace Walker can’t wait to get home.

Being buried deep undercover for the past two years, on the most complex case of his career, has torn him down physically and mentally. Now the FBI agent has come home to recover after having his leg badly injured from a gunshot wound. Arriving home late one night, his relief is short-lived as he’s faced with a stranger pointing a gun to his head, acting like he is the one who doesn’t belong there.

Colby Parks, a biochemist at the local university, had come to town a year earlier to escape an abusive relationship. She vows never to put herself in that situation again.

Then the perfect opportunity comes along: house-sitting for Mace’s sister while making the house she purchased habitable. But she couldn’t anticipate this big snag: the one wearing the tight Levi’s and worn leather jacket, looking like he had just escaped prison.

Being forced to share a house creates sparks between them in more ways than one. However, things take a turn when their pasts catch up to them, threatening to pull them apart forever.

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense

Keywords: contemporary, steamy, suspense, FBI, damaged hero

Romantic Pairing: M/F

3464e5_40c1459348f041289c2ba45a3052cb0dmv2_d_1800_2700_s_2Brothers in Blue: Max (Brothers in Blue 1) by Jeanne St. James

Meet the men of Manning Grove, three small-town cops and brothers, who meet the women who will change the rest of their lives. This is Max’s story…

Big city party-girl Amanda Barber has been spoiled most of her life. But life for Amanda suddenly becomes a major challenge: adapting to small-town life, dealing with her special needs brother, and constantly butting heads with a frustrating local cop.

As a police officer and former Marine, “responsibility” is Max Bryson’s middle name. Never having been in a serious relationship, he has no plans for one in the near future. He likes being his own man. And even if he were interested in a serious relationship, he certainly wouldn’t choose someone so immature and irresponsible as Amanda. But no matter how hard he tries, he can’t get sexy Amanda out of his head or his heart. Watching her mature in front of his eyes, his protectiveness towards her only strengthens.

Bossy and possessive aren’t the only words Amanda uses to describe this frustrating cop. She can’t deny just looking at the man makes her tremble. But she’s done with having anyone control her and this man isn’t going to be any different. Or is he?

Note: This is a full-length novel and can be read as a standalone. No cliffhanger and it has an HEA.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, Military Romance

Keywords: cops, Marines, small town, contemporary, steamy

Romantic Pairing: MF

30332164._sy475_Le Jazz Hot by Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid

Winner 2012 Rainbow Awards: Best Bisexual/Transgender Romance & Erotic Romance

Broadway hopeful Julian Larson has never found his big break–or his first love. A bad boy and femme top, he makes ends meet as drag queen Summer Breeze, performing at private parties around New York City. One night, Julian takes it a step further and pretends to be a woman for a birthday burlesque show. And Trent Fitzgerald, the birthday boy, is everything Julian looks for in a man–tall, dark, muscular… He’s even a firefighter!

But when sweet, trusting Trent mistakes Julian for “Julia,” Julian struggles with conflicting urges. Does he tell the truth and lose Trent, or play his own imaginary twin sister and string Trent along? And after Julian plays Trent for a fool, can Trent ever forgive him?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Gay Romance, Opposites Attract

Keywords: drag queen, crossdressing, fireman

Romantic Pairing: m/m

three_turns_2021_300Three Wrong Turns in the Desert (Have Body, Will Guard 1) by Neil S. Plakcy

Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for best gay romance!

From the moment he sees handsome Liam McCullough showering naked behind a Tunisian bar, ESL teacher Aidan Greene wants to make love to the sexy bodyguard. At first, though, a dead courier and beefy hired thugs get in the way.

But as soon as Liam and Aidan head toward a rendezvous with a Tuareg tribe at a remote oasis, they start getting naked together and exploring all the passion Liam hid from as a closeted Navy SEAL, and all the love Aidan missed from a long-term boyfriend who has just kicked him to the curb. From the back of a motorcycle to a Turkish bath to a remote dune in the desert, these two Romeos find ways to bring each other to the heights of passion.

So what if they’re carrying the password to a million-dollar Swiss bank account and being chased by Libyan intelligence agents determined to stop them at all costs? Love and lust fuel their passion and their desire to make it out of this adventure alive—and together.

The first in a long-running series with hundreds of five-star reviews!          

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: MM Romance, Action Adventure

 Keywords: mistaken identity, bodyguard, Sahara, adventure, sexy

Romantic Pairing: MM

teach_me_2021_200Teach Me Tonight (Have Body, Will Guard 3) by Neil S. Plakcy

Madame Habiba Abboud, BA, whose ill-worded invitation brought Aidan to Tunisia, returns with a request. But after her past behavior, can she be trusted?

Bodyguards Aidan Greene and Liam McCullough are hired to protect a spoiled teenager attending an English-language institute that Madame Abboud is running. Liam worries that Aidan loves teaching too much to commit to their bodyguard business– but when things go wrong and Liam’s sexy SEAL buddy Joey shows up to help out, career options become the least of their problems.

Liam faces an opponent who represents his own dark side– a soldier of fortune who is smart, strong and ruthless. Liam needs Joey’s help– but will his attraction to his hunky pal damage his relationship with Aidan? Will Aidan turn his back on his burgeoning career as a bodyguard to return to his first love, teaching?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: MM Romance, Action Adventure

Keywords: bodyguard, beach, adventure, sexy, school, Arab

Romantic Pairing: MM

olives_2021_200Olives for the Stranger (Have Body, Will Guard 4) by Neil S. Plakcy

Aidan and Liam face the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia as protesters and police clash in the streets.

