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I combed through my contacts lists and sent invitations to authors I know from my old SFR group, boxed sets I’ve participated in, Loose Id, Liquid Silver Books, and Samhain Publishing. I asked them to send me some of their indie books so that I can showcase them and give readers a chance to browse some great titles in one place. The response I got was fantastic. I received over sixty books, written under twenty-six pen names. These books cover the range of romance subgenres and are organized here by category, and then alphabetized by author last name. So have a look around and prepare to make your TBR pile grow. I know mine has!

Participating Authors: Kayelle Allen, Kay Berrisford, Charlie Cochrane, Leigh Court, Alianne Donnelly, PG Forte, Ann Gimpel, Ciara Gold, Sofia Grey, Treva Harte, Jenna Ives, Becca Jameson, Harper Jewel, Regina Kammer, Sotia Lazu, Roz Lee, Lynn Lorenz, Neil Plakcy, Laurel Richards, Lisabet Sarai, Cynthia Sax, Megan Slayer, Jessica E. Subject, Errin Stevens, Cynthia Woolf…and me, Allie Ritch!

Sci-Fi Romance & Futuristic Romance

Crystal Clear Truth by Kayelle Allen

How can you trust when your own truth is a lie?

Shohn has only one goal: live a lie-filled life undercover. The elite head of security permits herself no family ties and few friends. But when firestorm scientist Joe needs help to locate his birth mother, and hires Shohn, she begins to rethink her rule of isolation.

Unknown to them, their intensive search triggers an alert that brings powerful, dark forces into play. Every attempt to uncover the truth results in more cover ups. But why? Who is this young woman, and who is the unknown person or power foiling Shohn and Joe’s attempts to find her?

But maybe the better question is–what is she?

*Crystal Clear Truth – A slow-burn, forced proximity scifi alien romance set in the far future, in an empire full of treachery and secrets…

*If you like books with take-charge feline heroines and solid romance plots, this happy-ever-after friends-to-lovers story is for you.

Genre & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance, Female Bodyguard Romance, Women’s Fiction Action & Adventure

Keywords: slow-burn scifi alien romance, kickass heroine, protective alpha female, feminist sci fi,

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Programmed To Please (The Tau Cetus Chronicles 1) by Jenna Ives

Very human Tau Cetus police agent Jai Turner goes undercover as a Beautiful Dolls sex robot in order to bring down the planet’s most notorious arms dealer, Marque Callex. The police have never been able to get close to Callex, and Jai’s assignment is to coax information out of Marque on his illicit dealings – information that will lead to his conviction.

Reclusive arms dealer Marque Callex only accepted an invitation from Beautiful Dolls because with his deadly line of work – and the dangerous secrets he’s keeping – he can’t afford to let a real woman into his life.

But neither Jai nor Marque are what they seem, and their week together has consequences neither expect.

Genre & Subgenres: science fiction romance, science fiction erotic romance, futuristic romance
Keywords: science fiction romance, science fiction erotic romance, sexbot
sex robots, futuristic romance, enemies to lovers
Romantic Pairings: m/f

Programmed To Protect (The Tau Cetus Chronicles 2) by Jenna Ives

Tau Cetus police agent Leith Wyatt is tasked by the ruling High Council with overseeing the production of a robot army for the planet’s defense. Wyatt doesn’t trust the oily robot manufacturer Anson Carron, and when Carron gives Wyatt the Beautiful Doll sexbot Ginger as a gift, Wyatt knows it’s for a sinister reason — Beautiful Dolls are legendary for their addictive sexual prowess. Wyatt tries to resist the Doll, but Ginger is sweet, kind, sexy, and every intimate encounter they share manages to put him deeper under her spell. And when Wyatt discovers Carron’s plan to overthrow the High Council in order to grab control of the planet for himself, Wyatt must decide whether his loyalty lies with the planet he’s sworn to protect, or the megalomaniac creator of the android he now loves.

Genre & Subgenres: science fiction romance, science fiction erotic romance, futuristic romance
Keywords: science fiction romance, science fiction erotic romance, sexbot, sex robots, futuristic romance
Romantic Pairings: m/f

Programmed For Power (The Tau Cetus Chronicles 3) by Jenna Ives

As the powerful premier of war-torn Tau Cetus, Theus presides over an uneasy post-apocalyptic peace. Many plot against him, including a traitor on his own High Council as well as one rogue woman who dared to steal a precious keepsake from his past. Capturing Leora Smith offers Theus a chance at personal revenge, but she awakens emotions in him he thought long dead. Even so, it takes an assassination attempt to spur Theus to reassess a future with either this prisoner who makes his blood run hot or the Beautiful Doll robotic lover who’s the perfect match for his lifeless existence.

Genre & Subgenres: science fiction romance, science fiction erotic romance, futuristic romance
science fiction romance, science fiction erotic romance, sexbot, sex robots, futuristic romance, enemies to lovers
Romantic Pairings: m/f

Sanctuary (The Wanderers Book 1) by Becca Jameson

The world is no longer a safe place, especially for women. For several decades, the birth rate of females has been declining. Militants, the government, and private citizens alike will do anything to find young women and force them into unthinkable arrangements.

The Wanderers are a secret underground society, born to provide sanctuary for anyone who believes in free will and democratic notions. They have grown in numbers for many years and have several compounds where their citizens live in safety.

After living off the grid for all of her twenty-one years, Layla’s life has been uprooted after the murder of her parents. On the run with her nineteen-year-old sister, she’s hungry, scared, and running out of time. At her lowest moment of despair, she finally finds someone who can take them to The Wanderers.

Layla knows how to take care of herself. She can fight. She can forage for food. She has bad-ass survival skills. But she has never been this close to anyone outside of her immediate family, especially men. So many men. She’s aware of society’s inclination towards living with multiple partners, but is she ready to enter into a polyamorous relationship herself?

Jay, Gatlin, Ledger, and Nile have been living as a family unit with The Wanderers for years. When Layla shows up, they practically trip over one another in an effort to woo her. She’s young and sweet and kind and all that is good in the world. Pressuring her to choose them is strictly forbidden of course. They must be patient.

When Layla goes missing, her men will do anything to find her before she falls into the wrong hands. Losing her is not an option. They just got her. But is she really theirs?

Genre & Subgenres: Romance, Reverse Harem, Dystopian, Steamy, Suspense

Keywords: futuristic, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, reverse harem, bunker, compound, hiding, refuge, sanctuary, farm, interracial, instalove, underground, suspense, ménage

Romantic Pairings: f/m (no m/m)

The Colony (Colonial Expansion 1) by Laurel Richards

Not everyone will make it out alive.

Responding to a distress call, Officer Alexander Valerian and the rest of his security team arrive at the human colony on the planet of Jangala to find blood and gore all over the walls. All the colonists are dead or missing except for Dr. Elisa Everett, a pretty paleontologist he finds injured and nearly suffocated in a ventilation shaft. Now Alex has to figure out how sixty-nine colonists were wiped out in a single night, but Elisa’s account of killer monsters just raises more questions. Has the colony really been attacked by bloodthirsty beasts, or did everyone succumb to a powerful hallucinogen that made them turn on one another? He had better find out fast, because Elisa’s life is in his hands.

Content: m/f romance, love scene, attacks on humans, no cliffhangers, can be read as a standalone book

Genre & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance

Keywords: SFR, colonization, paleontology, STEM heroine

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Destiny (The Sentinel Agency 1) by Laurel Richards

Undercover operatives have discovered Delfina has the power of foresight, and they want to capture and use her. Accompanied by her emotional support animal, Delfina uses her ability to stay ahead of her pursuers. The one thing she doesn’t foresee is Rave. The Imperian male claims she’s his genetic match, but he has so many aliases that she’s not sure if he’s the good guy or the bad. Attraction ignites as they are thrown together by mysterious government agents, a wildlife trafficking syndicate, and a covert agency that recruits people with unique talents. Secrets, passion, and intrigue collide in this sci-fi romance.

