Halloween One-Liners

Halloween pumpkinOctober is the month for ghosts, ghouls, vampires, werewolves, witches, and the like. I thought I’d kick things off with this fun post of one-liners by this great group of paranormal romance authors.



Brasen smiled, showing a glimpse of fangs. “Were you coming to see me?” Vampire Territory 3: After Hours by Allie Ritch

“I’m a maid, accountant, and shape-shifting witch with a clueless boss and very meddlesome sister.” Flirting with Fire by Tara Quan

Fay stepped into the moonlight. “Get your foggy mitts off my man, you … you … sex-soaked spirit!” Did the forest sprite understand English? A Bird in Vein by Mahlee Ashwynne

“It’s not every day you find out you’re a werewolf.” Wild Side by Laurel Richards

There’s real magic in the world, and there’s false magic, and it takes a genie private eye – Biff Andromeda – to know the difference. Genie for Hire: A Biff Andromeda Mystery by Neil Plakcy

“I’m in damn good condition…for a corpse.” Restless In Peaceville by Pippa Jay

Finding out werewolves lived nearby and that one of them was especially fine gave her happy goose bumps one minute and knots in her stomach the next. Sins of Long Ago by Naomi Bellina

“There’s no such thing as a love spell. Love is too powerful to be magically manipulated. Lust, on the hand, is different.” Wicked Magic: Spellbound Book 1 by K.T. Black

“Hodge, get in here now or I swear I’ll put an itching hex on you that’ll last a century!” Hallow’s Eve by Pippa Jay

“You know you’re not supposed to fly in the house.” Cosmic Desires (Phoenix Spanked) by Jessica E. Subject

“Merlin dropped onto one of the velvet couches and traded looks with Vlad. “Hang on. So you live in a world with the dead walking around doing their jobs every day, but your mind is blown over a wizard and a vampire? Oh, honey.” Pride & Justice by Clancy Nacht

“Of course. A labyrinth needed its monster.” Immortal Sins by Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid

Mary reached up and covered her eyes. There was definitely not a giant cat sitting near her, and it definitely hadn’t winked at her. Punished by Samantha Stone

“Don’t. Ever. Run. From. A. Tiger.” White Tiger Lover by Melisse Aires

“More,” Aiden demanded. “You said you were a monster. Prove it. Show me your wild side.” Half Soul by Shiloh Saddler

“I’d really like to continue what I hope was about to happen before she interrupted. Are you free after the coven meeting?” All’s Fair: Love & Warlocks, from the Bewitching Desires Anthology by Tami Lund

“I don’t care,” the monster breathed. “I want a lover with a cock.” — Dominated by his Monster by Eva Lefoy

“Dude, please put on a pair of pants or something, I love you and all, but I can’t take you seriously with sir F***s-a-lot waving a sword at me.” Soul Tie Seduction by K.D. Friedrich

“Take me,” he told the earth, all hope lost. “Take me.” — Darkest Flowers by Eva Lefoy

“You don’t have to worry about me, Red. Until you’re in fighting shape, I promise to be a perfect gentleman.” Catching Red by Tara Quan

He became a frightening mountain of muscle and fangs and claws—so big he cast a shadow over his opponent. — “Breeding Season” by Allie Ritch in Children of Nanook Boxed Set

13 responses to “Halloween One-Liners

  1. So much fun! Thank you for letting me participate. I chuckled several times reading them, and have now added to my TBR! ~Tami

  2. Love the one liners. Read each and every one! Susanna Eastman

  3. Author Jessica E. Subject

    I always love reading the one liners! Thanks for the opportunity, Allie!

  4. What a great way to peek into books! Thanks for posting.

  5. So many great lines. I can’t pick a favorite as they are all terrific, and great for the season. TBR list has now been extended. 🙂

  6. dangerouslysexy

    Thanks for today’s grins and giggles 🙂

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