A gay couple who live on a vineyard in the Tunisian countryside ask Aidan and Liam to protect their niece Leila, a young girl whose mother has been taken into police custody. Leila, though, has been raised by her religious parents to distrust, even hate, her gay uncles and anyone like them. For the first time, the bodyguards have to protect someone who embodies the world’s prejudice against them.

As the threats against Leila and her activist parents grow, hunky ex-SEAL Liam is stuck in the Tunisian countryside while teacher and novice bodyguard Aidan travels to France on his own with Leila. Liam must deal with his emotions once separated from his partner, while Aidan struggles to protect Leila and her father from a deadly villain as Liam has taught him.

Both men must examine the depths of their love for each other while it seems the whole country is against them.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: MM Romance, Action Adventure

Keywords: Revolution, action, bodyguard, adventure, sexy, Tunisia, France

Romantic Pairing: MM

waterfall_2021_200Under the Waterfall (Have Body, Will Guard 5) by Neil S. Plakcy

A Romeo and Julio story! Two young men fall in love as their fathers become enemies.

As soon as Aidan and Liam settle into their new home in Nice on the French Riviera, they are sent to the island of Corsica to protect a mining executive and his family.

Olivier Perreau has bet everything he has on the reopening of a silver mine on Corsica’s rugged northeast coast. But fisherman turned eco-activist Nic Aquaviva protests the desecration of his native island. Is Nic also behind the threats against Perreau’s business and his family? And what will this rivalry do to the budding romance between their college-student sons, Michel and Cris?

Aidan and Liam are still in love, but the disruption caused by their moves, and their desire to protect the two young men and their love affair, causes both bodyguards to question their skills and their commitment to each other. Can they engineer a happy ending for Michel and Cris, while protecting the family from deadly adversaries?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: MM Romance, Action Adventure

Keywords: Fated lovers, bodyguard, Corsica, adventure, sexy, thriller

Romantic Pairing: MM

noblest_2021_200The Noblest Vengeance (Have Body, Will Guard 6) by Neil S. Plakcy

An only child, Aidan has deep family feelings for his cousins. When one of them needs his help, he steps up, even if the case could be deadly.

Bodyguard partners Aidan and Liam are deeply in love, living as expatriates in Nice, France. Aidan’s cousin, of Sephardic Jewish heritage, calls to enlist their help in protecting members of her family who still live in Istanbul. They are rushing to leave the country when threats against them erupt. Can Aidan and Liam protect them until their exit visas are approved?

Aidan is thrilled to learn about his Sephardic connections, until an accident occurs that reminds him and Liam that the threat is real. But the real danger to their relationship may come from their very different ideas about family connections.

Can their love withstand assassins with a deadly secret to keep hidden – and Liam’s foul-mouthed mother?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: MM Romance, Action Adventure

Keywords: Family, bodyguards, adventure, sexy, Istanbul, Turkey

Romantic Pairing: MM

23609459Best Vacation That Never Was by Lynn Lorenz

When Troy Hastings’ plans for the vacation of his dreams literally goes up in smoke, he’s left homeless, alone, and wearing only a hospital gown. Jason Cooper, the firefighter who rescues him, can only think of what he’d like to do to Troy. Troy’s lost everything and Jason wants to help him get his life back. With each passing day, Jason wants that life to include him. But he only has seven days until Troy’s friends return from the trip to make Troy see that Jason is the man he’s been looking for all along.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres:  Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Keywords: firefighter, gay, mild kink

Romantic Pairing: MM

> Celebs, Rockers, & Pop Stars

35609441._sy475_Love, From A to Z (LA Love Lessons) by PG Forte

When April’s memory goes missing, not all her millions can buy it back.

Zach Harris was sure the girl he’d picked up in the bar last night said her name was Angel. Too bad she didn’t tell him anything more about herself, because this morning, she can’t remember anything-not even her name!

What poor-little-rich-girl April Valenzuela views as a problem, however, Zach sees as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; a chance for her to discover who she really is. Not her name or her address, but the important stuff. Her personality. Her likes and dislikes. Her preferences-in and out of bed.

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy

Keywords: RomCom, amnesia, poor little rich girl, family secrets, sequel, Santa Ana winds, Los Angeles, beach life, instalove, rock star

Romantic Pairing: m/f

35697291._sy475_Let Me Count the Ways (LA Love Lessons) by PG Forte

She’s thinking fling, he’s thinking forever.

Sexy former film star Claire Calhoun is used to having her pick of studly young men. Now that she and Derek have called it quits, however, the actress-turned-entrepreneur is feeling vulnerable. After one mojito too many at a party one night, she decides it would be fun to try something new-in this case, Mike Sherman, her staid accountant and long-time fan.

Claire has been Mike’s fantasy since the first time he saw her bare it all for the camera. Now that she’s in his bed he’ll do whatever’s necessary to keep her there. But he’s not a stalker, right? He’s just a devoted fan.

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance

Keywords: Los Angeles, Co-workers, office romance, celebrity crush, slow burn romance, film industry, wildfire, obsession romance, seasoned romance,

Romantic Pairing: m/f

newblackgoldcover-v2Black Gold (2-book series) by Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid

Billy “Goldie” Goldean is the biggest pop star in the world and he’s harboring a terrible, career-killing secret: he’s gay. Even with song titles such as “Astral Glider” and “Winking Brown Eye,” few question Goldie’s squeaky clean teen heartthrob status. That is, until Jethro “Jett” Black, an infamous womanizer and underground punk icon, names him in the pages of Rolling Stone magazine as the celebrity he’d most like to f*ck.