Content: m/f romance, love scenes, fight scenes

Genre & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance

Keywords: psychic, SFR, private investigator, animals, undercover

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Talent (The Sentinel Agency 2) by Laurel Richards

Andromeda is still trying to get used to her prosthetic arm and leg after a terrorist bombing left her injured. Through her work with the Sentinel Agency, she’s determined to stop the bad guys and keep innocent people from getting hurt.

Luka Stiles used to be the top supermodel in town. When the advertisers drop him and his film career fizzles, he’s left drowning his sorrows at the bar. He coasts along on his former fame, which happens to score him an invitation to an exclusive charity auction.

Andromeda must team up with Luka to get into that auction and hack the computers. She believes the foundation hosting it may be funneling money to terrorists, as well as trafficking in protected wildlife.

Together, Andromeda and Luka will face the rich and famous, high-tech security, evil science experiments, and government agents who aren’t at all what they appear.

Content: m/f romance, love scene, fight scene, reference to terrorist bombing

Genre & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance

Keywords: SFR, private investigator, supermodel, disability, hacker, robot dog

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Strategy (The Sentinel Agency 3) by Laurel Richards

For years, Ryland Ward has known Dr. Casey Haven is his soulmate, but he hasn’t been able to claim her. His own cousin abandoned her and their son, leaving her with a broken heart. Ryland has waited for her to heal so he can prove he’s much more than a friend.

Casey has always been able to depend on Ryland. As a trans woman with a psychic ability to heal, she isn’t accepted by everyone. When her medical knowledge is needed for an undercover mission with Ryland, she doesn’t hesitate. She’ll do whatever it takes to stop the bad guys from deploying a biogenetic weapon that could kill everyone she loves.

With a dangerous operative plotting an attack and a black ops organization stalking the members of the Sentinel Agency, the stakes have never been higher. These star-crossed lovers will have to come together to save the universe.

Content: m/f romance, love scene, trans woman

Genre & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance

Keywords: SFR, private investigator, healer, soulmates, transwoman, undercover

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Space Race by Laurel Richards

The race is on! Maxton and his family are entered to compete in the big land rush on planet Caerus. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. The problem? Everything seems to go wrong. Their secondhand ship keeps breaking down, their cousin goes missing, and someone steals half their funds. They have to turn to a staffing agency to get somebody to take a look at their shipboard computers.

When Clara accepts a temp job aboard the Merit, she figures she’ll only be on the ship for about an hour. That’s all the time she needs to run a diagnostic on the computers, but then Max shocks her with an invitation to join his team. The man is handsome and single, and participating in the competition could change her whole life. But can they win?

Although this ragtag group may not look impressive from the outside, they have strength, determination, and smarts. They’ll need all those qualities if they want to win this amazing space race.

Content: This book contains a sweet romance, a dilapidated space ship, and a great deal of running.

Genre & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance

Keywords: sci-fi, competition, sweet romance

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Fate’s Mission by Laurel Richards

A love that was fated. A truth that can destroy a man’s faith. And a conflict generations in the making.

When a historical discovery threatens his religious Order, Brother Reinn jin Domarr is sent to investigate.  What he finds is a hotbed of political intrigue, assassination attempts, and religious warfare.  Someone doesn’t want him to uncover the truth, and he or she is willing to kill to protect a terrible secret.  In the midst of danger, he finds his soul mate. Isibel is a woman on a mission to save her people from enslavement, and she has her own enemies.  Soon their fates collide, and they face a battle that has been brewing for centuries.  Will love and faith be enough to save them?

Genre & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance

Keywords: SFR, etheric projection, soulmates, fate

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Carnal Fusion by Allie Ritch

When Liz is abducted by aliens, she doesn’t expect to wind up sharing her body with one. Fortunately for her, Zen presents himself as a man straight out of her fantasies, and he’s not alone. Cole is also a human sharing space with another consciousness—an alien named Voss. Zen, Cole, and Voss have been lovers for years, and they want Liz to join them. Can she really be part of this unusual foursome? Or will her inhibitions and human hang-ups get in the way?

Genre & Subgenres: Sci-Fi Romance

Keywords: SFR, ménage, erotic romance

Romantic Pairings: m/f romance, m/m/f/m romance, a little bit of m/m romance between a human and alien

Releasing Rage (Cyborg Sizzle 1) by Cynthia Sax

Half Man. Half Machine. All Hers.

Rage, the Humanoid Alliance’s most primitive cyborg, has two goals—kill all of the humans on his battle station and escape to the Homeland. The warrior has seen the darkness in others and in himself. He believes that’s all he’s been programmed to experience.

Until he meets Joan.

Joan, the battle station’s first female engineer, has one goal—survive long enough to help the big sexy cyborg plotting to kill her. Rage might not trust her but he wants her. She sees the passion in his eyes, the caring in his battle-worn hands, the gruff emotion in his voice.

When Joan survives the unthinkable, Rage’s priorities are tested. Is there enough room in this cyborg’s heart for both love and revenge?


Releasing Rage is a STANDALONE enemies-to-lovers Cyborg SciFi Romance set in a dark, gritty, sometimes-violent universe.

The unthinkable in this Romance truly is unthinkable.

Genre & Subgenres: SciFi Romance, Paranormal Romance, Cyborg Romance

Keywords: Cyborg Romance, SciFi Romance, Enemies To Lovers, BBW Heroine, Wounded Warrior, Scarred Hero

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Made For Her by Jessica E. Subject

After terrorists murder the love of her life, Colonel Mikayla Jones trains squadron after squadron of the clones he brought to life, to take to the skies. When she discovers a young clone of her husband in her newest class, her world spins out of control. How can she command the look-a-like when she can’t help but yearn for him to fill an ache in her heart?

Dare was created to be the best. As the first Daniel clone to leave Onatria labs, he needs to prove he is more than just a DNA copy. To do that, he must rely on the wife of the man who donated his genes. But when she refuses to train him, Dare faces discharge and returning to the labs. Can he convince Colonel Jones to finish his training and find a way into her bed? Or will long kept secrets unhinge the entire clone project?

Genre & Subgenres: SciFi Romance, Futuristic Romance, Military Romance
Keywords: SciFi, Romance, Futuristic, Clones, Military
Romantic Pairings: m/f

Beyond Reach by Jessica E. Subject

Abandoned by her parents…

Born on Earth, Nixie was left on the planet Schedar when her parents returned home. Growing up on the pleasure planet, she follows in the footsteps of the woman who raised her, and learns the art of erotic massage. But Nixie yearns for a different life, one where she receives as much pleasure as she gives.

A runaway prince…

In an attempt to escape his arranged marriage, Prince Mekai flees to Schedar. For, he could never love his betrothed when he already loves another, a fantasy woman who invades his dreams every night. When the woman he seeks carnal pleasure from turns out to be the same one in his fantasies, he believes fate brought them together.

Fated lovers or forever enemies?

Just when Nixie and Mekai believe they have a chance at happiness with each other, they find out why their races are at war, and why they can never be together.

Genre & Subgenres: SciFi Romance, Futuristic Romance, Other Worlds
Keywords: SciFi, Romance, Alien, Other World, Enemies to Lovers
Romantic Pairings: M/F

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Paranormal Romance & Fantasy Romance


Going Back To Find You by PG Forte

Because even a vampire deserves a second chance. 

When Jason Cook boarded the train to San Francisco, he didn’t plan on coming back. He never really thought he’d see Nebraska or Lizbeth Petersen ever again. But when an unexpected turn of events threatens the woman he’d been forced to leave behind, he has no choice but to go back and try to make things right. 

Warning: This is not a drill. Vampires are invading your favorite, small Nebraska town this Halloween. Does this mean Type-O flavored Booze will soon be the new rage in Sapphire Falls? Hopefully, it won’t come to that. But you never can tell…

Genre & Subgenres:  PNR, Holiday Romance (Halloween)

Keywords: second chance romance, vampire romance, holiday romance, family saga

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Harsh Line (Cataclysm 1) by Ann Gimpel

My very existence is under attack. I’ve kept a low profile, told myself the craziness sweeping the world would pass me by. Yeah, it was wishful thinking, actually an outright lie, but it’s kept me sane.

I’ve been hiding out forever in one guise or another. Currently, I run a nightclub. Ascent is an “ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies” haven. For everybody. I’m a Vampire. Far be it from me to judge.

My closest ally is a shapeshifting dire wolf. I adopted him when he was a scrawny puppy, but I’m getting ahead of my tale.

The fragile détente between supernaturals and humans has crashed and burned. I can’t avoid the truth any longer. Lucky for me, mortals don’t know exactly what I am. When I moved to Seattle, some vampiric sixth sense urged me to play my cards close to my vest, but I’m done burying my secrets.

And my power.

It’s past time for supernaturals to get over their stupid infighting. Meh. So what if Witches hate Druids? Or Fae never deal with Sorcerers? We have to pull together, or we’ll have no chance at all.

Not that it’s likely, but if any mortals see the light and sign up for our side, we’d damn well better welcome them.

I’m Ariana Hawke. No more skulking in the shadows for me.

Genre & Subgenres: urban fantasy, vampire paranormal romance

Keywords: vampires, witches, Fae, Sidhe, Shapeshifters

Romantic Pairings: m/f

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Mermaids & Other Water Supernaturals

The Merman and the Barbarian Pirate by Kay Berrisford

Raef, a lonely merman, spends his days watching the dashing Lord Haverford from afar and dreaming of love. When Haverford is robbed by a pirate, Raef vows to reclaim the stolen goods, hoping his victory will buy him the happiness he yearns for with Haverford. But Jon Kemp does not match what Raef knows about pirates, and the simple quest Raef anticipated turns out to be an epic journey. For while Jon might be a nobler man than Raef believed, he’s still a pirate. Love and loyalty are not on Jon’s agenda, and he certainly has no plans to love someone not entirely human…

Genre & Subgenres: Gay Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal

Keywords: Pirates, Mermen

Romantic Pairings: m/m

Peace for Poseidon (Olympians Ascending, Book #1) by Sotia Lazu

The plan is simple—find my mate, bond her, and ascend as the next king of gods. I’m ready for this. Been preparing all my life.

The world is mine, and nothing will stop me from fulfilling my destiny. Especially not a mortal female only meant as a means to my regaining my powers.

But Irine isn’t what I expected, and neither is the bonding, and that plan up there may need a tweak or ten. I must reevaluate my approach to… everything. For the first time in this life, I know what love is, and being an arrogant jerk won’t help me get my happily ever after.

Genre & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Mythology Romance

Keywords: Greek gods, Alpha male, free, soulmates, kickass heroin

Romantic Pairings: m/f

In Her Element (Elementals 1) by Laurel Richards

Darya Drake is a Water Elemental who has lived a difficult life. She’s raising her younger brother, Matthew, who is mentally ill, and she has had to fight off Phages—Elementals who kill and cannibalize other Elementals to steal their powers. It isn’t until she meets Ethan Zale, a Water Elemental with stormy blue eyes and a body to die for, that she dares to hope for a better future. Ethan is everything she has ever wanted, but trouble looms when a Phage begins stalking her. Can Ethan find out who is after her and keep her safe? Will her brother accept another man in her life? Darya discovers true love in the midst of strife, but for a girl who has lost almost everyone she has ever cared about, it’s hard to believe in happy endings.

Content warnings: reference to past abuse, reference to suicide, some violence, merman sex

Genre & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy

Keywords: Elementals, PNR, contemporary, urban fantasy

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Updrift (The Mer Chronicles 1) by Errin Stevens

Love isn’t in the air. It’s in the water.

Since her father died, Kate Sweeting’s home life has been in the pits, her well-being on life support. 

Her future looks desolate until she and her mother, Cara, make another plan: abandon their shriveled existence for more promising prospects on the coast, where Cara can play small-town librarian-bachelorette and Kate can figure out what’s up with that secretive Blake family from the beach.

Everyone is eerily captivated with Kate and her mother, and Cara is the first to figure out why when the man of her dreams arrives all dripping and devoted and closed-mouthed about what he intends. Kate is willing to go along with their subterfuge for a while, but eventually makes a charge for the water to learn what her mother is hiding. Gabe Blake is there waiting for her…and so is someone considerably less friendly.

Genre & Subgenres: Paranormal Romantic Suspense, Fairy Tales, Contemporary Romance, Mythology, Romance

Keywords: Happily Ever After, Shifter Romance, Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Lovers, Royalty Romance, Alpha Males

Romantic Pairings:  m/f

Breakwater (The Mer Chronicles 2) by Errin Stevens

How do you catch a siren lover? Sylvia recommends outstanding baked goods.

The sirens of Griffins Bay are in trouble, and the recent slew of royal suicides looks to be the least of their worries.

For one, unless a blood relative of the queen shows up, no one’s around to staff the monarchy. Well, except for a whack-job bureaucrat and he seriously won’t do. Worse is the community unrest threatening siren society, a problem caused by too many humans in the pool, which means Simon and his off-limit girlfriend will have to run and hide if they want to make more of their flirtation… 

The solution doesn’t inspire confidence at first, but the Blakes have everything at hand to set their world to rights – namely, a hidden queen, a dead prince, and a facility for human manipulation. Once they find their sea legs, they’ll restore order, distribute smart phones, and drive that conniving bureaucrat to a grisly, satisfying end.

Genre & Subgenres: Paranormal Romantic Suspense, Fairy Tales, Contemporary Romance, Mythology, Romance

Keywords: Happily Ever After, Shifter Romance, Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Lovers, Royalty Romance, Alpha Males

Romantic Pairings:  m/f

Outrush (The Mer Chronicles 3) by Errin Stevens

Sometimes love requires a deeper dive.

Maya’s headlong rush into marriage isn’t working out… and it isn’t the only collision course she’s on these days.

Her saltwater distractions aside, her father-in-law wants her gunned down for reasons unknown, and her pesky bodyguard – when he’s around – seems intent on drowning her in want and regret.

Maya is desperate to hold onto any small part of herself she understands. When escape becomes her only option, she finds herself in a race against a past – and a man – she can’t outrun.

Genre & Subgenres: Paranormal Romantic Suspense, Fairy Tales, Contemporary Romance, Mythology, Romance

Keywords: Happily Ever After, Shifter Romance, Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Lovers, Royalty Romance, Alpha Males

Romantic Pairings:  m/f

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Werewolves & Other Shifters

Blood Moons by Alianne Donnelly

They say no good deed ever goes unpunished, a sentiment Dara understands fully now that she is paying for a crime she didn’t commit. It was stupid to call in a murder she didn’t really see. But how could Dara have kept silent? Now a stunning—scratch that, a dangerous—man with a frightening secret of his own is telling her he can help. Yeah, right. A telepath knows better than to trust mere words.

The last decade of Tristan’s life has been penance. All that time spent among the worst dregs of society might have made him begin to question his humanity, but he’s never felt so much like an animal as he does around this timid, delicate female. Her very presence stirs the beast within him; Tristan can feel it growing stronger every day. Any more time with Dara, and it might overpower him completely. But without her, he stands no chance at all…

Genre & Subgenres: PNR, Science fiction romance

Keywords: shape shifters, telepaths, prison romance

Romantic Pairings:m/f

Wolf at the Door (Snowdonia Wolves #1) by Sofia Grey

Lillian may have sworn off men, but Jake’s not just any man, he’s a wolf shifter – the Alpha of the Snowdonia Wolf Pack. When she gives the huge injured dog shelter from the storm, she has no idea about his true self, so he courts her the only way he can, via a psychic link into her dreams.

He vows to claim her as his Mate, and when Jake makes a vow, he keeps it, but it’s not that easy. Shifters don’t usually pair off with humans, especially not Pack Alphas. She’s a famous pop singer, while he prefers to stay in the shadows, and then there’s the big reason: humans have no idea wolf shifters exist.