After they hook up at an industry party, Goldie’s management dumps him, Jett’s exes come back to haunt them, and even Goldie’s mother makes a public plea for him to come to his senses. Can Goldie trust his untamed new lover, or will the pressures of fame tear them apart?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, Gay Romance, Rocker Romance, Opposites Attract

Keywords: rockers, punk, sexy

Romantic Pairing: m/m

dancing_2021_200Dancing with the Tide (Have Body, Will Guard 2) by Neil S. Plakcy

Bodyguards Aidan Greene and Liam McCullough return in their second sexy, thrilling adventure.

Someone wants to kill cute, sexy gay pop star Karif al-Fulan, and it’s up to Liam and Aidan to keep him safe. But will Karif destroy the burgeoning love between Liam & Aidan with his intimate advances? Between passionate romps in a private villa on the resort island of Djerba, off the coast of Tunisia, Liam and Aidan must face down bombs, guns and the pressure of their own testosterone.

Who’s trying to run them off the road in Tunis, orchestrating rock-throwing demonstrations and issuing death threats? What’s Karif’s connection to a prominent Palestinian politician?

From poolside play to a Turkish bath to alley blow jobs in an island souk, these guys are getting into and out of trouble. But in the end, who’s going to be top dog in battle — and in bed? Once Aidan and Liam face down a serious of dangerous threats, they still have to find a way to work together without destroying their romance.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: MM Romance, Action Adventure

Keywords: bodyguard, beach, adventure, sexy, music, Arab

Romantic Pairing: MM

finding_freddie_2021_200Finding Freddie Venus (Have Body, Will Guard 7) by Neil S. Plakcy

Can an ex-porn star and his stalker find true love? Or will Aidan and Liam be forced to keep them apartment maintain their client’s security?

Newt Camilleri is a sad, overweight fifty-year-old who writes gay unicorn porn but has no romantic life. He has fled his dead-end job and old life to start again on the Riviera. A chance encounter with his porn idol turns him into a stalker.

Former gay porn star Freddie Venus has survived an epic slide and now lives a solitary life in a restored farmhouse outside Nice. When he believes he is being stalked, he hires Aidan and Liam to protect him.

But Newt isn’t the only one looking for Freddie, and the tattooed ex-star’s past is about to come back to haunt him. Will Aidan and Liam be able to save Freddie, and help him and Newt start a new story together?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: MM Romance, Action Adventure

Keywords: Bodyguard, Riviera, adventure, sexy, porn actors

Romantic Pairing: MM

love_on_stage_print_200Love on Stage (Love On 3) by Neil S. Plakcy

Wannabe model and singer Gavin longs for a man who can see beyond his handsome sexy exterior. Is music producer Miles that man?

When I was writing this series, I wanted Larry’s book to be the second in the series, but I got hung up on how to write it, so I moved on Gavin’s book. Now that I’ve had the chance to review all the Loose Id books and revise them, I’ve moved this to where it belongs, as the third in the series. Gavin Kaczmarek is a golden boy, desired by all. But though he’s handsome and talented, Gavin is drifting — working as a barista at a funky, Fair Trade coffee shop on South Beach and modeling for print ads. But when he sings for music producer Miles Goodwin while serving his coffee, a whole new world of opportunity opens for him.

The obvious attraction between Gavin and Miles takes them to bed, and then on an adventure that leads to performance and YouTube fame–but when insecurity arises on both their parts, can their budding romance survive the summer heat and blossom, or die with the falling autumn leaves? If you liked Love on Site or the erotica collection Three Lambs, I hope you’ll enjoy Gavin’s story.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: MM Romance, Action Adventure

Keywords: Musicians, sexy, beach, family

Romantic Pairing: MM

> Athletes & Sports

3464e5_9f2e51125a5a42ad9e1a28c7d588fe92mv2_d_1800_2700_s_2Rip Cord: The Complete Trilogy by Jeanne St. James

The Reunion: Gil Davis hated high school. Ever the geek, he has no intentions of attending his 10th year class reunion. The last thing he wants is to relive the taunting and teasing he received during his teenage years. However, there is one thing he misses from high school: the star Varsity football player. The one he had a crush on from the first day he laid eyes on him. But the last thing he expects is the now pro football player to come back to their home town to attend a lame high school reunion. Known as the Bad Boy of the NFL, Ripley “Rip” Cord, not only shows up, but shows up without a date and an eye for Gil.

The Weekend: Geek Gil Davis hasn’t heard a word from NFL player, Rip Cord, since hooking up at their class reunion. Then Rip calls him unexpectedly, he’s taking Gil to his cabin for a weekend of erotic exploration.

The Ever After: When Rip Cord is kicked out of the NFL, he shows up unexpectedly at Gil Davis’ front door. With his career over, Rip’s finally ready for a future with Gil, if Gil’s willing to give him another chance.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ, Sports Romance

Keywords: Football, Gay Romance, Second chance, opposites attract, Sports, Contemporary, steamy, nerd, jock

Romantic Pairing: MM

40128394._sy475_Daring Proposal (The Dare Ménage Series 2) by Jeanne St. James

Never in her life has she been so bold to propose something so daring…

Since losing her husband years ago in a tragic accident, Eve Sanders hasn’t dated. Her husband’s death proved life is short, so why waste time denying her unfulfilled desires. Eve desires two men, but not just any two. Both happen to be former Super Bowl champions and best friends. When both men participate in a Celebrity Date Night charity event, Eve’s determined to not only be the winning bidder for the retired NFL quarterback Lawrence “Long Arm” Landis, but also Cole Dixon, his former Boston Bulldog’s teammate. However, Ren not only has a problem with another man dating the same woman, but he definitely isn’t planning on sharing her in the same bed. Even if it’s with his best friend. Openly bi-sexual, Cole is sexually attracted to Ren and has secretly wanted him for years. He’s never acted upon it, assuming Ren wouldn’t want to be with another man. Eve’s daring proposal gives Cole hope his dream with Ren will come true. Being with two men is one of Eve’s fantasies, but never in her life has she been so bold. Not only is she nervous about proposing something so daring to the two men, but will both be willing? Note: This book in the series can be read as stand-alone. It includes an HEA ending. It is intended for audiences over 18 years of age since it includes MMF scenes between all three characters.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, Polyamory, Multicultural/Interracial Romance, Ménage, LGBTQ, Bisexual

Keywords: Ménage, threesome, MMF, contemporary, polyamory, bisexual, LGBTQ, alpha male, sports

Romantic Pairing: MMF

boyfriendgoals_newcover_finBoyfriend Goals by Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid

What happens when a nerd and a jock pretend to be dating for the summer?

Social justice whiz Trev needs to convince his parents that his bisexuality isn’t a phase, and swim team star Lee needs somewhere to stay until the new semester starts. Forced together for three months at a Vermont lake house with Trev’s family, the boys influence each other in unexpected ways, and despite their differences, a real bond begins to form. What will it take for a fake odd couple to become a real one?

55k words of sweet new adult nerd & jock HEA

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Gay Romance, Opposites Attract, New Adult

Keywords: nerd, jock, fake boyfriends

Romantic Pairing: m/m

40184503._sy475_No Tea, No Shade (Viva! 1) by Clancy Nacht

When Hank’s father catches him in a not-so-innocent childhood embrace with the neighbor Hank’s older brothers refer to as “Ladyboy Lindsey,” he forbids Hank ever to see his best friend again and sends Lindsey home in tears. Later, despite landing on opposite ends of the social and sexual spectrum in high school, neither can forget the boy who gave him his first kiss. While Hank becomes a sports star and bully, Lindsey throws himself into an elaborate sexual game played from afar for Hank’s benefit. When Hank’s football scholarship takes him away to college, their tenuous bond seems severed for good.

After Lindsey finds his calling as drag diva Miss Anne Thrope, embracing both his male identity and the natural androgyny of his intersex body, he’s finally in control of his world…until the night his first love disrupts Miss Anne’s show after a decade of silence. Hank’s dysfunctional behavior, crazy father, and their bittersweet history together threaten to destroy their fragile new romance before it’s truly begun. Should they let go of the past, or is this unique love one worth saving?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Gay Romance, Enemies to Lovers, Second Chance Romance

Keywords: queer, drag queen, football, jock, bullying, intersex

Romantic Pairing: m/m

draggedtothealtarcoverDragged to the Alter (Viva! 2) by Clancy Nacht

Hank and Lindsey return in a sequel to No Tea, No Shade. Hank, ex-football playerturned drag bar club Viva! owner and bouncer, dreams of a huge, heteronormative white wedding with all the trimmings. His fiancé, drag star Lindsey, aka Miss Anne Thrope, dreams of renovating Viva! with a larger stage. Or, at the very least, not to get sucked into planning an over-budget wedding for his groomzilla.

All plans are dropped when Hank finds out that Lindsey’s dad had an affair with Hank’s mom, which resulted in Hank’s now half-brother Lance. Will sins of the father poison Hank’s future with Lindsey?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Gay Romance, Enemies to Lovers, Second Chance Romance

Keywords: queer, drag queen, football, jock, bullying, intersex

Romantic Pairing: m/m

36176706._sy475_False Start (McKay-Tucker Men 1) by Marianne Rice

Always the misfit growing up, newly hired high school principal Meg Fulton uses a fashionable wardrobe and a sharp tongue to keep men at a safe distance. She’s a single mother with a tough hide…until Connor McKay walks into the picture.

She can’t stand the sports-loving alpha male––no thanks! But as her path continues to cross with Connor’s, and attraction heats to a boiling point, Meg learns there’s more to Connor than biceps and a tight rear end. Things are heating up with them when someone from her past threatens to tear them apart. Meg runs for cover…and from Connor.

It will take a leap of love for Meg to shed the scars of her past and let love into her life.

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, Small Town Romance, Family Saga

Keywords: sports romance, small town, work place romance

Romantic Pairing: m/f

love_on_the_pitch_print_200Love on the Pitch (Love on 4) by Neil S. Plakcy

What happens to a twenty-four-year-old former pro athlete who’s achieved all the goals he set for himself– except falling in love?

Fourth in my “Love On” series, this is Warren Updegrove’s book. Warren first appeared in the Three Lambs book as an angry football player whom frat brother Thom Lodge has to tutor in math.

As I considered which of the characters from Three Lambs deserved his own book, I kept coming back to Warren. I’ve wondered for a long time about what happens to guys who reach the pinnacle they’ve worked for– and then have to move on. I’m fascinated by athletes who make it to the major leagues, or compete in the Olympics, or dancers whose bodies give out.

How do you come up with a new dream after you’ve achieved the goal you set for yourself, and it’s over?

After losing his dream of playing in the NFL, Warren Updegrove is drifting aimlessly, supported by the affection of his best friend, math grad student Thom. Will his search love in the sports bars and playing fields of Fort Lauderdale end in the arms of sexy rugby player and former Olympian Victor— or will Warren recognize Thom waiting for him on the sidelines?

Previously published withLoose Id

Genres & Subgenres: MM Romance, Action Adventure

Keywords: friends to lovers, college, jock, rugby, beach

Romantic Pairing: MM

> Sex Club & BDSM

someone_like_him_200x300-1Someone Like Him by Susanna Eastman

They met at a sex club. Falling in love was against the rules.