Can he shift Lillian’s world enough for her to fall in love with him?

Genre & Subgenres: Paranormal wolf shifter romance

Keywords: Alpha wolf; rock singer; psychic romance; fated mates

Romantic Pairings: m/f

A Handful of Wolf (Snowdonia Wolves #2) by Sofia Grey

When Sasha, a wolf shifter, finds his fated Mate, he can’t just walk away from her. Too bad Megan doesn’t let herself fall in love so easily. Then there’s the whole hey-I’m-really-a-wolf conversation, but how hard can that be?

Megan knows better than to let a sweet-talking charmer get under her skin, but Sasha’s sexy playfulness is making her forget all her rules. Except one: she’s not willing to risk her heart by falling in love. The gorgeous boy from Wales can only be a fling, especially since her over-protective brothers hate him on sight.

In the midst of a wolf uprising, a hesitant Mate, and Megan’s complicated family ties, Sasha learns that impulsiveness is dangerous and sometimes even lethal. Can he show Megan why they belong together before it all comes crashing down around him and he loses his Mate forever?

Genre & Subgenres: Paranormal wolf shifter romance

Keywords: New Zealand romance; psychic romance; fated mates; alpha protectiveness

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Mythical Prey by Harper Jewel

Hunter Covey, star wide receiver for his high school football team, is afraid to reveal his craving to be more than buddies with his best friend. He fears Griff will run in the other direction. After a sealed box of secrets held by his adoptive parents unlocks and spills its contents, only his incredible connection with Griffin can keep him calm.

Griffin Lambros — gifted high school quarterback — kept his crush for his best friend to himself. But an accident at the state championship compels Griff to open up and reveal his inner desires. When Griff’s mom opens the proverbial Pandora’s Box, Griff will need every bit of help Hunter offers.

Nicknamed Whiny Will by the Haworth Cougars, William Davenport didn’t use his father’s connections to get on the team because he liked football. He craved to be close to his hidden infatuation — Griffin Lambros. Once Griff graduated, Will lost touch with him. However, fate intervened and tossed Will and his family’s scandal into the lap of his dreamboat without warning.

When they discover the three of them are shifters with powers—precognition, accelerated healing, empathic manipulation—it only adds to several other obstacles in their way. Can the three men accept their future to become the next formidable Tytonidae Triad, or will they let destiny slip through their feathers?

Genre/Sub-Genre: Paranormal, Gay Romance

Keywords: Paranormal, Bird-of-Prey Shifters, gay romance, suspense, murder

Romantic Pairings: m/m/m

Dragon Tears (Elementals 2) by Laurel Richards

After losing his parents and suffering abuse at the hands of his human stepfather, Matthew Drake has lost his grip on reality. He is well aware that there is something wrong with him, but he must stay on the move to keep ahead of his past. Wandering the streets of Paradise City, Matthew uses his power as a Fire Elemental to avoid or kill those who threaten him.

It isn’t until Lucius Brant, a powerful healer and fellow Fire Elemental, enters his life that Matthew starts to feel like he can think more clearly. But Lucius isn’t the only one taking an interest in him. A killer is on the loose somewhere in the city and is trying to frame him. Can Matthew trust Lucius to heal his mind? Can he find out who the real killer is and clear his name? He has to survive long enough to find out.

Content warnings: reference to past abuse, reference to suicide, some violence, love scenes intended for adult audiences only

Genre & Subgenres: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal

Keywords: Elementals, contemporary, urban fantasy, paranormal

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Passion Fire (Elementals 3) by Laurel Richards

When Livi meets Matthew Drake at the Paradise University dance studio, she has no idea what a steamy tango she’s in for. As Fire Elementals, they’re both passionate, and they’re naturally drawn to each other. Unfortunately, Livi’s father wants her to marry someone else—not just anyone, but Matthew’s worst enemy, Erasmus Drac. Forced to choose between the two men, Livi must decide whether to submit to family pressure or follow her heart’s desire. To do that, she has to understand Matthew’s painful past and draw strength from his power. Will she surrender to the flames of passion, or will she just get burned?

Content warnings: reference to past abuse, reference to suicide, paranormal violence, spicy love scenes

Genre & Subgenres: Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy

Keywords: Elementals, PNR, contemporary, urban fantasy

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Pleasure Season (Children of Nanook 3) by Allie Ritch

Sorena is prepared to spend another arctic winter alone, talking to herself and going mad with lust. Then she comes nose to nose with a giant frost bear that changes into a man right in front of her eyes. A very sexy, naked man. Tuaq is a Child of Nanook—a shifter who changes between man and bear—and one whiff of Sorena’s scent makes him think he might have found his mate. He agrees to spend the winter with her. And when another male tries to take her from him? His claws and fangs aren’t just for show.

Genre & Subgenres: Shifter Romance / Sci-Fi Romance

Keywords: bear shifters, mates, erotic romance, frozen planet

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Bare Season (Children of Nanook 4) by Allie Ritch

Idonea has been afraid of frost bears ever since she was attacked by one. She has also been distrustful of men after the one who should have protected her ran away. As a shifter, Massak takes the form of both man and bear, so he should be her worst nightmare. One whiff of her scent, though, and he knows they’re meant to be together. Winter is the mating season on the planet of Jensen—a time when nature strips everything bare and primal instincts rise to the surface. Massak must use this time to prove to Idonea that he’s her perfect mate. He’ll use every skill he has to protect and pleasure her until the stubborn female admits she’s his.

Genre & Subgenres: Shifter Romance / Sci-Fi Romance

Keywords: bear shifters, mates, erotic romance, frozen planet

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Chasing Mac by Megan Slayer

Two souls destined to be together will find their way, no matter what the obstacle.

Chase Madden never realized he’d find the love to save him in the woods. A throwaway kid from a rough homelife who loves to camp—that’s how he saw himself. Going to Blue Lick Mountain served as his refuge from the terrible parts of his life. Then he met Mac. The wolf listened to him and showed empathy. Plus, he was darn handsome in his human form. After one night together, Chase is forced to spend years away from the wolf he craves. When he returns to Blue Lick Mountain, he vows to chase Mac all over the globe in order to have another chance with the sexy shifter. He has no idea if he’ll find the wolf, but he’ll do whatever it takes to reconnect with his mate.

After years apart, will Mac still want him? Will he be able to accept Mac’s nuances? Or will the blossoming love die?

Genre & Subgenres: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, LGBTQ

Keywords: Gay, Shifters, Shifter Romance, Wolf Shifters, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, LGBTQ

Romantic Pairings: m/m

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Superheroes, Magic, & Miscellaneous

Bound for the Forest (Bound for the Forest 1) by Kay Berrisford

When ex-soldier Brien returns to his ancestral home in the enchanted Greenwood, his only plan is to retrieve his family’s valuables and then get the hell out of there. But that plan is forestalled when he discovers his fortune is gone—and a mysterious young man, Scarlet, trying to burn the mansion down. Desperate to recover his lost wealth, Brien takes Scarlet captive and demands he guide Brien through the forest to locate it.

Deep in the Greenwood, Scarlet offers his body up for pain, punishment, and pleasure—anything to give Brien what he wants so he’ll leave. The last person Scarlet needs around is an enemy of the good forest spirits he swears by, who’ll reject him, just like everyone else in his life has. Worse, Brien’s presence is stirring up evil spirits that hunger for Scarlet’s blood. Hunted and haunted by the Greenwood and all that dwells in it, Brien and Scarlet must learn to rely on each other, and trust in a magical path that both have long forsaken.

Genre & Subgenres: Gay Erotica, Fantasy and Paranormal

Keywords: Gay romance, BDSM

Romantic Pairings: m/m

Bad Slave by Kay Berrisford

When the king commands former war hero Captain Jay Ghair to find him the perfect royal sex slave, Jay’s quiet new life as a librarian is shattered. Jay discovers the boy he’s looking for in Alix, a lowly miner and wannabe court scientist, whom Jay can’t help but secretly adore. However, teaching the rebellious Alix to be a docile slave is difficult. Alix will behave for just one man, and it isn’t the king. It’s Jay.