Geeky math genius Carolyn Hardy has never dated anyone who could float her boat—and has no idea how to meet sexy and sophisticated men. When she finally admits her desire for incredible sex and romance, her confession leads her to Fantasy, a secret and sophisticated sex club, and seen-it-all/done-it-all billionaire Martin Fuller.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Billionaire Romance, Virgin Romance

Keywords: billionaire romance, sex club, billionaire-and-virgin romance, virgin romance, secret identity, first time

Romance pairing: m/f

242e99_1596dc4edc924230a87f0a83236f0b98mv2_d_1333_2000_s_2The Initiation of Isabella by Jenna Ives

A sexy case of mistaken identity…

Isabella Tallin knows sorority initiations are secretive affairs, but when a gorgeous guy in a hot red convertible arrives at the designated street corner to pick her up, she can’t believe he’s part of tonight’s rite…

Logan Sommers can’t believe the innocent-looking girl waiting for him is the sexually-jaded client who hired his company to fulfill her wildest fantasies, but who is he to argue?  So he whisks her away for a wickedly sensual night of bondage, ménage and more!

Previously published with Samhain

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Keywords: contemporary romance, bondage, ménage, sorority initiation, mistaken identity

Romantic Pairing: m/f; mmm/f

39720522._sy475_Caly’s Game by Trinity

Caly Arling is a headstrong, independent attorney who has always been the hunter when it came to getting men into bed. As a fat chick, she learned a long time ago to grab her world by the horns. She doesn’t do relationships; she takes what she wants and sends the man on his way.

When Caly meets sexy architect Evan Morrell, her world is thrown topsy-turvy. He doesn’t respond to her advances the way she’s used to men responding—yet he seems interested. Evan pulls her from her game of hunter/prey into his, which includes rope, blindfolds, and spanking benches. Can Caly break old habits in order to explore this powerfully sensual world with a man who inspires her most staggering emotions?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, BDSM Romance, Erotic Romance, Erotica

Keywords: alpha male, bondage, D/s, strong woman, new to kink

Romantic Pairing: m/f

boundtobetaken300-200x300-1Bound to be Taken (Emergence 1) by Becca Jameson

She’s theirs for a weekend. Will they be hers for a lifetime?

Stephanie Parkins doesn’t date—ever.

After years of watching her mother’s antics, men are off her menu. But the truth is, now she needs one, and fast. Proving she’s approachable is the only way her bosses will promote her to a position that requires her to work directly with the public.

Restaurateurs Aiden Collins and Dane Whitman need a date—now.

They’re perfectly happy as a twosome, but without a woman on their arms, admission to this weekend’s party will be denied. For a while now they’ve had their eye on the beauty from the tenth floor—even though she buries herself under a frumpy wardrobe. What better time to bring her out of her shell and add the third they’ve been craving?

When the three quite literally collide in the elevator, a miracle happens: she agrees to their proposal. And Stephanie turns out to be the woman of Dane and Aiden’s dreams. But as she slips deeper under their thumbs, she could be more than either man bargains for.

Previously published with Samhain

Genres & Subgenres: Romance, BDSM
Keywords: Awakening
Romantic Pairing: MMF

love_on_the_web_print_200Love on the Web (Love on 2) by Neil S. Plakcy

Love on the Web is roommate Larry’s story. Sweet-natured computer geek Larry Leavis is six-foot-six and uncomfortable in his own skin. He grew up in a low-tech family in the far reaches of South Miami-Dade County, and finally escaped to college at Florida University, and the gay frat Lambda Lambda Lambda (AKA Three Lambs.)

Larry’s only salvation is his ability as a computer programmer, which leads him to a great job developing apps for a start-up on South Beach. With his career underway, it’s time to consider a love life– which quickly gets very complicated.

If only his love life could be as simple. He’s torn between two lovers – client Victor Kunin, who spins a dark web to trap him, and handsome entrepreneur Julian Argento, who has to learn to trust again before he can be Larry’s Mr. Right. It’s another sexy look at the search for love and career success on South Beach.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: MM Romance, Action Adventure

Keywords: geek, BDSM, computers, torn between 2 lovers

Romantic Pairing: MM

> General & Misc.

40829290._sx318_Double Dare (The Dare Ménage 1) by Jeanne St. James

What could be better than waking up next to a hot guy? Waking up sandwiched between two of them.

Quinn Preston, a financial analyst, is not happy when her friends dare her to pick up a handsome stranger at a wedding reception. What better reason to give up men when her previous long-term relationship had not only been lackluster in the bedroom but he had cheated?

Logan Reed, a successful business owner, can’t believe that he’s attracted to the woman in the ugly, Pepto-Bismol pink bridesmaid dress. And to boot, she’s more than tipsy. After turning down her invitation for a one-night stand, he finds her in the parking lot too impaired to drive. He rescues her and takes her home. His home.

The next morning Quinn’s conservative life turns on its ear when Logan introduces her to pleasures she never even considered before. And to make things more complicated, Logan already has a lover.

Tyson White, ex-pro football player, is completely in love with Logan. He has mixed emotions when Logan brings home Quinn. But the dares keep coming…

Note: This book in the series can be read as stand-alone. It includes an HEA ending. It is intended for audiences over 18 years of age since it includes MMF scenes between all three characters.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, Polyamory, Interracial Romance, Ménage, LGBTQ, Bisexual

Keywords: ménage, threesome, MMF, contemporary, polyamory, bisexual, LGBTQ

Romantic Pairing: MMF

hometocedarwoodbookpage1Home to Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Will the naysayers be enough to drive Colin and Jordan apart, or will they make their way together in this small town.