Standing by while the king’s treatment of Alix becomes cruel is torturous for Jay. He longs to return to his library, yet he can’t bear to leave Alix, or his people, unprotected. To rescue Alix–and save the realm from the increasingly tyrannical king–Jay must confront the demons of his military past and take up the sword again. But his most important battle must be won through returning Alix’s love and learning to master this bad slave who submits only for him.

Genre & Subgenres: BDSM, Gay, Erotica, Fantasy

Keywords: MM Romance, D/s

Romantic Pairings: m/m

The Royal Wizard by Alianne Donnelly

The kingdom of Wilderheim stands bastion between the world of humans and the Otherlands. It is ruled as much by people as it is by creatures Other and as such, it must always have a wizard at the right hand of its king. Nico has seen three generations of rulers sit the throne; he knows he will not see the fourth. Desperate to find a worthy apprentice, when Nia appears like a godsend in his path he wastes no time taking her under his wing as his last sworn duty to the young king Saeran.

But Nia and Saeran have many trials ahead of them. With destinies converging toward an inevitable battle for power, countless lives hang in the balance, including theirs. As love brings them together, so strife tears them apart and as the balance between justice and magic shifts, the royal wizard and her king get caught in a maelstrom of colliding forces. Nothing is ever as it seems with a trickster hiding in the shadows. When the gods begin to play, mortals tremble…

Genre & Subgenres: high fantasy, fantasy romance

Keywords: magic, dragons, Norse mythology, magical creatures, good vs. evil

Romantic Pairings:m/f

Catch Me by Alianne Donnelly

As the most loyal of Snow White’s dedicated Rebel Court, Haig Cavanaugh has never failed to complete a mission. Now that the war is over, he might be spending his time on far more pleasurable pursuits, but a soldier never truly stops being a soldier. When Snow White once again calls on her trusted allies, Haig is ready and willing to answer.

There’s only one problem. His partner for this task is the Huntsman’s beautiful daughter, Aislin and to her, mixing business with pleasure is a totally foreign concept. Happily, their mission leads into the depths of the mysterious Elderwood, where all sorts of things have been known to happen. The nights are warm, the ground is soft, and Haig happens to be a very practical kind of guy. Who cares if he’s the hunter or the prey? All that matters is that he gets Aislin naked and willing in his arms in the end. And that she doesn’t find out what their mission really entails…

Genre & Subgenres: modern fairy tale, fantasy, erotic romance

Keywords: snow white, magic, 

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Dragon’s Call (Dragon Heir 1) by Ann Gimpel

After her Celtic kin proved too big a bunch of bastards to bother with, Rowan sought solace among witches.

The first book in a magic-laced, fast-paced fantasy trilogy. With dragons.

After the Breaking, not much was left. I assumed it was a case of magic gone bad—until I discovered my goddess mother had broken the world. She didn’t like it that I’d turned my back on the pantheon. My long tenure among witches rubbed salt into the wound.

After a confrontation where Mommy Dearest fessed up—and lacked the decency to bat an eyelash about the widespread destruction she’d caused—I was digesting what to do next when a dragon showed up.

Yes. A dragon.

The beast didn’t talk with me or anything, but it flew overhead wreaking havoc on a goblin horde. Witches are old souls with kind hearts, but they’re not particularly strong magically, so I was grateful for the help.

And suspicious as hell. Why a dragon? Why here and why now? More importantly, why was he—she?—helping me? Part of me didn’t want to know, and another part was certain I’d find out anyway.

Genre & Subgenres: urban fantasy, contemporary fantasy, dystopian

Keywords: Witches and wizards, Celtic mythology, Norse mythology, dragons

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Shira (Circle of Assassins 1) by Ann Gimpel

If they had one of those anonymous rehabilitation programs for folks like me, my introduction would be, “Hi, I’m Shira, and I kill people.” Except rehab suggests killing people bothers me. It doesn’t.

Neither am I particularly committed to anything other than not being caught. That sounded a shred on the hard-hearted side. I’m not. I’m a lot like you. I get up every morning, clean myself up, and check my phone to see what I have cooking.

Everyone has a job. Mine happens to be ridding the world of people who shouldn’t be here. Not that I’m making those decisions. People hire me, and I trust they’ve done their homework.

I’ve always been…different, never had a close circle of friends or even associates. Once I discovered I could do unusual things, I kept to myself. Those rare skills make me a perfect choice because I kill from a distance and leave no evidence. What I do is lucrative. I’m pretty much set even for my rather long lifetime.

In theory, I could quit anytime.

I say that after every job. That I should walk away, except I don’t. Tell you what. Don’t judge me, and I might spare you if your number comes up on my dance card. Deal?

Genre & Subgenres: urban fantasy, contemporary fantasy, fantasy romance

Keywords: assassins, shapeshifters, dragons, bond animals

Romantic Pairings: m/f

The Keeper of Moon Haven by Ciara Gold

On the southern fringes of the Mendip Hills sits the Castle Hamingjur, an abandoned structure most fear haunted. Yet, on the rare occasions when the Hunter’s Blue Moon occurs, the Keeper occupies this mysterious castle where he guards the bridge to Alfheim Haven.

Noreen Willshire discovers more than fairytales hidden between the pages of Beletania’s diary. She opens the ancient book and finds a pathway to a Faery Realm where all manner of mythical creatures reside. In her naïveté, she summons the Keeper before his scheduled time in the human realm. In that brief moment, the mysterious wizard touches her soul with more than magick. She promises to return the diary during Mefylleth, a time when the barriers between the two realms melt away, but danger stalks her path. Torn between her desire to make a new life for herself in America and her growing love for the Keeper, she must bridge the gap between magick and time to follow her heart.

Genre:  Historical Fantasy Romance

Keywords:  Fae, Magic, Victorian Romance

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Snow White And Her Seven Lovers by Jenna Ives

What’s a girl to do when she wakes up poisoned in the ER and finds that she’s lost her memory, her family, and very nearly her life?

That was me. Three months ago. With no identity, no money, and nowhere to go on the day I was discharged from the hospital, I gratefully accepted my gorgeous ER doctor’s offer to move in with him and his equally gorgeous six friends – the ones who’d found me unconscious in an apple orchard. My plan was to stay until my memory returned, and I could figure out who I was and if someone really had tried to kill me.

Together with Doc, these were an amazingly diverse bunch of guys, but there was something about each of them that attracted me powerfully enough to want to explore it. Intimately. The policeman with his clever handcuffs. The cunningly linguistic librarian. The disciplinarian teacher. The virgin computer whiz who loved to play sex games. The engineer who created shotgun orgasms. The wildly imaginative baker.

Becoming intimate with these seven men completed me in ways I suspected discovering my name never would. That is, until the fateful day a man showed up claiming to be my fiancé.

Genre & Subgenres: erotic romance, contemporary erotic romance, contemporary fairy tale romance
Keywords: erotic romance, bondage, blindfold, discipline
Romantic Pairings: m/m/m/m/m/m/m/f

Marquis of Secret Doors (Royal Powers 3) by Lynn Lorenz

Secrets are never good things.

Remy Marchand is the Marquis of Marchand. Royal by blood. But he’s got a secret. In a world where royals have superpowers, Remy refuses to reveal his power, especially to his family. His entire life Remy wanted is to be just plain old Remy, not the Remy the Royal the kids from his childhood tormented. Back from university, all Remy wants to do is work on his art. All his parents want him to do is get a real job in The Municipal. But Remy’s not up for a life of boring paper pushing.

Hugo Legrand used to be a follower and a bully. But that was ages ago and Hugo is now the owner of a fledgling construction company. With one job, he’s got the chance to really make a name for himself – the renovation of the Marchand’s stable into a luxury rental place. The only bad thing – Remy Marchand, the object of Hugo’s desire lives there at the chateau. But Remy is so far out of his league, Hugo doesn’t stand a chance with a royal.