Colin Baker owns a book store and he’s back in Cedarwood with his son. He’s looking for a new start after a bad breakup, but he never expected that start to include his old crush, Officer Jordan Hargrove. Jordan hasn’t come out, but if he can score with Colin, then he’s all in. He’s dreamed of hot nights with the quiet man.

After a speeding ticket and some hurt feelings, sparks fly between the bookstore owner and the police officer, but Cedarwood is a small town with small town values, and a gay couple isn’t what the town expects. Colin’s created a support group for single gay fathers and he feels he’s making some difference in Cedarwood. Some folks in Cedarwood are fine with these two men reconnecting, but some aren’t.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary LGBTQ Erotic Romance, Small Town Gay Romance

Keywords: Gay, Gay Romance, Romance, Erotic, Erotic Romance, Small Town Romance, Cedarwood

Romantic Pairing: m/m

somewhere-i-belong_zwaduk_large-1Somewhere I Belong by Wendi Zwaduk

The only reason she let Sully back into her life is because she can’t run the farm on her own. The past is the past, and she’s determined to keep it there! Sully’s back in town, needing somewhere to belong, and he’s not giving up on love this time!

The only reason she let Sully back into her life is because she can’t run the farm on her own. The past is the past, and she’s determined to keep it there! Sully’s back in town, needing somewhere to belong, and he’s not giving up on love this time!

Sullavan Tanner walked away from Jarvis, Ohio, afraid to give his heart to the woman he loved. He lived the rock and roll lifestyle, but never quite made it to the big time. Fifteen years later, he’s back and ready to claim what’s his—if she’ll accept his help.

Marley Lockwood’s done asking for help. The family farm is more than she can handle, but if she can survive a cancer scare, the loss of her parents, the abandonment by her first love, and a messy divorce, she can handle anything.

Until Sully shows up.

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Farmer Romance

Keywords: contemporary, erotic, romance, contemporary romance, farmer, farmer romance, erotic romance, small town romance, small town

Romantic Pairing: m/f

blind-with-love-ebook-cover-194x300-1Blind with Love by Becca Jameson

Kristen Nickels has reluctantly agreed to a blind date with her best friend’s brother—literally blind. The timing couldn’t be worse, however. She’s leaving town soon to face a difficult medical decision—a secret she has shared with no one but her boss.

Chase Edwards has been blind since the age of eight. He’s currently waiting on a cornea transplant. He has wanted his sister, Margo, to set him up with her friend Kristen for quite some time, and he’s far from disappointed.

The two experience instant chemistry and spend a glorious evening together. In a whirlwind twist of fate, Chase gets the long-awaited call in the middle of the night that corneas are available, and Kristen rushes him to the hospital, only to disappear without a trace during his surgery.

Baffled by her departure, Margo instigates a search for Kristen while Chase recovers from his transplant. But will her detective skills prove to be enough? The unexpected ending will twist the heartstrings.

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Romance, New Adult & College, Contemporary, Medical

Keywords: instant attraction, blind, mystery, transplant

Romantic Pairing: M/F

perf5.500x8.500.inddOut of the Smoke by Becca Jameson

Horror fills the streets of New York City.
She fights her way toward the burning twin towers.
She has to get to work.
Her husband will kill her if she blows this job.
Fear crawls up her spine as she is pushed farther from the destruction.
She has no cell service.
The towers collapse.
She is supposed to be inside.
She. Is. Supposed. To. Be. Inside…
No one knows she’s not at work…
Now is her chance to escape.
He can never hurt her again.
She is dead.

He’s sworn off women.
All they care about is spending his money and running his life.
Besides, opening his own law firm out of his home is keeping him busy.
Hiring a cleaning lady is a necessity.
However, he’s unprepared for the timid woman who shows up at his door.
She tugs at his heart.
She’s not like anyone else he’s dated.
She doesn’t care about his money.
But, she has secrets.
So many skeletons.
Her past is chasing her.
Her demons are in the way.
She won’t let him help.
She’s worth the effort though.
He just needs to be patient.

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Romance, Suspense

Keywords: hiding from abusive partner, starting over

Romantic Pairing: m/f

36049288._sy475_Waiting for the Big One (LA Love Lessons) by PG Forte

One girl, two guys and a quest for ultimate satisfaction.

Aspiring actress Gabby Browne refuses to consider her best friend, and personal trainer, Derek Novello for the role of soul mate fearing sex will ruin their beautiful friendship. When she meets Zach, she’s convinced that he could be The One. Too bad Derek isn’t willing to share-leaving Gabby forced to choose between two sexy co-stars.

An early morning earthquake provides Gabby with the impetus she needs to stop waiting for the stars to align and finally cast her leading man.

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy

Keywords: friends to lovers, RomCom, romantic triangle, slow burn romance, earthquakes, Los Angeles

Romantic Pairing: m/f

ill-be-your-man-1I’ll Be Your Man by Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid

Closet bisexual Richard Lynch is a 50-something executive with an ex-wife he’s still hung up on and a son in grad school who only calls when he wants something. In his professional life, Richard’s successful and in control, but his personal life consists of little more than sitting down in front of the television set at seven and being in bed by nine.

Then he meets his son Kyle’s best friend and roommate, Paul Watkins, the handsome gay son of a former rockstar. Richard’s bland, predictable world is thrown into chaos by Paul’s sweetly determined pursuit of him. To some Richard’s new lease on life seems like a mid-life crisis and Paul’s infatuation seems motivated by daddy issues, but to Richard, Paul is his chance to explore a part of himself he’s kept buried all his life. With friends, family, and their pasts threatening to keep them apart, what will it take for each to become the other’s man?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, Gay Romance, Bisexual, Age Gap, May/December

Keywords: bisexual

Romantic Pairing: m/m

yourewelcomcoverYou’re Welcome. Love, Your Cat by Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid

After an accident takes his lover, Dr. Edwin Blais—a University of Texas history professor—vows celibacy. With only his dead lover’s cat for company, he spends the next eleven years alone before the Maine Coon, Francesca, escapes from her cat sitter while Edwin is at work. The loss shatters Edwin. Desperate, he plasters the neighborhood with Lost Cat signs offering five thousand dollars for her return.

A few blocks away at a body shop, Nasty, an old black Tom cat, adopts Francesca. Forrest James, owner of the shop and Nasty, refuses the reward and strikes up a friendship with Edwin. While Forrest seems like a safe crush for a celibate man because he certainly appears straight, after a couple of drinks he gets a little handsy. After Edwin meets Forrest’s ex-boyfriend, he realizes that his crush may be a relationship and he’s not sure he’s ready for it. Will Edwin get over himself and his lost love before the dreamboat mechanic moves on?

This story is 60k words of pet matchmaking May/December romance that features classic cars and a slow burn

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Gay Romance, May/December, Opposites Attract

Keywords: cats, classic cars, university, professor, mechanic

Romantic Pairing: m/m

amodelboyfriendcoverA Model Boyfriend by Clancy Nacht

Andrea “Andy” Gibbons and her boyfriend Mike have grown apart. Mike doesn’t understand why Andy won’t grow up and give up art. Andy doesn’t understand what happened to the math geek she fell in love with. Neither is willing to flinch, leaving them locked in a stand-off where neither is satisfied, and Andy overlooks Mike’s indiscretions.

It isn’t until Andy meets male model Brandon that she questions whether her relationship with Mike is going to ever work again. Brandon is not only beautiful, but he is also studying to be a filmmaker and seems to really get Andy. Even better, he doesn’t want to change her. Will she find a way to let go of Mike and embrace the future with a model boyfriend?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Keywords: model, bbw, opposites attract

Romantic Pairing: m/f

princecharmingcoverPrince Charming Wears Garters by Clancy Nacht

With a job as a senior art director at a local ad agency, Sara’s life is on track. But when Chuck, a womanizing account executive, demands to work with her and, worse, seems to have his sights set on her, Sara has to figure out if she wants peace in the office or if the clean-cut sexy salesman in a suit with a kink for wearing ladies’ lingerie is too tempting to resist.

CW threat of sexual assault

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, Office Romance, Crossdressing

Keywords: crossdressing man, queer, bisexual woman

Romantic Pairing: m/f

40547177._sx318_Love on Site (Love on 1) by Neil S. Plakcy

Oh, Daddy! Manny Garcia has a thing for older men. Including his straight boss.

It’s mid-May, and Manny has just graduated from Florida University (FU) with his bachelor’s degree in construction management, and landed his dream job, working for handsome Walter Loredo on a warehouse project just west of downtown Miami. He’s living in a condo on South Beach with two of his brothers from the gay frat at FU, Lambda Lambda Lambda.

After a college experience with a construction superintendent, (you can read about it in Three Lambs, my collection of college boy erotica) Manny has focused his lust on guys who wear hard hats, and he’s got a real crush on Walter, even though he thinks the boss is straight. At first Manny’s able to keep his South Beach life and his work separate. Then he runs into one of his coworkers on Lincoln Road when he is out with his roommates, and he’s outed. Can he keep his job and win his boss’s love?

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: MM Romance, Boss/Employee, Age Gap

Keywords:  South Beach, college grad, age gap, sexy daddy, construction

Romantic Pairing: MM

south beach at sunriseThe Guardian Angel of South Beach (novella republished to include stories as The Catbird Seat) by Neil S. Plakcy

In these stories, all previously published only in e-book format, men find each other and fall in love, all against a backdrop of Art Deco architecture and the sparkling Atlantic Ocean.

The Catbird Seat: South Beach Romances offers a calendar full of M/M love affairs:

“Lights Out, Valentine.” A hair stylist and his favorite client explore each other during a power outage.

“The Catbird Seat” African-American yacht captain Rashid meets his match in a fellow yachtie.

“Waves of Gold and Smoke” Can a guy who’s been coasting through life commit to a dad with kids?

“The Six-Year Itch.” A long-time couple consider their boundaries.

“Mixed-Up.” A vet with PTSD has a crush on his therapist.

“Third Night.” A Hanukkah story about gay men and Orthodox Judaism.

“Noche Buena.” A carpenter and a take-charge executive bond while organizing a holiday party.

Also included is the novella The Guardian Angel of South Beach. It’s a fantasy about a bodybuilder who develops super powers.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: MM Romance, Holiday, Paranormal

Keywords: South Beach, super powers, romance

Romantic Pairing: MM

35120585._sx318_False Hope (McKay-Tucker Men 2) by Marianne Rice

Emma Fulton never had to worry about much. Socially driven and happily single, she’s been blessed with charm, good looks, and a close-knit community. But after a medical emergency, a dollop of family drama, and a series of near-tragic events, she finds she must question who she can trust.

Preferring solitude to intimacy, Mason Tucker’s relatives make it difficult to escape social gatherings and small talk. When Emma’s mother marries into his family, he finds himself reluctantly drawn to the beautiful woman who is his complete opposite. But after helping her through a terrible discovery, Emma begins to break down some of Mason’s communication barriers and insecurities.