Hugo past haunts him. He’d been one of Remy’s childhood bullies – and Remy remembers. Hugo’s secret – even at thirteen, he’d thought Remy was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. If his fellow bullies found out, both Remy and he would have been in even more danger, so Hugo watched over Remy and stayed silent, letting Remy think the worst of him.

Now, fate and circumstance has thrown Hugo and Remy together, and there is no denying the spark between them. In their dreams, that spark ignites desire and hope.

But if Hugo wants Remy, he can no longer keep his secret.
And Remy’s secret, if it stays hidden, can let Hugo and Remy live the lives of their dreams.

But once out, it could destroy their future.

Genre & Subgenres: A MM superhero Romance

Keywords:  superhero, royalty, secret

Romantic Pairings:  mm

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Historical Romance

The Disciplinarian (Victorian Secrets 1) by Leigh Court

As Victorian England’s notorious Disciplinarian, Jared Ashworth has never failed to transform a difficult wife into a dutiful spouse, but headstrong Clarissa Babcock presents a unique challenge.

Her husband wants an heir, and demands Jared warm up his frigid wife or Babcock will take matters into his own hands.

Jared knows this means life or death for Clarissa, but as he instructs her in the ways of passion, her beauty, spirit and uninhibited responses make Jared hunger to keep her all for himself.

Genre & Subgenres: Historical romance, Victorian romance, Erotic romance

Keywords: erotic romance, blindfold, enemies to lovers, historical erotic romance, bondage, discipline

Romantic Pairings: m/f

The Disciplinarian’s Daughter (Victorian Secrets 2) by Leigh Court

Only virgins need apply…

In Victorian England, Dr. Trevor Markham is determined to prove that the medical condition known as ‘female hysteria’ is simply a woman’s sexual frustration. But when innocent Amelia Ashworth responds to his ad for a scientific study of virgins, Trevor’s intimate experiments produce results neither of their hearts expect!

Genre & Subgenres: Historical romance, Victorian romance, Erotic romance

Keywords: erotic romance, Victorian erotic romance, historical erotic romance, erotic sexual education, virgin romance

Romantic Pairings: m/f

The Bet (Victorian Secrets 3) by Leigh Court

When Damian Hunt, Viscount Atherton, makes an outrageous sexual wager with his best friend George Beringer on a cold Victorian night, the stakes run so high that losing can’t be contemplated. There’s just one unexpected twist, and her name is Claire. Who will win this bet?

Genre & Subgenres: erotic romance, historical erotic romance, erotic sexual education

Keywords: Kama Sutra, sexual education, historical erotic romance

Romantic Pairings
: m/f

The Pleasure Device (Harwell Heirs Book 1) by Regina Kammer

In Victorian London of 1879, a new device for the treatment of hysteria has just arrived from France. Dr. Julius Christopher plans to use the invention for his own salacious scheme. Can Dr. Nicholas Ramsay prevent his beloved, the virginal debutante Helena Phillips, from being the next patient?

The Doctor and The Debutante
Nicholas Ramsay, renouncing his aristocratic heritage and dark past, has chosen a career as a doctor. He arrives in London ready to embark upon his practice and find a suitable wife. Helena Phillips, born into scandal and disgrace, is making her London debut. To atone for the circumstances of her birth, she must find a titled husband—no less than an earl will do.

A Dangerous Passion
Nicholas and Helena’s chance encounter during the Season leads to a dangerous attraction—and forbidden explorations. A taste of passion leaves Helena longing for more, and her lovesick wretchedness is confused for hysteria, a mysterious ailment afflicting many Victorian women.

A Devious Scheme

Dr. Julius Christopher’s new electro-mechanical vibrating machine for the treatment of hysteria is the perfect device to test his radical theory of female sexuality. To fully explore his hypothesis, he requires a virgin and seeks to ensnare Helena for his experiment.

Can He Save Her?
Nicholas is determined to rescue Helena from the clutches of Dr. Christopher. But to prove he is worthy of Helena’s hand, Nicholas must reconcile with his past, embrace his future, and show her pleasure is more profound when coupled with love.

Genre & Subgenres: Victorian Erotic Romance, Medical Romance

Keywords: virgin heroine, doctor hero, concealed identity, hysteria, doctor villain, London Season, polyamory, multiple pov

Romantic Pairings: m/f

The Gentleman and the Spy by Neil S. Plakcy

After his father’s death Lord Magnus Dawson has more important things to think about than falling in love—like how to earn a living when all he knows is the idleness he was raised with, and the military training he received before selling his commission.

For Toby Marsh, the impetus is as great, though he doesn’t have Magnus’s family connections to fall back on. A scholarship student at Cambridge, he was forced to spend his last year in college as valet and sometime tutor to a brainless fellow student after his father’s sudden death. Now he scrabbles out a living as a freelance tutor.

Then a call from the Foreign Office brings them together. Toby disdains the idle lordling, and Magnus can’t seem to treat Toby as more than a servant. As they delve deeper into their assignment, the attraction between them grows. But can they envision a future together when so class and culture conspire to drive them apart?

Genre & Subgenres: Historical MM

Keywords: class difference, Britain, Victorian, spy, intrigue, angsty

Romantic Pairings: m/m

The Lock-Keeper’s Heart by Neil S. Plakcy

Can two broken men heal each other?

In the aftermath of a failed love, Isaac Evans drops out of college and flees Philadelphia for a lock-keeper’s job on the Delaware Canal in rural Pennsylvania, where he pursues a life of Thoreau-driven solitude.

Prussian immigrant Lenert Tessmer trudges along the canal towpath in good and bad weather, hobbled by his dialect which prevents him from connecting with others. Then Lenert breaks his leg, and Isaac’s Quaker beliefs force him to offer a place where Lenert can recover.

Slowly, these two broken men find solace and healing in each other. But with railroads replacing the canal and narrow-minded outsiders who threaten their country idyll, Isaac and Lenert will have to face their deepest fears to develop a love that will endure.

Fans of MM historical romance will appreciate a fascinating time period, filled with unique details and a vibrant location, and a focus on the lives of working-class men in the 19th century who dare to love other men. This historical MM romance set in a small town in rural Pennsylvania in 1872 has a hurt/comfort theme.

Genre & Subgenres: Historical MM

Keywords: post-civil war America, immigrants, Quakers, angst, history, hurt/comfort

Romantic Pairings: m/m

Heart of Shadow (Mail Order Bride 2) by Cynthia Woolf

Tough as nails rancher Abe Condon needs to produce children to inherit his property, so he sends for a mail-order bride. Love will not be part of the deal. He’s had his share of heartbreak and harbors no illusions about his future wife; she will most likely be hiding from the law or a cold hearted…well…just cold.

Nothing prepares Abe for the beautiful vision in burgundy that steps off the train, or the pain he sees flickering in her eyes. She may not be cold, but she is definitely hiding something. She couldn’t possibly be as sweet as she seems, and yet darned if his cowboy upbringing doesn’t make him want to wrap her up and keep her safe.

A contemporary woman of the twenty-first century, Maddie Porter is given a second chance; get out of Purgatory and earn her angel wings by answering a deserving man’s Heart Wish. A wish from deep in his heart that he doesn’t even know he has.

In 1881, one look into this cowboy’s emerald eyes and Maddie knows she is willing to risk everything to grant his Heart Wish and keep her cowboy safe, even lose her own soul to the angel hunters looking for her. She has just seven days…and nights…to show this man that love is a risk worth taking.

Genre & Subgenres:  Historical Western Romance/Time Travel Romance

Keywords: mail order bride, angels, time travel, cowboy, rancher, suspense, sensual

Romantic Pairings: m/f

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Contemporary Romance

General & Miscellaneous

Fear of Flying by Leigh Court

You’re never going to die in a plane crash…

A mysterious fortune teller’s prediction plays right into book publicist Jessie Jordan’s biggest fear. A difficult childhood has left Jessie determined to control all aspects of her life, but she can’t control airplanes…

Travel writer Regan Quade also has control issues. A devastating event during his time in the military has scarred him into believing he needs to remain single. He can’t risk being responsible for anyone else’s life.