When Emma asks for his assistance in tracking down a secret, Mason tags along in order to keep her safe. Unfortunately, not everyone has Emma’s safety in mind when danger waits for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance

Keywords: family saga, contemporary romance, small town romance

Romantic Pairing: m/f

1552949612_1False Impressions (McKay-Tucker Men 3) by Marianne Rice

Recovering alcoholic and former party animal, Cole Tucker would be an idiot to start something with his newly-hired right-hand woman. It figures he can’t seem to keep his mitts off the sexy, five-feet-nothing, single mom who can toss a sack of shingles over her shoulder and rewire a house better and faster than him. Her incredible strength and self-confidence—something Cole has pretended to have for years—draws him in. All he has to show for himself is his uncanny use of pick-up lines, a hand-me-down farm and some small-town rental properties.

Samantha Chase has no problem accepting her new boss, flaws and all. His simple life is charming and exactly what she hoped to find for herself and her son in the small New Hampshire town. Cole wins her over by befriending her fatherless son and making her laugh again, something she hasn’t done in four years.

When she learns about his shady past with the bottle, her heart tells her to forgive, but the painful memories of her past may be too deep to overlook.

Previously published with Liquid Silver Books

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary romance

Keywords: single mother, widower, contemporary romance, small town romance

Romantic Pairing: m/f

Husbandry_coverartHusbandry by Allie Ritch

After turning to Genetic Harmony Inc. for a husband, Fila Leonard doesn’t get just one man to meet her needs, but three! Chuck is the consummate handyman around the house, and he looks sexy in a tool belt and nothing else. Charles fills out a business suit to perfection and uses his alpha personality in the bedroom as well as the boardroom. As for Chad, he can seduce a woman in more than one language and turn even the worst cliché into a romantic fantasy.

Fila should be deliriously happy. Instead, she’s having a hard time juggling everyone’s needs. Chuck is cooped up at home all day and anxious for children. Charles is a workaholic, and Chad is angry she hasn’t introduced the three of them to her parents. Oh, yeah, and Fila hasn’t told Mom and Dad about her genetically identical spouses yet.

It’s not easy being a married woman, not even with three perfect mates.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, Polyamorous Romance, Sci-Fi Romance, Erotic Romance

Keywords: contemporary, polyamory, SFR, ménage à quatre, genetic engineering

Romantic Pairing: m/f/m/m

Historical Romance

RK_AAD1_TheWestermanAffair_ebookcover.inddThe Westerman Affair (Art & Discipline 1) by Regina Kammer

The Artist

Charles Westerman, Victorian England’s most sought-after landscape painter, is finished with love affairs. Yet after a taste of forbidden passion at a private art exhibition, he knows he’s met his muse in Rosamund. Problem is she’s married. For the sake of his career, Charles simply cannot afford to be distracted by another disastrous entanglement, especially one with a married woman.

The Muse

Art curator Rosamund, Lady Threxton, needs a man to satisfy her predilection for spanking. Her husband, Jeremy, does not relish the role of chastiser and, besides, has his own mistress to please. Jeremy, however, is quite amenable to Rosamund seeking out another. Hired men from her favorite erotic club provide her with only a modicum of relief. The furtive fling with Charles, though, leaves Rosamund certain she’s found her perfect match.

The Arrangement

Rosamund and Jeremy’s marriage is curiously modern for stodgy Victorian society. Together, the couple try to entice Charles into an unusual arrangement. Will Charles risk the threat to his reputation to explore passions and proclivities he never knew existed—and discover desires he never knew he had?

The Westerman Affair

A tale of spanking and polyamory in the Victorian art world.

Previously published with Loose Id

Genres & Subgenres: Historical erotic romance, Victorian erotic romance, Seasoned romance, Polyamory romance

Keywords: spanking, romance later in life, artist hero, aristocrats and royalty, polyamory

Romantic Pairing: polyamory m/f/m [NOT a ménage]

36447567._sy475_Lessons in Love (Cambridge Fellows Mysteries 1) by Charlie Cochrane

It’s the turn of the century, Queen Victoria’s reign is over, it’s time for a new beginning. In Cambridge, Jonty Stewart takes up a teaching post, acting as a catalyst for change within the archaic institution. But he also has a catalytic effect on Orlando Coppersmith.

Orlando is a brilliant, introverted mathematician with very little experience of life outside the college walls. He strikes up an alliance with the outgoing Jonty, and soon finds himself having feelings he’s never experienced before. Before long their friendship blossoms into more than either man had hoped and they enter into a clandestine relationship.

Yet their romance is complicated when a series of murders is discovered within St. Brides. And all of the victims have one thing in common: a penchant for men. A fact that only puts Orlando and Jonty in greater danger, when they are enlisted to act as the eyes and ears for the police…

Previously published with Samhain

Genres & Subgenres: Gay Romantic Mystery, Historical

Keywords: amateur detectives, British detectives

Romantic Pairing: m/m

Thank you to all the participating authors: Kayelle Allen, Betty Bolte, Charlie Cochrane, Susanna Eastman, Thursday Euclid, PG Forte, Ann Gimpel, Jenna Ives, Becca Jameson, Regina Kammer, Gail Koger, Lynn Lorenz, Rowan McBride, Clancy Nacht, Neil S. Plakcy, Marianne Rice, Laurel Richards, Megan Slayer, Jeanne St. James, Trinity, Renee Wildes, and Wendi Zwaduk.

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  1. There are enough books here to keep even a speed reader busy for a month. Good to see some old friends!

  2. This is fantastic! There are several on here that I’d wanted to read but then the publishers went down. Thanks!

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