But during a nationwide media tour to promote Regan’s newest travel book, Jessie’s fear of flying prompts Regan to help calm her anxiety in a shocking and highly intimate way. The sudden change in their relationship from professional to personal unleashes their mutual attraction, but Jessie doesn’t know if there’s any way to pierce the wall Regan’s built around his heart.

Genre & Subgenres: Contemporary romance

Keywords: contemporary romance, fear of flying, travel romance

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Inked Memories by PG Forte

Every memory leaves its mark. 

All Sophie wants is a tattoo to commemorate her battle with cancer. What she gets is celebrity tattoo artist Declan Ross, the same sexy bad-boy who, once-upon-a-time, used to rock her world.

With his hit television show on hiatus, Declan is back in the Big Easy. A charity event at Midnight Ink, the shop where he got his start, seems like the perfect opportunity to use his celebrity status to publicize a good cause…and just maybe improve his own image in the process. The last thing he’s expecting, or thinks he needs, is a chance meeting with the girl he left behind.

Last time they were together, Declan was the one who was damaged. This time, they’ve both got scars; and those you can’t see are the hardest to cover. 

Genre & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Keywords: second chance romance, cancer survivor, tattoos, tattoo artists, New Orleans, holiday romance

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Kinks in the Road Home by Roz Lee

It’s been three years since Paul discovered his slave, Cameron, beaten and clinging to life in a NYC alley. Determined to protect the man he loves, they’ve moved to a remote mountain retreat and though Cam’s physical wounds have mostly healed, the past still has an emotional hold on them, preventing them from finding the third person they once dreamed of completing their family.

When Cam meets Matt, thoughts of a third person in his relationship with Paul resurface. His master isn’t pleased with Cam’s attraction to the other man, but the fact that they’re talking about a third again is a sign that they’re both ready to put the past behind them. The only thing left to do is see if Matt is the one they’ve been looking for.

Rejected by his family, Matt worked at Bound to put himself through culinary school and has made a life for himself. Intrigued by Cam and the life he leads as a sexual slave, Matt agrees to become their cook and housekeeper, while deep down, he wants more.

Is there room in Paul’s heart for another slave?

Genre & Subgenres: LGBTQ+ – Gay romance – BDSM – erotic romance

Keywords: master/slave, menage, gay, domination & submission, polyamory

Romantic Pairings: m/m/m

Pinky Swear (Hearts of New Orleans 1) by Lynn Lorenz

Lane has loved Matt since childhood, but Matt is everything Lane isn’t. Athletic, sexy, handsome. From childhood, they planned their futures. Graduation high school. LSU. Then, get an apartment in the French Quarter. But after a drunken graduation night, they crossed the line of friendship. For Lane, it was all he’d ever dreamed. For Matt, it was a mistake. The next day, Matt left for California and a new job, devastating Lane.

Lane remained in New Orleans as a geologist and rented a historic slave quarters from an elderly gay man, Sebastian, who has become a sort of gay mentor to Lane. But as Hurricane Katrina barrels toward them, Sebastian refuses to leave the city and his creole cottage in the French Quarter. Lane must hunker down with the older man because he’d never desert someone he cares about.

Hurricane Katrina devastates the city, leaving all who remain without fresh water, food, or power. Matt, now a photojournalist, is sent by his boss to record the damage. But all he can think about is getting to Lane, begging for forgiveness, and winning him back.

Lane just wants one good shot at Matt’s nose.

Genre & Subgenres: Contemporary romance

Keywords:  hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, second chances, rescue

Romantic Pairings:  m/m

Incognito: Secret Lives, Forbidden Loves by Lisabet Sarai

Shy and serious by day—insatiable by night.

During the day, Miranda Cahill works diligently on her doctoral thesis. At night, she has sex with strangers.

Public coupling, multiple partners, age play, spankings, bondage, lesbian lust—each salacious adventure exposes new dimensions of her depravity. Her secret life explodes when she realizes her masked partner at a kink club and the charismatic colleague courting her are in fact the same man.

Dickens scholar Mark Anderson seems like an affable, uncomplicated Midwesterner, but he has hidden depths, myriad talents, and an unlimited appetite for erotic variety. With Mark as her guide, Miranda comes to accept the intricacy of her own desires, as well as to trust her heart.

Genre & Subgenres: Taboo contemporary erotic romance (Five flames), BDSM, Ménage, Multiple partners, lesbian/gay

Keywords: Anonymous, Menage, LGBTQ, Dominance and Submission, Victorian period, Boston, London, Literature, Shakespeare

Romantic Pairing: Primary pairing is M/F, but the book includes M/F/F and other groupings.

Bed of My Truck by Megan Slayer

Can he have the house, the dog and the lover of his dreams or will it all fall apart right before his eyes?

The one Carson never thought he’d see again could be the one to save his life.

Carson never expected to see his dog or a man from his past ever again. His ex took Dragon when he left, then carelessly lost the dog.  Dragon’s been found and in the last place Carson expected to find him—a vet’s office.

But, the surprises just keep coming.

Carson hasn’t seen Alec since school, but the feelings he had for the man haven’t abated. When he’s reunited with Alec at the veterinary office, Carson’s got to face his feelings.

Includes scenes of spanking, oral sex, anal sex and male-male sex. This book has been re-edited and re-issued in this edition.

Genre & Subgenres: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Gay Romance

Keywords: explicit, spanking, masturbation, dogs, pets, dirty talk, oral sex, reunited, artist, medical personnel

Romantic Pairings: m/m

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Rock Stars & Musicians

Rock Star by Leigh Court

He’s a rock star with stage fright. She’s a therapist with a dangerous secret…

Sebastian Roe was shot onstage during a concert five years ago, sending him into a creative tailspin and leaving him with a deep fear of performing. But his love of music is too strong to keep him off a stage forever, despite the fact the police never caught the gunman. He just needs a little help getting back in front of an audience, and figures announcing a U.S. tour will force him back onstage. Unfortunately, it’s bringing up his worst nightmare and puts his sold-out comeback tour in jeopardy.

Mia Merrill was in the audience the night of Sebastian’s fateful concert. She loves his music and wants to help him overcome his PTSD and get him back onstage, but there’s another reason she’s determined to become his therapist: She’s the reason he was shot.

Driven by guilt and a need to atone, Mia takes Sebastian on as a patient. Romantic sparks fly between the two during their therapy sessions, but no sooner do they start to make progress on Sebastian’s stage fright than the gunman announces he’s back to finish the job.

Genre & Subgenres: Contemporary romance, Rock & roll romance

Keywords: rock star, rock star romance, PTSD, contemporary romance

Romantic Pairings: m/f

His Private Fix (Love at the Beach #1) by Sofia Grey

I’m thirty-four, almost divorced, and falling in a love with a guy I just met. Dumb move, huh? Also, Jonah is ten years younger than me—and he’s here on holiday, while I’m supposed to be working on finishing my novel.

He’s broken, somehow, and I wish he’d trust me enough to help him. I hate the pain in his eyes, and the way his secrets threaten to tear us apart before we’ve even begun.

Am I just a holiday fling? Or can I make him believe that we can be more?

His Private Fix is a standalone romance with an HEA. While it’s part of a series, each book is a different couple and can be read on its own.

Genre & Subgenres: Contemp romance, New Adult

Keywords: broken hero; rock star; beachside romance, New Zealand romance, older woman-younger man

Romantic Pairings: M/F

Beautiful Music Together by Megan Slayer

Can these two opposites find the right rhythm?

Jon Kagan likes his life. He’s carefree unless he’s in the recording studio with his trumpet. Then he’s serious as hell. He plays the field like he does the notes on each track, but the single life isn’t fun any longer. He wants a lover and partner. But how can he find the man of his dreams when the only people he spends time with are the same musicians night after night? He’s convinced he won’t—until he meets Benny. Then all bets are off.

Benny Walters burns the midnight oil, too, but not in the music business. He’d rather work on houses than play tunes. Putting in a good sweat over a flooring job or painting a room makes him happy—almost as much as watching the hot guy who jogs across the neighborhood in the middle of the day. When he finally talks to Jon, sparks fly. He’d love to get to know Jon better, but confidence isn’t his strong point. Will he be able to get beyond his past and find the future he deserves?

Love happens in the strangest places, especially when it hits all the right notes.

Genre & Subgenres: Contemporary, LGBTQ, Romance, Erotic Romance

Keywords: Contemporary, Remodeler, Musician, Friends to Lovers, Second Chance Romance, Gay, Gay Romance

Romantic Pairings: m/m

Blurred Reality by Megan Slayer

When the band takes a hiatus, the boys will play…

When Jacen Goodwin’s band, Disaster Transport, crashed in Dallas and ended up at the Nathalia Hotel, he never expected to find his heart’s desire. He wants to stay in his adopted home city, but he loves the roar of the crowd as well as their adoration. Can the star drummer step away from the buzz of fame long enough to grab what he needs with both hands or will the lure of the crowd be too much?

Matt Walker knew from the moment he got involved with Jacen that their relationship was temporary. Jacen’s a celebrity and he holds the position of the sexiest eligible bachelor of the band. Even if Matt saw a future for him and Jacen, the odds aren’t in their favor. But he can hope, right? He’s been head over heels in love with Jacen since the moment they met.

Can these two opposites make a go of their fledgling relationship or will celebrity and the challenges of fame keep them apart?

Genre & Subgenres: Contemporary, Romance, LGBTQ, Gay Romance, Gay

Keywords: Hotel, Hotel Owner, Gay, Rock Star, Tabloid Romance, Romance

Romantic Pairings: m/m

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Romantic Comedy

The Name Game by PG Forte

He knows what to do to save her business. She knows what he needs to fix his life!

Atlas Beach is experiencing a retail-renaissance—and Carly Meyer is determined to be part of it.  But her sandwich shop-slash-food-truck, The Lunch Box, is struggling to stay afloat.

Luckily, help is on the way thanks to the Chamber of Commerce’s innovative mentoring program—partnering successful Atlas Beach business owners with some of the newer start-ups. Too bad the mentor assigned to her is the delectable—and highly annoying—Tino DiLuca.

Tino knows exactly what’s hurting Carly’s business and—exactly how to fix it. But his number one solution, changing the name of her signature sandwich, is the one thing she’s not prepared to do.

Genre & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, RomCom

Keywords: small town romance, friends to lovers, Jersey Shore, Sandwich Shop series

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Going To The Chapel by PG Forte

In Waiting For The Big One, Gabby and Derek went from being friends to being lovers. Now, they’re waiting for their “big day”. But will it be the wedding of their dreams? Or a bride’s worst nightmare?

A quick trip to Gabby’s hometown turns into the wedding from hell when Gabby and Derek are plagued by hailstorms, lost reservations, voracious goats, angry bees and enough family drama to fill a barn.

Guess it’s true what they say, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” But can the happy couple hold it all together, or will their Big Day turn into a Big Mess?

Genre & Subgenres: Contemporary Romance, RomCom

Keywords:  friends to lovers, wedding, small town romance 

Romantic Pairings: m/f

Weekends with Sexy (Forever Rescue 2) by Treva Harte

Sexy is cute. Sexy has ‘tude. What Sexy doesn’t have is his comfortable home and his well trained human servants to care for him. He’s completely unimpressed with the fancy condo and his caretaker Sandy.

Good thing Sexy knows just the guy to help straighten out this mess — Kirk. Maybe Sexy can show the grumpy Kirk that stargazing is better with a partner. Can the crazy dachshund bring these two humans together?

Genre & Subgenres:  Romantic Comedy, Young Adult

Keywords: dachshunds, rescue dogs

Romantic Pairings: m/f

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Falling for the Colonel’s Daughter (Aroha Retreat #1) by Sofia Grey

She couldn’t be more off limits if she tried

All Major Jack Logan wants is to be back with his troops in Iraq, but after a head injury he’s forced to return to New Zealand to recover. He can’t even go home for a family Christmas because his commanding officer is sending him to a newly opened beachside retreat – a rehab for wounded soldiers.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Jack has to take part in a photo shoot being organised by Gabby, the owner of the retreat. The attraction between them is undeniable, but she’s not only a gorgeous young woman, she’s also the colonel’s daughter.

Genre & Subgenres: Contemp romance; military romance

Keywords: Wounded hero; soldier, beachside romance, New Zealand romance,

Romantic Pairings: M/F

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Lock, Stock and Peril by Charlie Cochrane

They may be locked down but this case isn’t.

Lockdown is stressful enough for Chief Inspector Robin Bright. Then a murder makes this strange time even stranger. In one of Kinechester’s most upmarket areas, the body of Ellen, a brilliant but enigmatic recluse, has lain undiscovered for days. Pinning down the time—and date—of death will be difficult, but finding a killer during unprecedented times could prove impossible.

Adam Matthew’s focus on his pupils is shaken when a teaching assistant reveals his godmother has been murdered. Keen to avoid involvement, Adam does his best to maintain a distance from his husband, Robin’s, case, but when it keeps creeping up, Adam lends his incisive mind to the clues again.

Between Robin trying to understand the complex victim and picking his way through a mess of facts, half truths, and downright lies from witnesses desperate to cover up their own rule-breaking, he realises this could be the cold case that stains his career and forever haunts a community. And when it looks like the virus has struck Adam, Robin’s torn between duty and love. 

Genre & Subgenres: Cosy Mystery. Subgenre: gay romantic British cosy mystery.

Keywords: Murder,detective, schoolteacher, gay marriage, Newfoundland dog, covid, phishing.

Romantic Pairings: m/m

The Clam Festival Murders (A Cassie Wynn Mystery 1) by Laurel Richards

Nothing ever happens in a small clamming town like Fatmire, FL. At least, that’s what Mitch Chase thinks until he teams up with eccentric mystery writer Cassie Wynn to solve a murder. Vicki Cash is found facedown in her seafood dinner after someone at the Clam Festival slipped her a deadly ingredient. Now Mitch and Cassie have to eliminate suspects, but that’s easier said than done. Vicki wasn’t exactly well liked. She took her ex-husband for everything he was worth, evicted the town’s most successful clam farmer, feuded with her sister, and bad-mouthed the mayor’s wife. As they investigate, Mitch discovers this small town isn’t what it seems, and he’s attracted to more than Cassie’s powers of observation. With his quirky and intriguing partner by his side, he’s sure to lose his heart while he catches a killer.

Genre & Subgenres: Cozy Mystery, Sweet Romance, Humor

Keywords: humor, romance, mystery, comedy, small town

Romantic Pairings: m/f

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23 responses to “Find Your Next Ebook to Read

  1. Thank you for doing this and for mentioning Releasing Rage!
    (tackle hugs)

    • My pleasure, Cynthia! I read Releasing Rage some years ago and got absolutely hooked on your Cyborg series. Your books definitely remain on the “keeper shelf” of my e-reader.

  2. Author Jessica E. Subject

    Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this! What a great collection of stories!

  3. Already found a few new books. Thank you for sharing this. Happy to be included!

  4. christinal lambert

    So glad you shared this! I’m excited to try some new books, especially excited to see a few with mermaids!

    • Isn’t that great? It just worked out that there were several mermaid and water-themed PNR and Fantasy Romances. I love including different kinds of supernaturals.

  5. I loved the merman one. So cute! Can’t wait to read that one.

  6. Thank you so much for putting this together Allie!

  7. Thank you so much for doing this Allie! I’ve found a bunch of new reads and new books by my favorite authors! 🙂

  8. Thanks so much for sharing. This all looks great. So many books to comb over.

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